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    Parents, Non-registered and YP awareness

    The YP rules do not apply to non-members. BSA has no authority over them.
  2. David CO

    Parents, Non-registered and YP awareness

    I think we need to assume that those adult attendees (who choose to not register as unit leaders) don't want to be unit leaders. They don't want to supervise the youth at scouting events. They don't want to actively observe other adults and note YP violations. They don't want to study the rules. They just want to show up at the event to show their love and support for their kid. We leaders should not depend on non-volunteers to do our jobs. Let them just attend, and thank them for their support.
  3. David CO

    Standing up to adults

    Yes we are. I am not surprised that you equate obedience with military discipline. Many people do. I get that all the time in school. When we tell kids to obey their teacher, they respond with a statement that they are not in the military. We have somehow developed this attitude that obedience belongs only in the military. If you teach obedience, you're being militaristic. BSA used to understand that a scout needs to be a good subordinate before he can learn to be a good leader.
  4. David CO

    Standing up to adults

    I don't think you are accurately describing moral injury. Moral injury is said to occur when someone is required to cede control to some other person who has the legitimate authority to make the decision. A better example of this would be if a scout is required to cede control of an accident scene to a paramedic or police officer. A key element of moral injury is that the other person actually has the legitimate authority to take charge. The term, moral injury, does not imply that a person should not give way to someone with legitimate authority. It simply describes the emotional reaction that can happen in such a situation, particularly if there is a negative outcome. In extreme cases, people might need psychological counseling for moral injury. It is wrong to equate moral injury with abuse. A person who suffers a moral injury has not been abused. Not all injuries are the result of abuse.
  5. David CO

    Standing up to adults

    If your kids will generally do as their told, I wouldn't mess with it. An occasional mishap is a small price to pay for having respectful and obedient children.
  6. David CO

    Recruiting in Scouts BSA Units

    I agree with your first comment. Scouting is not an infinite program. It ends at 18. I have to disagree with your other comment about scouts ranking out. There is no such thing as ranking out of scouting.
  7. I don't mind the discussion. It's the reality that is disheartening. I sometimes feel as if I am living out a dystopian novel.
  8. Looking down the road, I think it is almost inevitable that, sometime soon, merit badges will be entirely taught (not counseled) by council employees, in a classroom-like setting (just like school). Safe and efficient, standards-based, and totally boring.
  9. Yes. This is because Scouts BSA is now openly and actively working counter to the goals and mission of my religion. The message our scouts are receiving is very clearly articulated. There is no hidden agenda. Our boys should put their religion first.
  10. David CO

    Your Duck is Dead....

    Let's watch the fowl language.
  11. I wouldn't single out BSA. Our society doesn't trust male leaders.
  12. Really? I can think of several. A MBC might not agree with the decision to include girls in scouting. While he can't change the decision, he doesn't have to cooperate with it, and he doesn't have to donate his valuable time and skills to assist it. Passive resistance. YP protects the youth. It doesn't protect the MBC. The Chartered Organization might not want him to be working with girls.
  13. David CO

    Merit Badge Counselor Registration Renewal

    It was a question. That's why I used a question mark. I wanted to make sure I understood you correctly.
  14. David CO

    Merit Badge Counselor Registration Renewal

    So, you're saying that every scouter who chooses the troop-only option is a dirtbag?
  15. Male MBCs might not want to council female scouts.
  16. They also have the option to discontinue being MBCs. MBCs who choose the troop only option often do so because, though willing help out the scouts in their local unit, they have no desire to become unpaid employees of the council.
  17. Except that Faith is probably the next thing to go.
  18. David CO

    Hand Washing _ Winter

    My thoughts exactly. It sounds like "primitive camping" is out. Hand sanitizer is in. Welcome to modern scouting.
  19. I am supposed to oppose the Sith, not praise them.
  20. Don't be ridiculous. A lot of people work very hard for a lot less money and no benefits. There are plenty of people who would see these jobs as a step up from what they currently have. At the very least, the work experience could be used as a stepping stone to get a better job.
  21. Yes, I can see how that could be easily abused by unethical executives (Is there any other kind?) who are trying to boost their numbers. There is good reason for the policy. When I started my in-school unit 40 years ago, we did that. We submitted a class roster and then started to recruit the kids. It made it much easier to get started. After a few years, we had a real roster with just the participating scouts. It is incredibly hard in an institution, like a school, to get seed funding for a unit unless you can guarantee a charter. We needed to charter first and recruit later. We couldn't have gotten the approval and funding without the charter. I agree that we probably shouldn't have been included in the stats until we got a real number, but the policy can be very helpful to a new in-school unit that needs a little time to organize itself. Isn't that what a council is supposed to do? Help the units?
  22. David CO

    Rumblings of Time Ahead

    It is also a little bit more than the average salary of a Catholic school teacher ($38,460). If you calculate my hours, I make less than my state's minimum wage of $15 per hour. A lot of people make less. Anyone who has a steady job with benefits is lucky. If they also enjoy their work as much as I do, they are very lucky.
  23. David CO

    The lawyers are now trolling

    I wouldn't mind it (the trolling) so much if the financial impact of the lawsuits fell on the wrongdoers. As it is, the burden of paying off the lawsuits is falling on the kids, through increased dues and fees, even though most of the kids in scouting had not even been born yet when these abuses occurred.
  24. David CO

    United Methodist Church Schism

    Last month, a survey was published that indicated that only a third of Catholics believe in a key point of Catholic faith. Local surveys conducted at our parish/school have given a similar result. It appears to be true. Some institutions do not offer an opportunity for either schism or transition. Individuals may choose to stay or go. The institution doesn't need to change its beliefs to accommodate them.