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??? The WHY of the 2008 T-2-1 new requirements ???

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Ed wrote in a thread on the Advancement Forum:


But should the new requirements be requirements? They are about bullying & the like. Shouldn't this be taught at home? To me, these are the CYA type of requirements for the BSA.


Ed Mori

1 Peter 4:10


I have to agree with Ed to some degree. The one-liner we got sometime last October-November was pretty darn wimpy. I'd like to know what's going on between the YP folk and the National Boy Scout Committee which caused this change to be approved.


There's a background paper out there somewhere. Someone has access to it.


Beavah, can you tap your resouces? If yes, TIA!



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These requirements really bothered me. Especially the stuff about cyber bullying. In our cases cyber-bullying is irrelevant. We live in a very rural setting and I am going to say at least 60% of our members in the Troop don't even have internet or email at home. So these kids have only experienced the WWW at school, and there is generally no way for a youth to ever encounter a cyber-bully on a school computer.

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PBS a few weeks back had a very good program about kids, computers and the Internet.

I was very surprised about the amount of time they (PBS)said Kids spend on line.


Back when I was a Lad dressing right having the right haircut and having a good collection of the latest music was part of being "Cool"

Sure it was peer-pressure. (I dislike the word "Cool" but was unsure what else to use!!)

For a lot of kids today all the stuff that I went through to be accepted (Cool?) has been replaced by pages on sites like Myspace.

The Sea Scout we removed from the Ship last year"fought back" by leaving messages on the other Sea Scouts home pages.

One Lad wanted to go and beat him up!! (Really hit him!!)

Telling lies and spreading nasty rumors and stories on line is a new way of getting back or bullying.

A lot of kids can of course take it with a pinch of salt.

Sadly there are some kids who can't, some feel so bad about this that they commit suicide.

There was a case in the HS where OJ went where kids went as far as altering a nude photo and placing a female students head on the photo and then send it out via e-mail and cell-phone.

Another photo was taken from a porn site and this was altered.Then before long kids were getting the picture on their cell phones and computers.

I'm 100% for the new requirements.


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