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Greetings donert, welcome to the virtual crackerbarrel.


Eagle Palms: If the Scout has 26 MBs by the time he racks up his final Eagle required MB, he is eligible for his Bronze Palm to be awarded along with his Eagle rank. I've known Scouts to be awarded Bronze and Silver Palms concurrent with the Eagle.


Double posting: Apparently, some connections do it. The topic has come up before and happens to some of us, regardless of how carefully we only hit the button ONCE.


Making up the rules: Well, some of us need to read the book, which I do not happen to have at hand at present. The idea is the TOTAL number of MBs, not when earned.



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One of the requirements for a Palm is to be active in your troop and patrol for at least 3 months after becoming an Eagle Scout or after the award of your last Palm so unless it's been 3 months (for each Palm) since his EBOR to his ECOH he should ot be getting Plams along with his Eagle.


We had a Scout who had 31 Merit Badges when he made Eagle but since he did it right before his 18th birthday he didn't have the time requirement met for the Palms.


Merit Badges earned any time since becoming a Boy Scout may be used to meet this requirement.




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As for MBs, nowhere does it say that they must be earned after Eagle in order to "count." In fact the description of the rank requirements on usscouts.org explicitly states that they can be earned at any time. Here's the link if you want it. Hope this helps.




I suppose they could be awarded at the same time, if the award of the Eagle rank or previous palm was delayed after it was earned. For example, we have a young man who earned his Eagle almost 9 months ago but he is only now having his CoH because he has been away at college.


But don't forget that the palms have a requirement to be active in your troop for 3 months after having earned Eagle (for 1st palm) or previous palm (for subsequent palms). And there are other requirements too, that need to be done after Eagle/the previous palm was earned. So they could not be earned concurrently.


And no, we do not make these things up as we go along. Or at least, we shouldn't. One thing I've found the BSA does NOT lack is written material. Copious amounts of it. Might as well use it!

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The easiest place to read about rank requirements is the Boy Scout Handbook, which on page 449 says Merit badges earned anytime since becoming a Boy Scout may be used to meet this requirement. As was pointed out, to earn a palm, the book also tells the boy 3 months must elapse from the time the Eagle rank or the last palm was earned.


USScouts.org is usually more accurate than many internet sources simply because they copy direct from BSA publications and limit the amount of unofficial commentary and opinion. Some of their pages are out of date however. The Boy Scout Requirements book #33215 is the most up-to-date source there is for all rank and merit badge requirements. Its published in January every year. About $3 at the Scout Shop.

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All good answers. And you are not the only one who double posts. It has noting to do with the connection, as I do if from work, home and out of state. And no, you don't get credit for two posts- your number only increments by one.



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I've sat more than a few Palm BORs now.


I find there is a difference in the conversations a Board has with a young man who is an Eagle. From my experience, Boards seem to be far more interested about how he is taking wing beyond the Troop or Crew:

- How is he asserting himself in his classrooms, on his varsity teams, and/or in the bandroom?

- What activities beyond Scouting and the classroom is he doing? How do the lessons of the Oath, Law, and Motto carry to them?

- Does he have a job now? How does he demonstate leadership by just being an excellent worker?


Yes, I want the young man to have taken root in Scouting ... but I also want him to take wing, and take the lessons from Scouting into the world from his Troop.


BTW, getting back to donert's original question, the source document to usscouts, which Lisa'Bob posted (and I use regularly), is Boy Scout Requirements (YEAR), BSA #33215. It very specifically states:

4. "Earn five additional merit badges beyond those required for Eagle or last Palm.*.


Footnoted on 4) above with the asterisk:


*Merit Badges earned any time since becoming a Boy Scout may be used to meet this requirement.

(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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