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    The lawyers are now trolling

    I wouldn't mind it (the trolling) so much if the financial impact of the lawsuits fell on the wrongdoers. As it is, the burden of paying off the lawsuits is falling on the kids, through increased dues and fees, even though most of the kids in scouting had not even been born yet when these abuses occurred.
  2. David CO

    United Methodist Church Schism

    Last month, a survey was published that indicated that only a third of Catholics believe in a key point of Catholic faith. Local surveys conducted at our parish/school have given a similar result. It appears to be true. Some institutions do not offer an opportunity for either schism or transition. Individuals may choose to stay or go. The institution doesn't need to change its beliefs to accommodate them.
  3. David CO

    Headline news again...

    Yes. When dedicated scouters with decades of experience regularly roll their eyes at the communications coming out of national, how can we expect a jaded media and a cynical public to believe anything BSA says. BSA needs to start by winning over its own volunteers. If they can't do that, there isn't a chance of them winning over the public.
  4. David CO

    New Sex Abuse Arrest

    Yes, we really don't know. Not knowing makes me ponder the question. Which result would be more damaging to scouting? Guilty or innocent? Actual abuse or false accusation? Makes ya think, doesn't it?
  5. David CO


    That's a recurring nightmare of mine. Moms with chainsaws.
  6. David CO


    That is exactly my feeling. At my school, the boys and girls seem to naturally segregate themselves (in the lunchroom. playground, hallways, etc.). It's only when the adults assign the kids, do they work in coed groups. If we let the kids be kids, we would still have separate boys and girls youth programs.
  7. David CO


    That is such a latitude-ist statement! How offensive! It clearly implies that South is inferior to North! Please stop! Oh, for pity sake, please stop! [sob]
  8. David CO

    Headline news again...

    It's true. Kids today are not as safe as many parents expect. The parent in the article says that he would not even allow his kid to sleep over at a friends house. A scout unit could never achieve the level of safety that he wants.
  9. David CO

    Headline news again...

    I thought it was fair. The article clearly identified the abuse as having occurred many years ago. Not a recent case.
  10. David CO

    Discussing LDS beliefs in relation to Scouting

    I agree. But, of course, I think just about everything should be handled at the CO and unit level.
  11. David CO

    Current Literacy stats for U.S.

    I didn't know that technology skills are now a component used to determine the literacy rate. If that is true, I am not surprised that the literacy rate has fallen. There are many old-timers like myself who were once considered to be well educated/literate, but haven't kept up with the new technologies. Unless we are talking about bird imitations, I would have no idea how to tweet.
  12. David CO

    Global Climate Change (AGW)

    Renewable resources.
  13. David CO

    Global Climate Change (AGW)

    We are. God never intended for us to be here forever.
  14. David CO

    Global Climate Change (AGW)

    There are far more carbon based energy sources on Earth than we could possibly ever use. Most of it is not economically retrievable. This may change as new technologies are developed.
  15. David CO

    Setting the tone with a new CSE

    It's just you.
  16. David CO

    Global Climate Change (AGW)

    Boy, I wish I got a little less snow. I have never seen a scientific study which says what the ideal climate would be. Would it be colder? Would it be warmer? They don't say. They always want to talk about climate change, but they have no idea what the ideal climate would be. Until we know what the ideal climate would look like, we can't say if climate change is good or bad.
  17. David CO

    Protecting kids from pervasive porn

    Yes. We need to give our kids positive messages about their emerging sexuality, but that doesn't need to include sexual behavior. The author sounds like he thinks the two things are intertwined. They aren't.
  18. David CO

    Stonewall Jackson Area Council Changes Name

    Because we have Freedom of Speech. In the USA, people can build statues or name things in honor of anyone/anything they please. I wouldn't want that to change.
  19. David CO

    Kudos to my council - Northern Star

    BSA isn't concerned with program. Their focus is on finance. If commissioners had the power to "make corrections" in a unit, they would very quickly start using that power to mandate fundraising. The commissioners job would be entirely about $$$.
  20. David CO

    SM dividing the troop in need of opinion

    or...they could elect 5 or 6 youth leaders who will listen to them. They do have unit elections, don't they?
  21. David CO

    SM dividing the troop in need of opinion

    Let each patrol get together and decide for themselves. They don't need either you or the scoutmaster to do this. Once they decide, suggest that they take their plans to the committee.
  22. David CO

    BSA Youth Advisory Panel

    This is the part I dislike the most. Too many people are promoting boy scouting as a tool to build a resume.
  23. David CO

    Right way to initiate Troop/Patrol Service Projects

    Unsolicited requests for help from outside organizations go to the Chartered Organization. If the CO wants us to look at it, we will. If the CO wants some other branch of our organization to look at it, they will. Otherwise, the CO responds to the outside organization with a polite refusal letter. It's better if the outside organizations feel like they were turned down by the Chartered Organization rather than the boy scouts.
  24. David CO

    Compare Scouting vs Sports ?

    Some sports programs have the same problem.
  25. David CO

    Advice for New Cubmaster

    Same thing.