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  1. I believe that CalicoPenn in incorrect when he states that Charles Wilson or The St. Joseph Foundation is the Catholic Church's own canon law think tank. I don't believe Charles Wilson is a canon lawyer or holds any position of authority from the Catholic Church.
  2. Nowhere in the Canon Law of the Catholic Church does it acknowledge any "superiority" of secular laws. Superiority is referred to in the Superiority Clause of the U.S. Constitution, but that only refers to the relationship between federal and state courts. To the best of my knowledge, the U.S. legal system doesn't acknowledge, recognize, enforce, or cite the laws of any religion. Nor should it. Canon Law, however, does recognize the need for secular laws, and instructs Catholics to obey all just secular laws. It does not say that secular laws trump Canon Law. Recently, after the SCOTUS gay marriage ruling, the Catholic Bishops released a statement criticizing the court decision, saying that the institution of marriage is ordained by God and no government or court has any authority to change it. Does this sound to you like the Catholic Church recognizes "superiority" by secular courts?
  3. Obviously, the NCCS didn't speak for the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Bismarck.
  4. David CO

    Vatican Scouts?

    Strange game, the only winning move is not to play.
  5. David CO

    Vatican Scouts?

    Yes, the rules have been changed in the middle of the game. Worst yet, our opponents are rewriting history to claim that these were always the rules.
  6. David CO

    Path To Save Bsa?

    I've heard this argument before, that history moves in one direction, like a flowing river, from conservative to liberal, and that people should jump on the liberal bandwagon to be on the right side of history. I don't buy it. I've studied history. It appears to me that history and societal changes are more like a tide or a pendulum, moving in and out, or back and forth. The bandwagon approach doesn't work because, in the long run, the direction towards which the world is moving is temporary, and will change.
  7. David CO

    A Catholic Church Says No

    I'm guessing that he had already read and understood the new BSA policy, including local option, before he applied to be a Scout leader for a Catholic church-owned unit. He also knew, since he had previously experienced it first-hand, the policy of this Catholic diocese. He knew he was going to be rejected. He is just trying to cause trouble.
  8. David CO

    Update On Adult Leadership Standards

    Yes, this new policy is certainly going to be disruptive and unfair. In order to protect itself from lawsuits, a church-owned unit will probably need to establish and document new policies and practices to show that the unit is part of the church's ministry, and not just a generically "sponsored" unit. Many units operate on a "school year" schedule, which for many, starts in just a couple of weeks. Not much notice, is it?
  9. David CO

    Vatican Scouts?

    The Knights of Columbus have some degree of independence from the parish and diocese, so their units may or may not have been counted in the tally of units chartered by the Catholic Diocese of Bismarck. In practice, the KC's usually follow the lead of their bishops.
  10. David CO

    Vatican Scouts?

    We have over 1000 kids in our parish, and about 40 Scouts. Most of those are Cub Scouts. Boy Scouting has been the least popular of all our youth programs. Scouting has survived in my parish because of a small, but highly motivated, group of dedicated Scouters. I have been one of them. The vast majority of my parish could not care less about Scouting. Scouting exists, not because it is popular, but because it has raised few objections. We are now faced with a very serious objection. A valid objection. Participation in BSA will not be decided by the 4% who register with the unit. It will be decided by the other 96%. Some have objected to the fact that decisions about participation in BSA will likely be made by non-Scouters. This is true. It has always been true. It should be true. A decision to sever ties with BSA will certainly effect our Boy Scouts. Some suggest that it will hurt them. I don't know. I suspect that some boys would be upset, while others shrug it off and move on to other activities. A decision to keep the units would also effect the 96% who are not Boy Scouts. These boys can be hurt, too. A Scout program can act as a magnet for all sorts of hurtful language directed at devoutly Catholic youths. Some diocese and parishes will immediately drop their units with great fanfare. Some will quietly drop BSA when their charters expire. I think we need to begin looking at an exit strategy that will protect the 96% while allowing the 4% to enjoy an authentically Catholic Scouting experience. I don't think this can happen in BSA.
  11. David CO

    Vatican Scouts?

    The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Bismarck is exactly right.
  12. I wouldn't surprise me if BSA hadn't spelled out exactly which behaviors were not considered morally straight. In my catechist training, I was specifically told to not explain to second grade first communion students, even if asked, what the word "virgin" meant. I was also told to not explain to middle school bible study students exactly what sins caused God to destroy Sodom. I am often impressed by how cleverly priests can word their sermons in such a way that they can get their message across while letting some content go over the heads of younger parishioners. I believe the same thing was probably true in Scouting. Some things were written vaguely to go over the heads of younger and more sensitive Scouts. The adults understood what was meant by morally straight.
  13. In the movie, The Sixth Sense, Haley Joel's character observed, "They don't have meetings about rainbows." Apparently he was wrong.
  14. I've heard the same thing. A meeting is being held in August. I don't know anything more.
  15. David CO

    Update On Adult Leadership Standards

    I don't mind when liberals and atheists call me narrow-minded. They're half right. I am straight-and-narrow minded.
  16. David CO

    If Scouting Began Today

    BSA was not without competition in its early days. If BSA began today, it would be up against some other group with a couple million members and a century of rich history and tradition. I vote for Lone Scouts of America.
  17. David CO

    Vatican Scouts?

    If words are to have no common meaning, then what is the purpose of having a Scout Promise?
  18. David CO

    Update On Adult Leadership Standards

    I believe everyone's curiosity will be satisfied after the church leaders meet this month and issue public statements. We've only seen the sneak previews. More detailed statements are sure to follow.
  19. David CO

    Update On Adult Leadership Standards

    Do I value Scouting over my religion? No. Do I think the boys in my Church should value Scouting over their religion? No.
  20. David CO

    Vatican Scouts?

    If the Scout Law is to be reinterpreted in such a drastic way as to make it impossible for Catholics to accept and obey, than no, there is no Catholic future in Scouting.
  21. David CO

    Vatican Scouts?

    As a matter of fact, I was an KC advisor for the Squires. It is a great group, but very different from Scouting. Very little emphasis on outdoors.
  22. David CO

    Vatican Scouts?

    Things are changing surprisingly quickly. It wasn't long ago that most people thought that BSA would not accept a change of policy. I don't know how WOSM will react. I may be surprised. Perhaps the Sovereign Military Order of Malta would be a better choice. It has its own diplomatic status, currency, and postage stamps. The Maltese cross would look great on a Scout uniform. I could have great fun leading "crusader Scouts."
  23. David CO

    Vatican Scouts?

    I wasn't thinking of an "alternative program." I was thinking of a Boy Scout organization sanctioned by WOSM. The Catholic Church already owns campgrounds. We have one about 15 miles from my house.
  24. David CO

    Mormons Will Re-Evaluate Relationship With Bsa

    My guess is that LDS is no longer thinking "national." They're thinking "international." The USA isn't the only country to change traditional Scouting principles. I think LDS may be thinking of petitioning for its own Boy Scout organization within the Scouting Movement. The Catholic Church would actually be in a better position to do this than LDS. The Vatican City is already recognized as a state.
  25. David CO

    Is Local Option An Illusion?

    The article didn't discuss "in-name-only" church-owned units. My gut feeling is that they're vulnerable.