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  1. I have a boy scout that has been doing okay but has had to have the merit badge books read to him. He asked if we could get the merit badge books in audio form so he can do the work himself. My council doesn't know where to get them and the disability awareness merit badge book points us to RFB&D but they charge $100 for the first year then $35 per year after that and don't have all the books just some of them so I can't see paying that. He is also my son and I have been reading them to him but as he is now 16 he doesn't want "mommy" reading to him. He is severely dyslexic and is struggling with a reading course for the future but is running out of time to make Eagle and he really wants to. He is 1st class now and 1 badge away from Star which he will be going over with his merit badge councilor this week. Anyway does any one know where I can find the merit badge books in audio form?

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