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Regional Requirements

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I have a quick question to satisfy my curiosity. We had a boy transfer from Hawaii. Under Second Class (I believe this is correct) his book had an additional requirement dealing with swimming (mainly using his clothes as a life jacket). The book was the same revision and had the same copyright listed in the front cover. So the question is are there slightly different/additional requirements for certian area or did I miss something when I looked at his book?

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You must be referring to the 1st Class requirement 9c which dealt with water survival skills. The boy had to jump into the water with all his clothes on, remove his shoes, socks, shirt, pants, tie off the pant legs, inflate them, swim 50 feet, etc., etc. That was one tough requirement. It was pulled out in 2002 and added to the swimming merit badge requirements.


The Boy Scout Handbook is rewritten roughly every 10 years. Between editions there are several printings. The current 11th edition came out in 1999. It has gone through several printings since the first release. Each new printing corrects any typos, and includes any changes in the rank requirements, in your case the revised swimming requirement. Another change was in the cooking section where the new food pyramid diagram replaced the old four basic food groups.


There are no regional differences.

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