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We have a scout whom hasn't been involved in our troop for over a year and a half now. However, his parents have turned in his eagle project/application to have a board of review scheduled.


I called the scout and left a message for him to call the sm to schedule a scoutmaster conference. The sm reminded the scout of a conversation that they have had in the past about "we need to see you in the troop while you are working on your eagle rank" "it is important to include the other scouts in your project". No attempt has been made by the scout to attend any meetings/campouts or scout functions. His eagle project included only 1 scout due to lack of advance notice on the date he was going to do the work on his project. Not all scouts were contacted to see if they were available to help.


As advancement chair, I am not in favor of recommending this scout for this award due to lack of effort on his part to "earn" the award. I don't believe this shows he is living by the scout law. This scout, as well as the other boys fastly approaching this opportunity, have all been told that they need to be currently active in the troup during which time they are working on their eagle rank.


I've read other forums where "active" has been hashed out.


Can the scout go over the sm's head and obtain his eagle rank with any signatures/proof of documentation from our troop?

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At this point in the process something like that needs to documented in a written format. Mail or email, with only the neccessary copies.


In the message it must be cleary what the expectation are , have been, and will always be.


Active: Our troop. 50% of weekly meetings, and 50% of trips/outings within the YEAR.

AND performing his Position of Responsibility.


If he has not been a involved with the troop, how can the SM sign of on the POR part?


Also, point of clarification, he is asking for his final project approval. Enough hours, Benifiting organization satisfied and signed off? He still needs a SM conference, and the signature of the CC.



Sorry to say so, but this is the way now days.



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He "hasn't been involved in our troop for over a year and a half"..I'll assume that his POR was completed as a Life Scout prior to his disappearance.


His parents are turning in his eagle project and application - we tend to expect the scout to do this. Questions: 1) Was the Eagle project approved by the SM, Committee, and District Advancement representative prior to being completed? 2) Has he had a SM conference for Eagle? That's a requirement for the Eagle Application. The CC also must sign the Eagle Application - have they?


There really is no requirement that those assisting with the Eagle project be scouts. My experience is that especially with older scouts, they often gather several of their friends who may or may not be scouts plus ask the troop for assistance. We recently had one scout who was pushing the age limit and had literally 2 weekends between the time his Eagle Project was approved and his 18th birthday. As CC I asked him how he'd get enough helpers as the first available weekend, when he planned to do the project also conflicted with a troop campout. He assured me that he had enough friends who would help out. One of our ASMs was at the project for most of the time and he may have had a scout or two from the troop. The ASM assured the SM and myself that the scout had, in fact, ably demonstrated leadership during his project and, really, that's the only true requirement other than satisfying the benefiting organization.


If he has completed all the required MBs, if his Project was approved in advance and completed satisfactorily, and if his POR was during the time he was "active" in the trop, he will likely get his Eagle even if he has to go through some protests. If the project wasn't approved in advance or there are other factual reasons to deny, you may have a case.

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Who's Eagle project is this? The Scout's or his parents? Scouts turn in Eagle projects, not parents. Who gave the approval to start the project? Where has this Scout been?


Like HopewellT8SM posted, it's time to document document document!


I would do nothing except document what you have done to this point. It's up to the Scout to contact the Troop, not the Scout's parents. Do nothing until the Scout does. The ball is in his court.


Ed Mori

Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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