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Would BSA be interested in this...

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Hi Everyone!


I am looking for your feedback in the following. I would like to offer it to Boy Scouts of America and I am looking for your input...


I have an online web application that supports Badge Management at




Currently I have Leaders from Australia, Belgium, England, Ireland, Wales, Canada and the USA reducing their Volunteer time with the online tool.


I have posted 8 videos on YouTube which should give you a feel for the free tool.




Do you think this would be a good tool for the Boy Scouts of America web site?


I am thinking of offering them the software as a gift, a gift to the Scouting Movement Worldwide.


This would allow all of us to be working with a single consistent interface that redcues time, houses all Badge History and Activity in one central web site, creates a bond between Parents and Scouting with their direct involvement with the Badge Management process, automates the creation of a Shopping List for the Leader, allows Badge History for a Scout to be transferred to another Section or between Towns to a New Leader or to a new State. It has a feature that allows a Leader/Volunteer to transfer all their hard work in Badge Manager to a new Leader if they are leaving or would just like to transfer duties.

There are all kinds of available statistics like Completed, Presented and popular Badge counts by Country. This would allow Leaders from any town to work together with a single consistent interface and so much more.


Do you think they would be interested in this?


Who should I contact at BSA (any suggestions)?


Rob (aka Baloo)


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I don't know if BSA would be interested since they seem to have a heavy if unofficial interest in "Troop Master" software. There may be individual units out there which are interested.


FWIW, I think that the Scout should know where he stands for advancement and if a parent is really curious he/she should ask the Scout and then look in his book.


We already have a BSA system in place that usually works if a Scout transfers from one unit to another. It is called ScoutNet, and all advancement is supposed to be entered into it by Council.


However, I am in the minority today who think that boys should know what they are doing and I'm sure that thousands of parents would welcome the opportunity to micromanage their son's Scouting as they do with homework, sports, and social relationships.


I know that I sound sarcastic and I appologize in advance if I offend. Good luck with your endeavour.



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I have seen the prototypes for the 2010 scout book, and all had a matching web site - protyped as well - so the book and web site will appear similar - and work in conjunction with each other. So BSA already has something like this in the works.

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There is another similar program called ScoutTracks. Parents go go in and look at what their son has completed. Leaders can enter data. Produces automatic advancement reports. Looks similar to what you are purposing. Competition is good and best of luck.

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