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Introducing candidate at Eagle BOR

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I try to make it a bit of an ice breaker for the candidate. While we're waiting in the hall, I crack jokes and give him a little pep talk. When we're called in, I introduce all the board members and have the Scout shake hands. Execpt for the district representative, he's likely known all these people since he was a Tiger, but it gets everyone up and talking.


I take about 30 seconds to introduce the candidate with highlights from his resume. I use the Scout's individual history report from TroopMaster for a cheat sheet -- he joined our pack as a Tiger and earned the Arrow of Light. He's been to Philmont and NYLT. He's served X, Y and Z leadership positions. If it's appropriate, I may tell a quick story about something the Scout has done.


Yes, I usually end by recommending the young man to be an Eagle Scout. Not that it's necessary (they have my signature on his application) but it's a nice touch and gives me a good line to exit on.

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