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Nations Trails Heritage Awards SCAM

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I like you all am very disappointed with the Nations Trail service/scam.


It is a real shame since the requirements are a very good set.


Here is a question for the forum... what if the requirements were kept but a new supplier for the medal is found? I have done some investigation and have found a way to have these medals made. What would people think about having a different (reliable) source at the same price?


I just HATE seeing this program that allows the boys to learn about our country die because of the supplier.. and I know medals excite the boys.


I am seriously thinking of jumping in this thing but would need some feedback from you all.... wife would kill me if I didn't...lol.. it is her seed money too.


Well.. thoughts?

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  • 3 weeks later...

On June 24, 2008, I received my order from Nations Trails. This was after a 5 month wait....


No apology, no note, nothing from them about the wait....I was in Florida for a while and had planned on going to the police upon my return. Low and behold, the medals were here the day I returned...


I highly do not recommend dealing with Nations Trails and I have scratched them off of my list of places to deal with. I intend to continue to "hound" any council or website that advertises their awards and to spread the word in my local Scouting community about avoiding Nations Trails.

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I too recently received my awards from Nations Trails. Just like others in this forum, I waited over 3 months to receive the awards with not so much as a note of explanation or anything.


It is sad that I won't use Nations Trails again because the requirements for the awards were very educational for the scouts and the awards (once I received them) are quite nice.


Hope others who are waiting receive their orders. I pestered Nations Trails for the better part of a month before I received my package, so if I have any advice at all it's to leave daily messages on Nations Trails answering machine.




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  • 1 month later...

New news, The website for Nations Trails is now linked to a company called Next Generation Com S LLC. Thet are some kind of "Consulting Firm". Their address is 158 Robert Road, Marlborough, MA and their phone number is: 508-485-4229. I found out by accident, their name came up showing them as the owners of the Nations Trails Web Site. I too have been waiting quite some time. My Venturers look forward to earning this award because it is really a great way to start them on their advancements. I know, I know, Venturers have no advancements. My intent is to follow this up tomorrow. There is a very good chance that this may be mail fraud, based on the way they are avoiding us. I guess it is in our heritage now to steal from Children. I have a commercial Embroidery Machine. If I cannot recover the money or get the patches I am just going to copy theirs and run them my self. I have used their program for a good 15 years. Will let you know how it goes for us.

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I was so disappointed when the program has gone away that I am doing something about it.


I have started a new award program called the "Youth Patriot Awards".


I am in the final stages of getting the requiremments together and should be posting them soon. I have also been in contact with several makers of medals and have decided on one and placed my first order.


The award will cover four aspects of Patriotism: Heritage, Freedom, Citizenship, and Service. Each one will have it's own medal.




Stay tuned for more info. I am very excited to be able to do this. Send comments and/or suggestions.

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Fellow Scouters,





I have done some hiking around our great Nation (not all the time, not 100's of hikes, but a few). Personally, I enjoy the city historic hikes, reading the bronze placards, and trying to figure out who the statue is, and why the city and state thought he or she was important.


What I would like to state. There are some outstanding "Historic Trails Awards" endorsed by the BSA and local councils.


Equally there are many Hike Awards, established by local troops, local cities, and local historic committees.


Sometimes, for a few Scouters and probably more for parents which have not attended training, the difference between National BSA, the nearby council and local troops, local city gov't, and local historic committees are vague.


When National makes an error and lets us down that is a true disappointment (not dramatic, but a disappointment such as the loss of National Pinewood Derby cars in May 2007 National Conference. And I remember National Supply Center sent me the wrong flag for the National Scout Jamboree in 2005. The real flag purchased months earlier arrived on day 9 of the NSJ). Similar to discussion about Trails End Popcorn, which is an associate company, but not a division of the BSA.


It was a disappointment to a few customers by this National Trails Heritage company, but not the fault of the BSA.


Please remind your fellow Scouters and Scouting parents that National Trails Heritage Awards was another educational business company (maybe meaning well, but poor customer service). The National Trails Heritage Award was not a representative National BSA program.



Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv



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"Similar to discussion about Trails End Popcorn, which is an associate company, but not a division of the BSA."


The ONLY way Trails End Popcorn is "associated" with the BSA, is that Weaver Popcorn Co. sells it's popcorn to a number of BSA councils.

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  • 2 months later...

I called the number posted above (508-485-4229) and reached a woman who has nothing to do with Nations Trails except that both companies have p.o. boxes at the same UPS store. This woman has been inundated with calls and is extremely frustrated herself. She has even called the attorney general about the scam and encourages everyone else to do so as well. However, the number listed above will unfortunately not help any of us!

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My son was also ripped off by this group! We ordered the award in August of 2008, and have never received it. I just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Massachusetts, and it turns out they have 23 complaints against this company, none of which have been responded to. It is a sad day when businesses rip off children.

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I realize this post is probably super duper late however, My two son's earned this award through Nation's Trails and received their patch and medals shortly after they were ordered. They are really nice patches and medals.


The program has NOTHING to do with the BSA but it is a good program.


Are you sure the check has been cashed by the Nations Trails program?

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  • 1 month later...

Can anyone tell me of Historical Trails that have been hiked and an awards medal was available in the latter part of 2008.


In Florida the historical trails are no longer offering medals yet the internet shows that they are alive well and available.


How can these listings be cleaned up or up dated.


Anyway, I have some Crew members looking to hike and earn Historic Trail Medals and we are trying to plan a trek for 7 days.




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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi All,

Just wanted to update. Our boys earned this award a year ago. Yesterday they finally received their awards. It took exactly 1 yr and 1 month to get. The organizers of our program did a great job trying to contact the company and even went so far as getting a lawyer. The shame of it all, 3 of my boys will get to wear this award exactly 1 day as they cross to boy scouts next week. The positive my boys had a great time doing the activities that were set up for this project and went away with a better knowledge of their country. They also learned that the learning is sometimes more important then the award.


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