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I'll go along with everyone else, in that this guys involvement is not wanted.


I have a slightly different take on Eagle Ceremonies. As the Scoutmaster, I guide the Eagle Scout in his options of his Eagle Ceremony. I make sure he understands the purpose of this ceremony, and his choices. Each individual Eagle has his own ideas. I think the Scoutmaster helps flush them out and organizes the parts for this Scout. Let's face it, once the ceremony begins, the Eagle only participates.


Here's an example. I had an Eagle Scout who I assisted in his Ceremony. We got to the part about his parents and the parent pins and how he may want to present them during the ceremony, etc.. In the most appropriate manner, he said that he would like to present the parent pins to his folks at home privately. Although his parents supported him fully in Scouting, they never participated. He felt that recognizing them during his Eagle Ceremony public was overkill, and that his parents would be uncomfortable. Hey, he knows his parents better than I did. Wonderful folks though. They had a great time at the ceremony. All went well.


Again, I think it's up to the Scoutmaster to make sure the Eagle knows his options, and assists in making it happen.



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With all the "everybody's got one" opinion posting on this site, don't you find it remarkable that EVERYONE agrees that the BOR Chairman is out of line?


That should mean something to you and the Scout's mom.


BTW, congrats to the Scout, his parents and his troop!!

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Our Crew Advisor does just that: ADVISES parents and boys on the pieces/parts that compose a decent ceremony.


Location: Youth/Parents.


Date: Parents/youth (deconflicting 4-7 kids is a challenge)


Program: Youth/Advisor. Guest speakers provide one paragraph bio summaries.


Invitations: Custom made after location and date are set. We use our Council CSP, our unit custom patch, and the Eagle medal on the front, the inside is pretty standard out of any etiquette guide.


Program brochure: Advancement coordinator, youth and parents. Advancement coordinator makes a Scouting summary for each Eagle from Troopmaster. Youth supply one or more photos of themselves (some use portraits, some use things they did). Parents check the info. For our next COH, one of the Eagles is an artist, he has a charcoal sketch we scanned in for the cover.


Reception: Parents lead.


"What I did" tables at reception: Youth.


We've seen Eagle COHs where it's all about the unit. We've seen Eagle COHs where it's all about the guests. This is a day celebrating the young men. We want those coming to help them realize who they are in life!

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I agree, the Eagle Court of Honor is for the most part in the scouts hands. The only reason I feel this person should have any say in it is if they found an error in the program, not changing the program.


Nope. An Eagle CoH is the responsibility of the Eagle & his family. This guy has no say in anything. And what errors could there be? There is no standard Eagle CoH. They can all be different! It's up to the Eagle & his family. And if they don't want an Eagle CoH, that's OK, too!


Ed Mori

Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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The ceremony was yesterday afternoon and was wonderful! It was outside and inspite of the wind blowing out the candles, everything went without a hitch according to the Mom. The Scouts all performed their duties well and a good time was had by all. The mom stuck to her guns and did it the way she and her son planned. We are proud to add another Eagle Scout to our ranks. The new Eagle was very proud to see his name on the Scout trailer with the rest of the Eagles from our Troop as well. Thanks again for all the advice and support!

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