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Eagle Court of Honor for two

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My son and his best friend in the troop have recently reached eagle. Both boys and both sets of parents have agreed to a combined Eagle Court of Honor. When looking through most of the standard ceremony templates they all seem to be written for one scout. Does anyone have a template for a ceremony for two eagle scouts? I guess I should also mention that both boys would like a simple ceremony.


Any help would be greatly appreciated

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EagleSon had his ECOH with 5 others. (A sixth was scheduled, but didn't show).


How the two young men design the ECOH is their own call :) The good news is you're not really adding time to the program.


Our boys did:


Flag, Oath and Law (from Scouts in their home Troop)

Invocation (Distinguished Service Cross winner retired Colonel and Eagle Scout)

Their once SM and current Crew Advisor was MC and handled introductions.

One Eagle Scout/Scouter the boys knew well spoke about what an Eagle was.

Another Eagle Scout/Scouter who was the Troops resident Grandpa (and Chieftain of the Tribe of Mic-o-Say) did the charge and gave them their Tribal Eagle Coups for their lanyard.

Moms/Dads gave them their medals/neckerchiefs.

Young men got up and gave their thank you speeches.

Advisor gave the minute.


We were done. All told, less than 90 minutes. One of the parents made the invitations on their own PC/printer, another made the program on PC/printer/office xerox.



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I've seen a couple different ways to handle the after... in one, there was one heckuva cookout after.


In the other, there was the cake and ice cream, and the Scout brought all his STUFF from his cub scout scrapbook to his Philmont trail map.


Both of these have been repeated several times over.

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