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"Officially" and "in the public eye" are two different things. What is your question? When a Scout successsfully completes his Eagle Board of Review, he is an Eagle Scout. The Scout is publicly recognized by an Eagle Court of Honor which may be held months later.


Are you really asking when the Scout may wear the Eagle badge? He may wear it immediately after earning the rank. Now, because the cloth badges are sometimes tightly controlled (I can't go to our council trading post and pick up a handful of Eagle rank badges) that is not always possible. But, although some troops don't hand out the badge until the Eagle COH, we do.


Now, am I mean if a Scout earns his Eagle rank a day before his 18th birthday and I (the SM) receive his Eagle packet two weeks later and tell the boy he really should wear the knot signifying he earned Eagle rank and not the badge (he is considered and adult)?

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Another oblique question. What do you consider to be "in the public eye"?


The date on all of his paperwork will show the date of his Eagle BOR. So, if the BOR tells a boy he passed & he runs around & tells everyone he knows that he is an Eagle Scout, is this what you would call "in the public eye"? He would be technically correct, he would be an Eagle Scout as of the date of his successfully completed EBOR.


Per BSA, after the EBOR, the paperwork is sent on to the council for their review. After that the Eagle application goes to the National Eagle Scout Service. The National Eagle Scout Service can return the application for more information if they think something did not meet National standards. If everything is OK, National will certify that the boy is indeed an Eagle Scout & will send the approved Eagle Scout certificate, showing the BOR date, back to the local council.


BSA's rule is that -


"The Eagle Award must not be sold or given to any unit until after the certificate is received by the council service center. The Eagle Scout court of honor should not be scheduled until the local council receives the Eagle Scout rank credentials."


So, a Scout's ECOH could very well be 3 months, or more, after his EBOR, & after the credentials are received back from National. However, the ECOH is when all of the dignitaries, family & friends (public) show up to honor the Scout for his accomplishment. Is this what you consider to be "in the public eye"? This is usually when announcements are made in the local newspapers, etc & when the public "at large" finds out about it. However the boy could have actually been an Eagle for a number of months prior to this.


Or is it when the Troop advancement person is able to actually purchase the Eagle rank award from his council?


Personally, I feel that the boy is technically an Eagle immediately after his BOR, but until his Troop can actually purchase his award there will be the (however infinitesimal) chance he might NOT be certified by National, so he is an "Eagle in-waiting" so to speak.


So, after the BOR, but before the COH. Public eye or not, when that certificate comes in from National is when he is officially, official!




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acco, To your question of being mean, see if this works. I know several adult leaders, who for special occassions, wear their Eagle Medal.

In the distant past I read a posting in another discussion group where one of the leaders stated that nowhere in BSA policies has he ever seen, where an adult leader is prohibited from wearing their Eagle Medal. OGE, correct me if I'm wrong.

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From the Insignia Guide:


Eagle rank, cloth, silver, white, and blue on red, No. 00489, Boy Scout, left pocket. Adults wear square knot, No. 05011.


Eagle Award, silver medal suspended from scroll, No. 00135: sterling silver, No. 00112; Boy Scout. Adults wear only on formal Eagle occasions.


So, the Eagle rank patch should only be worn by Boy Scouts and the Eagle award (medal) may be worn by both youth and adults.



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My District Advancement Chairman, and his Eagle BOR guests, tells the Eagle Candidate: "Congratulations, as of this moment you are an Eagle Scout."


The DAC also tells the CC that if a Scout's paperwork is returned to contact him immediately.


Remember, for a due-course Scout (meaning no appeals needed), the only item which goes to Council for pre-board approval is the app. After the EBOR, the only item which goes through Council to National is the app.


Good unit practices:

- Scout pencils in his app.

- Unit advancement coordinator and SM check the data on the app, to include dates of awards.

- Advancement Coordinator or SM coordinate with the DE for a copy of the the ScoutNet record (or use online advancement) as a followup check.

- Whoever takes the app to Council for approval to have the EBOR also takes an advancement report of the Scouts' history ... just in case.(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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