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  1. i would like some input on our problem in our troop,we have some older scouts that have become ring leaders in a negative way, from talking to the other scouts , its always the same answer well so and so was doing it first, from the way it sounds it is the same at school.these boys are first class going for the star,my question is it says in all ranks to live by the scout oath, we only see these boys a few times a month, my question should i make up a form that says that i am living by the scout oath,then have them take it to school and have at least 5 teachers say that they are,by signing it and one has to be the principal,what do you think good or bad idea?

  2. just got back from a great camp held in desmoines iowa ,the millinum 3 camp out,it was a well planed and run event, my hat off to the mid iowa council for all of the hard work it took,the fire works display was amazing to see, all of the boys will be talking about this for a long time to come.