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Hello All,

Im currently an ASM for a Troop in south central PA and a father of a 13 year old 1st class Scout (soon to be Star, hopefully if he can get through a final MB). Ive been involved with Scouting since the day my wife & walked into a Pack sign up night with no prior scouting experience and walked out a very apprehensive Tiger Cub den leader.

And Ive been enjoying the Scouting Trail ever since.


I hope you guys dont mind a question or two (or three), but Im in search of a new Troop kitchen box. The current wood kitchen box we have is on its last leg (literally). I was at our last Council Camporee and I saw a stainless steel kitchen box that looked pretty cool, but I have yet to find any info on the internet as to where to track one down. Any help or links would be greatly appreciated.



YIS Matt


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Welcome to a fellow member of the ASM Union: "We who also serve while avoiding being the Scoutmaster". Did you hear we get a 3% Cost of Living Bump next fiscal year?


I now the stainless steel Patrol Box is on the internet; you might want to review the Patrol Box threads on this forum using the search on the upper right corner. I am pretty sure anything you do is basically a custom metal shop sort of thing.


If you insist there may be better variations on the traditional Patrol Box: http://www.blueskykitchen.com/plans_book.html is a link to some Australian "Drifta" Box knock-off plans.


I also the Instructables.com website. They have some fascinating ideas folks have hacked together. I saw one recently for an outdoor grill that was made from a discarded stainless steel double sink and counter.


IMHO I love Patrol Boxes but as my scouting years go by I am starting to see the argument that they are charming but cumbersome obstacles to Patrol camping.


In any case welcome to the Forum. Where are y'all from?

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"We who also serve while avoiding being the Scoutmaster"


Haha, is it that oblivious???


Its funny you should say that; currently I fear for my ASM union membership. Theres been a concerted effort (read- bribe, cajole, black mail) by current Troop/Committee leadership to convince me to become the new SM.


I'll try to remain strong for my fellow ASM's hehehe


We usually only use our kitchen box at Troop campouts so the cumbersome factor isnt that big of a concern. What my chief concern is being able to sanitize the box. Our current kitchen box is getting pretty old and rickety.


Thanks for the help and links.





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