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Hi Everyone,


I have been lurking around here for a number of years but finally joined.


I was the CC of the pack for 8 years before becoming the troop's scoutmaster. My troop is mostly made up of younger scouts (11-13) with a few older scouts and the oldest being a life scout at 15. I have been working on, with some opposition from some adults of getting this troop from a webelo III to a real Boy Scout troop. It's getting there but slowly


I have 2 sons the oldest is a star scout at 14 and the youngest is a tenderfoot at 12.


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Welcome to the fray!


Best of luck with the transition, it is really neat, but fraught with parental land-mines.


I'm beginning to think that there are a lot of parents out there that really don't want their children to actually grow up. Maybe this is why there are so many 30 year olds still living at home. :)


Been there done that.... Eventually the parents of the troop had me ousted for "expecting too much leadership" out of the boys. :)


I went into BSA retirement and the wife and I began doing all the outing stuff we couldn't because we were always busy with the boys. Hiking, kayaking, camping, traveling, etc. etc. UNFORTUNATELY, my reputation preceeds me and another struggling troop has come to me and asked to take it on as their SM.


I was wondering, at my age, did I have it in me anymore to take on such a challenge. Then I got to thinking, if it's really boy-led, how much work does it have to be for an old man? :)


Moving to boy-led is really a big challenge, but then again a kayak floats just as well in whitewater rapids as it does in a swimming pool. Keep your nose pointed down stream and your paddle in the water and enjoy the ride!



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From the name, I assume that you are also enjoying the wather here in the Daniel Webster Council. Greetings from the Wannalancit District. Hope all in the Abnaki is going as planned and hope your transition continues smoothly. Good luck and happy Scouting!


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