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  1. Don't get upset. Learn from it. I know you don't want to hear me say it, but if your son can't recruit a few friends to help him with his eagle project, then he is not ready. He hasn't developed the necessary people skills. I don't know why he asked the scoutmasters to contact scouts to work on the project. The scoutmasters aren't supposed to recruit volunteers. Your son is. Most of all, don't blame it on other people. They don't owe it to your son. They don't have to help your son if they don't want to. If you are seeing a pattern (that people don't seem to be willing to help your son), find out why and fix it. Then your son will have learned a valuable lesson, and can be a true eagle scout.
  2. If a scout unit were a franchise, the Chartered Organization would be protected from arbitrary revocation of its annual charter. Franchises have legal rights.
  3. That would depend on what type of "discrimination" they cited. I personally can't recall any corporate donors who left citing racial discrimination.
  4. BSA is relying on the good will and reputation that scouting had developed in the previous century to get the bankruptcy court to overlook the obvious contradictions in its position. I don't know how this will work (from a purely legal perspective). I do know that scouts and scouters see the contradiction, and it is not helping BSA to develop good will and reputation in this century.
  5. So your main camp was a Virginia slave plantation, and your council has been asserting its white privilege to use it as a Boy Scout camp. I wouldn't sweat the bankruptcy. BLM is going to claim the camp for reparations anyway.
  6. When people use the phrase, "by any means necessary", you can probably anticipate a totally unnecessary, under-disciplined, over-the-top response. I prefer the best reasoned, most responsible, and least restrictive response possible under the circumstances. Blunt force is usually not the best answer.
  7. In his youth, Justice Clarence Thomas, one of our most conservative Supreme Court justices, participated in a riot. Afterward, he was horrified at how he got caught up in the mob mentality. He vowed to never let that happen again. Our youth will each take home their own memories, and reach their own conclusions, about recent events. As it should be.
  8. Not at all. Debate all you want. It has never been a secret on this forum that I am not a big fan of the advancement program. I think it has little value, and is a royal pain in the neck. The recent politicizing of the advancement program has not improved my opinion of it.
  9. That's probably true. The scout group couldn't sell it. But it doesn't necessarily mean the bankruptcy court couldn't sell it. I very much doubt that BSA will be allowed to keep the summit. It was an extravagant expense. Allowing BSA to keep it would scandalous. I also don't think the bankruptcy court will see these facilities as a charitable function of BSA. These national camps are very expensive, and they serve the wealthiest members of the organization. They should be the first thing to go.
  10. Advancement is voluntary. If you don't like it, don't do it.
  11. Unit 111 operates very differently than my troop. The adults were teaching/doing everything. The adults were grilling, making ice cream, setting up the table, etc.. We have the kids do that stuff. Likewise, the adults were giving instructions that we would have had the senior patrol leader doing. Those of you who interact with me on the forum know that I am hardly a zealot on the boy-led argument, but the video shows the adult leaders being far more involved at the patrol campsites than I would have been comfortable with.
  12. I don't anticipate the guillotine for myself or my friends, but a more symbolic decapitation is already occurring. Statues of Father Serra (a Catholic saint) have been beheaded. One was illegally pulled down by protestors as a part of the Juneteenth celebrations in San Francisco. From my point of view, these are celebrations of anti-Catholic bigotry. But so long as acts of anti-Catholic bigotry are conducted under the cloak of Black Lives Matter and Juneteenth, they shall enjoy the protection and support of local officials, liberal journalists, and BSA.
  13. At least he is being honest. It makes one wonder exactly how many "Trump supporters" is too many.
  14. There are some pretty tough penalties at school for racist behavior. Kids are good at conforming to the policies, whether they agree with them or not. Many do not. When they don't, they mostly keep their mouths shut. I agree, from an observational standpoint, that kids appear to be more accepting of the official policies than the adults. I think this is an illusion. I think it simply reflects how well the system is doing in muzzling the kids who have opposing opinions.
  15. Thanks. I thought Ohio was mostly settled by Miami tribes. I suppose they couldn't choose the Miami, who were often referred to by the French as the Naked Indians. I am told that the Miami were basically nudists, when weather allowed. I can't see BSA going along with an accurate portrayal of Miami at OA ceremonies.
  16. If you are located East of Cleveland, why did your OA Lodge follow the Lakota tradition?
  17. The senior years have some very enjoyable aspects to them. I did middle age, and I'm enjoying where I'm at. It's not my age that bothers me, it's the age I'm living in. I totally feel that world was a better place, and is quickly going down hill. It saddens me that the grandkids won't have what I had.
  18. No, but I can recall the first time in my scouting history when I first felt that BSA had become anti-Catholic, denigrated my faith, and devalued my religious beliefs completely.
  19. I am sure that conservative scout leaders could likewise pen a letter and have it signed by thousands of scouts. What would that prove, except that we can sink as low as the political opposition?
  20. Sounds familiar. During my youth, returning servicemen were spat upon and subjected to taunts of "baby killer" and such. There was a difference though. Back in my day, it wasn't scouts or scout leaders who were denigrating our troops. Welcome to the modern Scouts BSA.
  21. Youth first is a meaningless term. Liberals all think the best interest of the child is to be raised liberal, so youth first means liberal first. Conservative parents obviously believe something else. Many of us believe that God and religion do come first, in every aspect of our lives. We want to pass that view on to our children and grandchildren. I think we have a right to do that.
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