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  1. 3 minutes ago, InquisitiveScouter said:

    I think many have been putting resumes and doing interviews just to hedge their bets.

    Some are leaving poor councils and moving to ones that can withstand the lawsuits. If it is SOL laws  or just resources.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Sentinel947 said:

    If my organization was facing an existential bankruptcy, I'd be looking for the exits. I have obligations, I have no intention to be the last one on a sinking ship out of loyalty to any employer. 

    I agree 100%. The ship is sinking.

  3. Some councils are being somewhat upfront with information concerning the costs associated with the lawsuits but most are not. 

    Very interested to see what the TCC releases to LC this week concerning what assets they can keep/sell and how much they are expected to contribute to the settlement.

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  4. Might as well add Lake Erie Council, Camp Stigwandish to the list. It was sold last year for 1.6 million and I am sure all the proceeds will go to the lawsuit as they have 450+ claims. The sale was supposed to support two other council camps and program needs.

  5. I am wondering if LC's are starting to realize that they will have to contribute significantly to the settlement. Just viewing several area councils websites there is no mention of anything about the lawsuit other that the initial letter when BSA national filed for bankruptcy. 

    I am interested if anyone has LC that is trying to raise funds and realizes they will have to pay. 

  6. I have been following this discussion and the news coverage very closely on this issue. I feel that the victims should be compensated fairly.  $50-60,000 should be a minimum. If it takes total liquidation of the BSA so be it.

    The BSA has become more about high priced execs sitting behind a desk and less about kids doing scouting activities over the past few decades. 

    It has been next to impossible to get camp maintenance done when the first priority is staff salaries. There are so many camps out there falling into disrepair when councils spend millions on staff salaries. 

    Why does a medium sized local council need 40 full time employees? I do not see the value here.

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