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Once upon a time, our troop held two BOR's in one night and the BOR failed to grant either boy their advancement. The ONLY reason given was that neither one had on a neckerchief. Well now...the troop has their own neckerchiefs. The committee has taken on the job of making sure there are plenty on hand. We were out. They hadn't ordered more in several months. These were fairly new scouts. Do you think THIS SM let that ride, or do you think I explained to the committee they couldn't add to the requirements? (Those of you familiar with my postings can answer that in a heartbeat! ;) ) Biggest arguement came from...you guessed it...my husband.


BOR cannot refuse to advance a Scout because they are not in uniform. It is encouraged and strongly recommended, but cannot be required.



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I have a different twist...what do you do when a BOR member (EBOR at that!) shows up in a dirty t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops? I recently had this happen at my own Troop's BOR, but have also seen it occur at EBORs that I sit as the District Rep. They look like they've just come in off the beach or from cutting the grass!


It's especially irksome to me since I rushed home from work and skipped supper so I could press my uniform and make sure that not even a service star was out of place.


My opinion is it's a show of disrespect to the Scout. This is an important occasion, and we adults should conduct ourselves accordingly. This should go without saying.


Is it just me, or are people in general just morons when it comes to social graces and common sense?

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