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BORs every 6 months

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I tend to agree with Beavah here, if a boy is not advancing I have found a one on one talk with the boy much more effective in finding out why and helping him get going. Most advancement stalls, in my own experience have been on the road to first class, after that most keep going pretty well on their own. One disturbing trend I found at the end of my time as SM were many boys who simply did not care about advancement, the first class in one year program worked well, but after that they felt it was too much work and they really didn't care about Eagle. The reasons were always the same, school, sports, and work took up too much of their time. No amount of talks from adults or Eagle scouts seem to make a difference, but these were good kids who participated as much as they could and helped out whenever they were asked, and enjoyed being scouts, so I guess I shouldn't complain.


Now I am in Venturing and the girls in my crew keep the boys on their toes advancing twice as fast as the boys creating a friendly rivalry with no pressure and it works well based on how many awards that are given out each year.

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If you think about it a scout who is making progress toward a rank is not in need of a BoR just because it is a 6 month anniversary.


I think this is the notion that the trainin' module is trying to correct, eh? At least one materials writer did think about it, and decided differently.


In order to stay properly in touch with the program and how the program is doin' for all the boys, the committee needs to check in on the boys regularly. And boys who are making progress also deserve adult contact time and encouragement, eh? They need that.


There will always be some go-getters who are advancin' quickly. I reckon there will always be a lad or two who is trailin' behind and merits some special attention. The point of regular non-advancement boards of review is to give some attention to all the rest of the guys, eh? Those lads in the middle who are easy to overlook. And to let the committee hear from them.


Has the added advantage of makin' BOR's not a pass, fail, test or "I'm in trouble" kind of thing, eh? ;)




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It seems that most are only looking at the BOR as a tool for evaluating the progress of the scouts. This is not the only reason for a BOR. From the advancement guide (page 28):


A periodic review of the progress of a Scout is vital in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the Scouting program in the unit. The unit committee can judge how well the Scout being reviewed is benefiting from the program. The unit leader can measure the effectiveness of his or her leadership.

If only the scouts that are advancing are given a BOR then this aspect of reviewing the program and leadership will be skewed. Six months may be ideal, but impractical. But these talks should not be left to the SM. If the SM is the problem, it is unlikely to be a fruitful discussion.

BTW. The Board of Review Training dates from February 2006.

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Scouts who are not advancing should also come before the board of review.






Do you get enough school at school?


Could you possibly care LESS about earning hopelessly boring Required Merit Badges like "Personal Management," "Environmental Science," and "Citizenship in the Classroom"?


Do you really want to be dragged before a "Board of Review" every six months to explain to a room full of unsinkable rubber duckies why Baden-Powell wrote that this kind of classroom "Instruction" is the EXACT OPPOSITE of Scouting?


Of course you don't!


Here's how you head that off:


Convince your parents that a Board of Review is about learning "responsibility" and "important adult job skills." Then persuade them to lobby for a "by-law" that requires a Scout to wear his Uniform and bring his book to a Board of Review.


Then make sure you NEVER wear your Uniform or bring your Handbook to meetings!


Instead bring your fishing pole to every meeting and run for SPL with the slogan:


"I'd Rather Be Fishing!"




One of our methods in the Scout movement for taming a hooligan is to appoint him head of a Patrol. He has all the necessary initiative, the spirit and the magnetism for leadership, and when responsibility is thus put upon him it gives him the outlet he needs for his exuberance of activity, but gives it in a right direction."


--Baden-Powell, from the article "Are Our Boys Degenerating?" circa 1918.


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