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When can an Eagle Scout wear the patch?

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We have had one I know of for sure, and another they called on, but clarified by phone. The one sent back had conflicting dates on it which required going back in old records on merit badges. Fortuneately, they had simply put dates in the wrong place, and the records were available. But it delayed the whole process by a couple of months. Board date stayed the same.

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Telling the scout upon the unanimous approval of an eagle board of review that he has passed the board of review is fine and correct. telling him that he is an Eagle Scout is inappropriate and incorrect.


Unlike all other Boy Scout ranks that are earned upon the passing of the bor, the Eagle bor is the NEXT TO THE LAST STEP, and does not guarantee the scout that he will receive the rank.


There is no reason that anyone should be uncomfortable telling the scout the truth. Once the BSA reviews and approves the application they will record the advancementg as of the bor date. THEN the advacnementg is earned and not until that time.


Yes, not all Eagle applications are pproved. No, it is not frequent and when you consider that there are over 5000 Eagle candidates that do get the rank that you don't know, the chances that you will know one of the scouts who are not approved is pretty slim.


Why would you be uncomfortable telling a scout that they are "one step closer to being an Eagle, once the national office approves your application it will be complete". Would you really rather tell the scout that he is an eagle, only to go back later and tell him he isn't?


Tell the truth and you cannot go wrong.

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it's been a while since I posted, but this topic is top of mind for us right now.


Skeptic is right: "Date of rank is date of completed BOR.


No awards may be issued or worn until the "official" National certificate and related paperwork is received.





I like what our district does. Our District Advancement Chair designed a certificate several years ago. It confirms the scout has successfully passed the Eagle BOR and is an "Eagle Candidate" pending approval from the National Council. The certificate is signed by the BOR members and is presented at the end of the evening. We take pictures, shake hands and he feels that he's accomplished the task. But he's also aware that another step in the process that he'll have to wait on.

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When I have sat on Eagle BOR's we have always told the Scout -


"Congratulations! You are now an Eagle! Your paperwork will be forwarded to National for verification and barring any problems, they should confirm everything is in order."


Ed Mori

1 Peter 4:10

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Thanks for the replies folks. I've always congratulated our guys on becoming an Eagle after completing their BOR. I have also explained the process that follows and that they must wait to schedule their COH until approval from National.


I've sat on a few Eagle BORs and have never heard the Dist Advancement Chair or anyone else explain the application process. I was taken aback at the comment of our District Advancement Chair to our newest Eagle that he wasn't an Eagle until National approval. I, too, thought that was insensitive.




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Ok, I had been my local district's Eagle Board Coordinator up until March of this year for a total of 6 years.

A scout who successfully passes his Eagle BOR IS NOT considered an Eagle, but is considered an Eagle Candidate,  until his packet is returned to the local council office. But the date of the BOR is his official date that shows on the certificate and wallet card.

Although I coordinated the process with 6 reps in my district, I sat on the occasional board and made sure that the scout understood as well as the review board that the scout is only a candidate until the packet is back in the council office.


How hard is it for someone to play by the rules and quit adding their own rules to national policy or make them up as they go

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