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Multiple Eagle Scout Mentor Pins

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I'm MCing an Eagle Court of Honor this coming Sunday and the Scout in question is planning on giving out three Eagle Scout Mentor pins. We've never had anyone give out more than one. Local Scouters I trust suggest that this is permissable and not uncommon. Anyone have a read on this?


Bill Fox

Member of Committee, Troop 157, East Meadow, NY

Advisor, Crew 333, Rockville Centre, NY


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It would seem multiple Mentors should be okay, along w/ multiple parent pins. In January there was an ECoH where the boy gave two mother and two father pins (and just one mentor pin iirc).




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I would be careful with giving out too many mentor pins just for the fact that a mentor should be someone who has influenced the scout. It should be a hard choice on who gets it and if there is a tie then maybe a second should be given out. I think that the scout should sit down with either parents and/or leaders and discuss why exactly he is choosing someone. While I know that the scout probably wants the three people to feel appreciated it is also meant to show who has had the most influence. MY feeling is that if too many are given out it deflates the significance of the award.

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