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  1. Time is running out and the good campsites are filling up so reserve your spot now! My personal favorites are Chesapeake, Tierney Lean-Tos, and Paugassett. Hope to see you there! CTBoyScout101
  2. Also to any one interested in becoming a staff member at the scout camp and who is over 21 there are two current job vacancies: Camp Nurse and Head Cook. Hope to see you there! CTBoyScout101
  3. Sorry about the link to the camp page, here is the correct link. http://housatonicbsa.org/campforms/Strang%20Reservation/Welcome%20to%20Strang.htm Thanks for checking out our camp!
  4. Does anyone know if the Cinematography badge will be offered at this coming Jamboree like it was back in 1997 and/or does anyone know which merit badges are being debated on doing at the Jambo this summer. I wanted to know so I can tell the scouts in my Jambo troop. Thanks, CT BOYSCOUT 101
  5. CTBoyScout101

    East Coast Summer Camps

    If you are interested in the green hills of Litchfield County, Connecticut I can offer you a small camp with a great program that I have been sending my child to for years, it is called Edmund D. Strang Scout Reservation in Goshen, CT. It offers Venturing programs as well as regular scout activities from scuba to bi-weekly dance with fellow girls camp, Camp Mohawk in Litchfield. If you are any means interested visit the website: http://www.housatonicbsa.org Or call the Housatonic Council phone line for more information at: (203)734-3329 or the Scout Executive Steve McEwan at (203)924-4211 THIS CAMP IS HIGHLY CREDITED AND ONE OF THE BEST CAMPS IN NEW ENGLAND! You may also email me at: CobraCrusade@yahoo.com CTBOYSCOUT101
  6. CTBoyScout101

    Lack Of Interest

    I have heard of your lodge and I know it well. Connecticut is a small state and we have a limited amount of people to begin. Your council although large does not have that large of a membership is comparision with the rest of the nation. But, the membership to the lodge is very large in numbers to my Paugassett Lodge. Our membership has been high although a few years ago we had trouble getting people to the meetings. We did not solve the problem quickly it took time to get people to come back by offering to do more and it works. For the size of our council the attendance at meetings is very good. You need to bring something to the table to eat and they will nibble and eventually bite the bait and come back to the meetings. This is what you need to accomplish. Also, are you going to the Jamboree this year, I would like to trade shoulder strips and lodge flaps if possible in the future CTBoyScout101
  7. CTBoyScout101

    Ecology Area Ideas?

    I worked in the ECON area last year at my camp in Goshen, CT called Edmund D. Scout Reservation. Rules- You should be aware that now and days we have enviornmental groups to worry about. A critter collection while sounds good should not be left to the campers, which may be harmful to the ecosystem. Leave all collections in your area to the staff, which means all insect and animal collections should be in witness of the campers doing such a thing or collect them yourself. Both ways it is educational and fun, but does not involve the possible destruction or affects to an ecosystem. Heres a few Merit Badge pointers that you should try, which are above average for camps but strive to offer as many badges covering a wide range of topics as you can. Mammal Study, Insect Study, Reptile and Amphibian Study, Nature, Weather, Astronomy, Geology, Oceanography, Bird Study, Enviornmental Science, Fishing(some places this involves another area such as Wilderness and ScoutCraft skills)and also some agrarian sectors can be covered here as well, although have never tried it. They include plant science, farm mechanics, animal science, gardening and others. These are just a few opinions though, what you choose is completely up to you and your camp director. Hopes this helps, Robert
  8. CTBoyScout101

    Patches to trade

    I would also like to trade. Robert Huntington, Connecticut Housatonic Council USA
  9. Hi, My name is Robert, and I am a scout in Housatonic Council in lower Connecticut. I want to tell you about one of the best Boy Scout Camps in the tri-state area! People from all over Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, and Massachussets come to our camp every year. You can either reserve a subcamp in the camp for your troop or have your child or troop member join up with another troop. This summer camp allows boys to earn a lot of merit badges and to meet new friends. For more information and to tell other people about this great camp visit: www.housatonicbsa.org The right choice when it comes to summer camp! -Robert
  10. CTBoyScout101

    Housatonic Council-Edmound Strang Scout Reservation!

    So our camp schedule is coming to an end, there are a few spots remaining during the July 4th session for a few troops and one during the 3rd week after. Also, I recently found out that Connecticut Rivers Council is going to be holding their day camp at our camp if any of y'all want to check it out. Ciao and I urge you take the time and look into our camp, CTBoyScout101
  11. CTBoyScout101

    Housatonic Council-Edmound Strang Scout Reservation!

    Just saw the new updates on the council website, if you plan to attend this summer camp and reserve camping ground for your troop act now. Click the website link on the previous message for more information. And feel free to call the council about any questions regarding the camp! Hope to see you there, CTBoyScout101
  12. CTBoyScout101

    Housatonic Council-Edmound Strang Scout Reservation!

    If you huys still want to go to this great camp, you better act now before the best spots book up, I recommend Wepawaug myself, its colse to most things in the camp! Here is a link to the roster of troops signed up for what camps when, and what camps are still open. Check back soon for updates as well. http://www.housatonicbsa.org/campforms/Strang%20Reservation/2004/2004_scout_camp_season.htm Also, feel free to email the people I posted above you may need to copy and past them for a new letter when sending an email however. And you may also contact me at: BostonRob101@yahoo.com Or you can just reply on this page also. Go on' check out the camp page. There is a link on a few threads above and book yourself in one of the nation's best small camps of the Northeast!
  13. CTBoyScout101

    Housatonic Council-Edmound Strang Scout Reservation!

    Here is a link to the council's new pdf file that tells you all about the activites of the camp, pricing, location, directions from cities and about all the fun you can have at camp!(contains photos also) http://housatonicbsa.org/campforms/Strang%20Reservation/2004/2004%20Housatonic%20Council%20BSA%20Summer%20Camping%20Programs.pdf Hope this helps you in further detail! CTBoyScout101
  14. CTBoyScout101

    Housatonic Council-Edmound Strang Scout Reservation!

    Thanks wignut for posting some links, very helpful! Yes, the air show back was great, time flies doesn't it? Attention: Camping grounds for summer camp are starting to fill up with many troops from Greenwich council now booking up camping grounds. If you eish to have your whole troop attend act now, but there are pleanty of personal spaces left for single children who will be placed with a different troop, preferrably with their council or state.
  15. CTBoyScout101

    Pat Tillman - A True Hero

    He truely was an American hero, and to those 680+ men and women who died during the course of this war, you will never be forgotten. I strongly would ask everyone to pray that this war is over soon, my grandfather was a naval officer during WW2 and my father a Colonial during Vietnam, they know the dangers that lurk in combat and risk their lives for our safety, freedom, and the well being of nations throughout the world. With that, I salute the troops of not only our country, but Britain and Italy, as well as others that support our cause and spread the message of freedom around the world. CTBoyScout101
  16. CTBoyScout101

    Welcome Newbies, Lurkers, and Geezers

    I guess I would fit into the newbie category, I've been in scouting for 5 years now, and on my way to Eagle, 2 years until I am 18. I guess, I am just starting to get into the true aspects of the BSA, and looking forward to being a leader someday. What I like on this site are the forums, in which I have taken a liking to the Summer Camp and Open Discussion forums, not to mention the patch trading as well? So how many of you plan to attend the 2005 Jambo, and what are you all looking forward to the most? CtBoyScout101
  17. CTBoyScout101

    Here is a camp you should check out in CT!

    Also, if you need me to answer any questions about this camp or learning about the programs offered at this great summer camp: Email me: CobraCrusade@att.net or BostonRob101@yahoo.com There is also a website that tells you more about this summer camp that is not associated at all with Housatonic Council: http://www.bsacamps.org/Camps/Connecticut/EdmundStrang.html Hopefully they will update the changes to the camp including more of the merit badges, camp sites, website for the actual camp and email. Check it out! -CTBoyScout101
  18. Hi, I want to tell you about one of the best Boy Scout Camps in the tri-state area! People from all over Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, and Massachussets come to our camp every year. For our summer camp, you can either reserve a subcamp in the camp for your troop(if you have enough that signed up or could share with a smaller troop also) or have your child or troop member join up with another troop. This summer camp allows boys to earn a lot of merit badges and to meet new friends. This is the best summer camp to attend and as some people on this site could tell you about, has that old boy scout charm and lets your memories of the camp live on forever. For more information and to tell other people about this great camp visit: www.housatonicbsa.org or email Tom Transue, the camp director: eusnart@comcast.net The right choice when it comes to summer camp! -CTBoyScout
  19. I have question, is there a away to get YP certified online and get the results sent to the council- mine is Housatonic. Thanks, CTBoyScout101
  20. In addition to that Merit Badge Counselers are encouraged to be YP certified, although I don't think it is mandatory. But, lets say you want to teach merit badge programs at your camp, then you need YP protection, that may just be my concil however. Scouts are usually encouraged to attend merit badge sessions with other scouts, they are usually not permitted to go to another leader or merit badge counselers house without a buddy or another leader. Hope this helps a little, CTBoyScout101
  21. CTBoyScout101

    2001 Boy's Life Jambo Video.

    I think you could probably pick up the promotinal DVd on the main sites like ebay, if someone is auctioning it, or you can try the usual Boy Scout retails. I have never seen the DVD version, but the video one was sure worth the money. Helps bring great expectations to the next Jamboree in 2005, can't wait! -CTBoyScout101
  22. CTBoyScout101

    Housatonic Council-Edmound Strang Scout Reservation!

    Actually if you wish to learn more about this camp here is the Camp Director's email: Tom Transue: eusnart@comcast.net or Housatonic Council Scout Executive: smcewan@bsamail.org I hope this helps and hopefully you will check out this great camp and I'll see you there!
  23. If you would like either a Housatonic Council or Paugassett lodge patch contact me. I have all types: ordeal, jsps, csps, and noac!