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  1. Well, now . . . that's more like it pardner:-) No offense taken, nor was any intended. I'm afraid I can't discuss the Nationals though. Even if I had time to follow them, they're blacking out all the games here in good ol' VA. Maybe we'll hook up somewhere else with a more mundane topic, like what kind of pack to get for my son or something.
  2. OK, I can't help myself:-) Calumetz, Amen! Sorry I've allowed myself to be dragged so far afield. I knew the risk when I originally responded to . . . Trevorum, You must be either an Attorney or a politician:-) No insult intended. It's just that you have a unique way of twisting words and restating them in contexts unintended. Rather than continue to elaborate on each point so that I can be sure you've understood my intent, I'll just suggest that you might not be so "baffled" if you'll go back and read the posts carefully. Most of what you've attributed to me as far as Juda
  3. Trevorum, First let me say that I completely respect your right to disagree with me, but to be insulted by my beliefs is entirely your choice and certainly not my intent. As with many religions, Bible belieing Christians believe they have the truth. I've become convinced as an adult that the Bible is God's revealed truth. If I can't hold to this belief without being offensive to you, I himbly aplogize, but it doesn't change my belief. I would only hope that you are equally insulted by Jews, Muslims and others who hold that they know the truth, and not confine your reation just to Christi
  4. Trevorum, Thanks for the welcome. It seems to be moving off topic, but I'll respond briefly just to show I'm capable of such:-) "Some other beliefs" referred to agnostics or those who mix and match religions and haven't developed a well codified set of beliefs. As to theocentrist thinking, I'm afraid I'm guilty. The Bible is clear that Jesus is "the" way, truth and light and that believers are to follow him with all their hearts, souls, strength and minds. Although I didn't mean to imply it in my other post, (and start a theological debate) I do believe these tenets and try my best
  5. This is my first post on this, or any other, forum. As a former scout, scout parent and assistant scoutmaster, the topic was to compelling not to contribute. Hope it turns out OK. I also hope that in an effort to be succinct, I don't come off as rude. 1. While I applaude Eager Leader's efforts at quality leadership, she should under no circumstances remain in her leadership position. As a scout parent, I have every right to expect that the leaders of the organization to which I entrust my sons adhere to its standards. This has no relation to the moral qualifier of good, bad or anyth
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