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  1. Sounds like a much better eagle project than a bench or ga-ga ball pit.  Everything in that sounds like a scout-skill-heavy opportunity.  In addition to posting trail signs, often unknown or forgotten landmarks are visible in the burnt areas.  I often travel controlled burn areas for landmarks, shed hunting, and historical features to share.  What a way to show what Scouting can do and partner with local Forestry officials.

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  2. As a district commissioner visiting new units and prospective organizations thinking of chartering units, I often had my bear and wolf granddaughters, in uniform, to accompany me.  It was two-fold.  I had them that night, and they could get a scout's view of the program.  I remember "Scout-o-rama" where any scout and unit came together to show scouting skills.  

    The more public sees the uniform and manner in which it is worn, the better for us.  I see every scout as an ambassador to sell our program.  No problem with any scout visiting units.  The activities is a concern, but the age-appropriate activities listed above covers that.  

    Lastly, I would expect any visiting scout to be uniform.  Nothing says BSA like the uniform, and hard to say being in uniform at any BSA meeting is a bad thing.

  3. This was a topic of discussion last January where our LDS troops folded.  Their CO was the church and kept the assets to use in their similar program.  I don't see too much of an issue with a civil meeting between the unit and CO.  Many times the CO chooses to just let things go as they don't want to store old gear.  Event he troop flag, purchased by the CO, has been a long discussion.  I'd like to hear what the LDS leaders experienced last January.

  4. Ok, you are talking the Black Eagle Lodge as it was when I was the Edelweiss chapter advisor.  Then everything was in Heidelberg Germany.  Since you can't get any TAC records with membership, you have to convince the lodge of your actual induction and membership.  Any old membership cards like we had in 93 would work.  Photos of you with uniform and sash and/or flap, personnel that can vouch for you, the real burden of proof is on you (not hard really).  They put the burden on you as there is "stolen valor" within the BSA, and a lot of it mostly with adults.  I'm sure you are familiar with the term used now.

    You should be able to speak about your experience in the OA without a foggy memory as most it is pretty easy to remember.

    As for  chapter and lodges, they are hit and miss.  In the past few years, the OA has taken a hit with membership and other issues.  They extended ordeal to brotherhood by 6 months to get more to commit.  Some lodges were/are only offering ordeals once a year.  Some troops are not even scheduling elections (one per year).  Chapters are more a geographical aspect more than anything else.  With merged councils and bigger footprints, chapters have often taken on a lodge role.  The biggest problem as I see it is the adults want to get into the running of the lodge rather than the 21 and under leaders.  Our seasoned adults should be more advisory, supporting, and getting to work with service.  You will get out of the OA what you put into it.   

  5. How about the voyageur sash or plaid items?  Fortunate enough to grow up on the Michigan/Canada border, we all had a sash at one time or another.  Mine is not the blue or traditional red, but a tan plaid.  I couldn't get into the stocking cap mode.  I see the NT doesn't carry them anymore or is out of stock.  Personally, I think the sash goes with NT as the Black bull goes with Philmont.  And how about the red or green plaid items.  For those scouts that are first timers, they may want to look around and buy before paying a lot.

  6. Stick to the cub u uniform that works with the program you are delivering.   Sounds like the blue is it.  There is a reason webelos activity pins are on the right sleeve webelos colors tabs.  Save money, deliver the promise and make every scout proud to wear the uniform they have.

  7. As for the receipts and thought of stealing...invite this ASM to the monthly committee meeting where there should be a treasurer report.  I would also recommend the approved monthly treasurer and approved committee meeting minutes be sent to the COR/Institutional Head after each meeting.  Many COR/IH won't bother to review it, but is a good practice.  David is correct that all property is the chartered organization.  If a unit folds the CO gets to decide what to do with the property.  We reminded folks of this when we lost our LDS troops in December.

  8. First, you don't nee district of council involvement unless a commissioner can help.  There are a few steps before the COR/institutional head ask him to resign or move on.  How about an ASM or trusted peer as a medium to address this with him.  Many times we aren't in Scouting alone and have trusted peers we can vent to and address issues.  Chances are he has a scouting buddy that can be a moderator.  This gets it handled at the lowest level.  Not a medium or doesn't listen/change, you can have a commissioner take a look and speak with him to get his take on this.  The commissioner can make a recommendation to the COR/IH on how the session went.  If he still doesn't change and turn into a positive leader, the COR/IH may offer retraining, a probationary period, or ASM buddy system.  The final straw would be the COR/IH asking him to take an absence.  Worst case if there is still a fight in him, you can ask the council to revoke his membership due to all the reasons you list and corrective measures taken to that point.

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  9. I think the question is not if it is allowed, but rather is it practical.  I've never camped with a flare in the vicinity.  I don't even carry these in my truck.  I think it is a bit much to do with the WS MB.  There should be some expectation of what is practical.  Although burning tires with the black smoke is a great attractant, it isn't practical for that training.  I think that is a skill the family could teach outside scouting if the need is there.  Sometimes, you have to say "good idea, but not in the scouts".

  10. 5thGenTexan, I hope you don't opt out for that reason.  If there is a physical or mental issue with the swimming, there are ways to modify the requirements.  I happen to think his lack of swimming is one main reason to keep him in scouts.  You may not be able to get him to swim, but peers and trained scouting folks often have proven ways to teach rather than throw him in and see what happens. 

  11. During the lockdown and dreaming about hitting the trail, I've had a few conversations with Scouting folks about backpacking towels.  I tend to keep two of the shamwow type towels in my pack.  They do the job, dry quickly, and soak up quite a bit.  I've used traditional cotton towels, but recommend these type of towels for backpacking.  Having been to Philmont a few times with a different towel each time, I'm interested in what  you use or tell your scouts are best.

  12. Ok you asked.  The entire cub uniform from Lion to AOL needs to be reworked.  Just last year they changed the wolves from gold to red...why?  Lions became the gold rank.  Every WEBELO has a tan shirt, but has (you know I'm right) to get a new one as they cross over.  Most won't remove cubby stuff as a Scout or Tenderfoot, just buy a different shirt.  Lets not talk about each cub rank has its own socks, belt buckle, $15 book, $15 hat, Neckerchief.  I'm glad they did away with activity arrowpoints, those were a royal pain. 

    I'm just glad Scouts BSA has one shirt, a neckerchief if the troop decides, belt is usually most any camp's, and one book for about 6 years as a scout in a troop.  Everyone is wearing a "class B" uniform on outings as the "field uniform" costs so much, not very practical on outings,  and can't replace it cheaply.

    I too have a love for the Kelly green shirt (with and without a collar).  That uniform was pretty simple and you could find backup shirts at most thrift stores.  The knee socks had to go.  I still put myself through the pain of those socks with garter tabs now and then.  Never ever bring back the beret or red trucker cap.

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  13. For the Grinches that don't have the desire to participate, I would say stay home and let other less seasoned adults attend camp.  If you have decades of scouting and think you have done all that with a woodbadge cluster, how about you volunteer to manage the program for new adults.  Maybe my unit was a bit weird, but we always seemed to have a new parent from a newly joined scout that liked to come.  More often than not, that lure of a program like MattR mentioned sparked the scouter commitment of an adult.  I see a ton of fun and sharing at every woodbadge event and there aren't many grinches.  If you aren't going to have fun at camp as a SM, why would you go? 

  14. Since it seems many summer camps are being cancelled, reduced, or greatly changed, I wanted to see if your council or camp offers a Scoutmaster Merit Badge.  There is no official BSA MB for Scoutmasters, but many camps offer the program to get adults attending summer camp a chance to get out of camp, maybe learn a skill, and show scouts you never stop learning.  I blew the dust off mine today from 2000 in Camp Freedom, Germany.  At that time, we earned a button pin, certificate and patch.  I don't have anything that tell the requirements from then, but can remember a few.  I am interested if you camp offers this to adults and the requirements.  Lets here what you have.

  15. The good thing is they only need to go 25 feet and back 25 feet for 2nd class (task 5b).  For First Class is when they need to pass the BSA swim test of 100 yards total.  If they get the basics to 2nd class, they can then work on the first class requirements.  Also, a good thing is the scouts can work on any requirements Scout-First Class at any time, but ranks have to be done in sequence with time limits observed.

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  16. To turn this on the funny side, like the pike on the wall.  It made me think how fast a mile swim or open water test would be near my units.  We have gators in the rivers and could make scouts violate the "no wake" zone to finish.

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  17. With the limited info, I have a bit of generic ideas on this.  How about having that ASM in a different role than scouting her own kids.  With another patrol or area of the troop.  Being late is not a crime, I learned this from my wife.  How the unit works knowing they will be late is the test.  Maybe the late comers are put on the closing rather than the opening.  Getting to a meeting on time is not the scouts' fault if they can't control the method of transportation.  This is one place where the SM has to do some "talent management" of that ASM to the least negative impact.

  18. I'm more inclined to stress the ability to swim now as a scout rather than in a year or much later.  A couple of reasons: 1.  They can accept a challenge to learn a new skill rather than staying in a comfort zone.  2.  Won't be looked at different as a non-swimmer (it happens).  3.  Opens doors to MB that are water-sport types.  4,  Can participate in any water activity with scouts.  5. And probably the most beneficial:  is a lifesaving skill that will last a lifetime in any location, any time, and may save someone else's life.  On a personal note:  I would stress ability to swim over bike riding any given day, and tiger scouts can do a bike riding activity.   

  19. Talk to your district, council advancement chair, or roundtable commissioners.  You are not alone in this I'm sure.  Our council pool is open during this time and it can be done if you want to drive an hour.  Best bet is let the district and council folks consolidate an event for other units too.  This seems too easy to do collectively.  Have the council help you with this from a bigger scale.  If you only want your piece taken care of, do what the previous posts mention.

  20. Yes, our district covers those 15 counties.  It used to be a separate council until it merged with another council.  We have two large cities with 4 counties combined within them and is split between two states separated by a river.  The council office is in one state so that has the taxable issues the other state residents have to deal with for scouting purposes.  As a youth, my council only had two counties and was one of the smallest in the nation.  Now that merged council is half the state.  I can't imagine driving 5+ hours from one end of the council to the other.

  21. I'm more inclined to using closed cell foam pads like the thermarest ridgerest with a silver side and green side.  It encompasses both of your needs.  The only problem is they are being phased out for more inflatable types, that I'm not in favor of.  The inflatable do pack up smaller, but are subject to low temp deflation and condensation inside when inflated.  Skip the mylar and go with a reflective pad.

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