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Unqualified Eagle Candidate

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In my conversations with members of the National Advancement committee and with the information in the Boy Scout Handbook, this is not the case. The requirement clearly states "serve actively" not "hold an office". The Scout is expected to particpate in the responsibilities of the office.


Where units get in trouble is when they fail to train scouts in those responsibilities or do not help the scouts set measuable goals.


But if the scout accepts a role and then does not particpate in that role to activiely serve then the requirement is not met.


What the BSA does not allow is for the troop to set attendance requirements. The purpose of the requirement is to develop leadership not to force attendance.

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"During the Committee meeting, it was brought up that a leadership position had been offered but he did nothing with the opportunity."


When you're finished dealing with this particular Scout, I'd suggest you call both the SPL and Scoutmaster in for a separate meeting to let them know they have done a poor job in appointing a Scout to a position and failing to meet with him regularly during his term to ensure his success.

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"The requirement says it has to be within 'a six month period'."


I never noticed this before. But it sure looks right. There is a definite change in the wording from Star and Life. It is not normally an issue, but could be with a recent Eagle. I didn't notice and his application has cleared both the District and Council's processes. It has only been two weeks since his BOR, so not enough time to be kicked by national. Fortunately he will complete the six months in one more month and will not have aged out if it does. This would prevent him from earning a palm though.

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Mr Anderson,


I was advancement Coordinator in my Troop. If you're not the keeper of TM, insist that the ASM holding TM send you updated reports regularly. I regularly saved out the reports as text files, formatted them as needed, and emailed them to the SM, CC, etc.


IMO, you should have an excellent idea of what each Scout is doing, and you should actively monitor every Life Scout. Yes, I'm prescribing not describing, but it worked for me.






When a young man holds many jobs in a short time, it becomes harder to see what challenges he face and how he rose to meet those challenges.


Now, it's one thing if the timeline shows him elected as PL in Feb, asked to move up to ASPL in April because the ASPL moved away, and became SPL in June because the old SPL dropped out of Scouting. That I'll buy into. It may take a few questions to discover why he went that way, but I'll buy in.


OTOH, if a Scout ties a month as PL, two months as OATR, two months as Librarian, and a month as a Den Chief as his POR tenure, I'm going to ask him about "Winners never quit, and quitters never win!" He has some explaining to do. There might be a valid reason, but he'll have to sell his story to me.


Does that make sense?

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If you find the scout has not met the POR requirement or any other, he can always apply for an extention of time. With a good justification they are always approved. Whit a half-baked excuse they are generally approved.


Its his choice if he wants to apply for an extention.

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Not in my neck of the woods, your Honor. Our District and Council Advancement Committees are penurious with extensions, especially when the reason is entirely within the control of the youth members.


Can you give some expamples of what your Council Advancement Committee actually approves for extensions?





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"But the requirement specifically states that it must be done "during a 6 month period"."


Where, exactly, is the requirement found that states this?


From the 2008 Boy Scout Requirements Book -


"While a Life Scout, serve actively for a period of six months in one or more of the following positions of responsibility"


From the 2008 Eagle Scout Rank Application -


"REQUIREMENT 4. While a Life Scout, serve actively for a period of six months in one or more of the following positions of responsibility. List only those positions served after Life board of review date."


Neither of these current references state the POR MUST be done "within a six month period".


Edited to add - BW, if you have an update to requirement #4 for the Eagle Rank, from what I understand, it would not officialy go into effect until January, 2009. Until that time the Eagle requirements found in the 2008 Boy Scout Requirements Book are the ones that are to be followed.(This message has been edited by ScoutNut)

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Hello nldscout,


With respect, I am a bit puzzled and surprised by what you have written. I am of the impression that waivers to the age 18 requirement for COMPLETING REQUIREMENTS can only be granted by the National Council and those are incredibly difficult to obtain. Absent a disability, the Scout must have been totally unable to control the situation. And waiting until age 17 1/2 and then having an accident or the like doesn't impress the committee. They will ask "Why did you wait until 17 1/2."


Now waivers for the BOARD OF REVIEW after 18 1/4 if all requirements are completed by age 18 are another matter. Those are fairly routine.


In this case, I think we are talking about a waiver for completing requirements. I do believe that's National Council stuff.

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I have seen 3 extentions approved by national for eagle.


one was for a special needs scout, one was a scout who was involved in a car accident which hospitalized him for a period of time where he couldn't finish one merit badge, and one was for almost the same circumstances as Standerson enumerated. The troop screwed up the process and he asked and received a 6 month extention.


The results were 3 approved extensions, of which 2 ended up with eagle. The boy that the troop suposedly screwed up the process and records, decided after that he didn't want it afterall and dropped out.

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The requirement reads

"While a Star Scout, serve actively 6 months in one or more of the positions of responsibility"


Nothing about "within a 6 month period".


So, based on that, the 6 months doesn't have to be consecutive, though, in most cases it will be one POR for one 6 month period.

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Your edition will do jsut fine ScoutNut. read what you posted again...


Where does it say a period of 6 months??? Right where you copied your post from!The Boy Scout Handbook.


REQUIREMENT 4. While a Life Scout, serve actively for a period of six months in one or more of the following positions of responsibility. List only those positions served after Life board of review date."


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nldscout; National approved an extension for a Scout who didn't take any initiative in order to get/have a leadership position? I have issues with that. It is not the Troops responsibility. Although this troop did not properly mentor this young man, it is his ultimate responsibility to get the requirements done.


"Actively" seems to be the key word in the POR.


Thanks for the help.




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Fellow Scouters and nldScouts,




I'd like to make just a few comments, regarding statements about Troops making the mistake or the Troop Committee "screwing up" the process.


Be cautious about transferring blame from the youth to the Troop Committee.


Our Troop Committee and Eagle Advisor has attempted to watch all Scouts and specifically the newest Life Scouts. However, regardless how dynamic and diverse our program is. There will be some youth that become disinterested for a variety of reasons.


Within my own troop, we recently had one outstanding youth. The committee, Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters have spoken and advised one specific Life Scout for two years. He has not been interested in accepting an Eagle Service Project or finishing his final merit badge. He was more interested in part time employment for a few extra dollars for gas and cell phone.


Great young man. Not personally motivated (and could not be motivated by the leadership) to finish the Scouting Trail, he is/was happy to be a "Life for life". Life Scout is also a great accomplishment on the Scouting trail, which not all Scouts attain. This past June, he graduated as Valedictorian of the local high school and obtained a generous scholarship to a prestigious university.


My bottom line, that "trail" was his choice. It was not the Troop that let him down.


So Troop leadership, should advise, counsel, lead, model, remind, and even help; but bottom line again, it is up to the Scout to complete his own trail.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv

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