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  1. 6 hours ago, johnsch322 said:

    I have been browsing thru the TCC's Local Council analysis and I am amazed at the differences of % of contribution from unrestricted assets from council to council.  Some give very little compared to what they have and some give a lot more and that can be within the same state.

    I think this is where number of claims comes into play. The formula included this. I have noticed the same in my state.

    Although not necessarily fair, maybe the councils with fewer claims and large reserves could agree to contribute the same percentage  amount to get the LC contribution up to a level that would pass the vote.

    They may have to do this to save Scouting for the future. As Eagle 1993 said just one LC lawsuit would cost more than many LC's are contributing if the circumstances were right.

  2. 17 hours ago, vol_scouter said:

    That will likely not fly at all.  My council is a medium sized council who lost about 50% of its members through covid and chapter 11 PR.  This sum would be devastating.  We would likely fight in court and/or file chapter 11.  There just is not the money out there that the TCC says.

    The LC's are going to have to contribute more for any plan to be approved.  They have two choices,  either pay the victims or pay the attorneys defending them.

    The money will go to one of the two groups of people. 

  3. 9 minutes ago, Eagle1993 said:

    Ok ... a bit odd but would be good to see what others think.

    $100M ... based on payments above, ignoring everything else.  

    BSA's current business plan page 376 below


    says they hit 1,010,000 scouts by 2025 and projects 5.5% growth rate after.  So, it would take until 2034 to exceed 1,500,000 scouts.  If everything works out, this $100M offer is really the following:

    $2.5M offer in 2034

    $5.4M in 2035

    $8.5M in 2036

    This is per the BSA plan.  Now, if BSA grows a lot more, sure, this could hit $100M.  But per BSA's current plans, that $100M would only hit $16M and in the mid 2030s.

    Thank you Eagle1993 for the update posts. I feel like this is phantom math.  It would take very favorable membership growth to reach the 100 million.

    I just do not see that happening. This is one issue with the whole case, it is about the details. While 100 million looks good on the surface, when the details are explored not so much.

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  4. Are we still on track for the TCC to release all the LC dashboards that will tell what they think is fair contribution by LC's?

    This could be a game changer if they can get the word out that you can get a significant increase from LC's as they have the assets if you back a TCC plan.

    The insurance settlements are peanuts of what they should be and I think people will see that. TCC I am sure has an insurance amount in mind that is significantly higher than offered. 


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  5. 21 minutes ago, qwazse said:

    Define “failure”.

    Guys like me will still take boys camping. There is a body of literature that will enable us to do so well into the future.

    There are people/entities who will let us camp on their land.

    We will rely on our state’s mandatory background checks, maybe.

    Failure is Scouts BSA not surviving.  A guy taking a group of kids camping is a success is my opinion.  That is one of the founding BSA principles. 

  6. Now that we are almost two years into the bankruptcy process, I thought I would poll all the regular posters and get their opinions if the BSA will survive this.

    All the ups and downs in this case have made for exciting reading at times. My feeling is that BSA will survive bankruptcy with little cash, very limited property and low membership only to fail a few years down the road.

    There are so many factors working against them.

    1) High fees

    2) Loss of CO

    3)Society changing.

    4)Large paid staff overhead.

    5)Negative media PR

    6)Future abuse cases-this is a big one in my opinion as there will still be cases but hopefully few.

    7)Sexual abuse law changes-in favor of victims. 

    8)Abilty to find enough leaders.

    9)Loss of large financial donations

    10) Camp losses will enrage camp supporters who will leave the organization. 

    11)Infighting within councils, this is often overlooked but there are always disgruntled leaders and volunteers with the direction scouting is taking.

    12) Loss of most LC endowments. Many councils are surviving off interest and investment earnings. 

    There are many more things working against the BSA and it would be a surprise if they survive long term.



  7. 4 hours ago, MYCVAStory said:

    At the last Town Hall meeting the comment was made that the focus is on the current plan since THAT is what's being voted on.  If I were the TCC I'd let that mess of a plan take a bit of a beating for a while before releasing all or parts of their plan.  Stay down in the fox hole until the time is right to attack!  That said, maybe some will be discussed Thiursday at the next Town Hall?

    I would think it better to release a planner sooner before people start voting showing that compensation could be much improved in the TCC plan. 

    That will show it is possible for LC's to contribute significantly more, as well as other sources too.


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  8. 8 minutes ago, malraux said:

    To the extent that it matters to units right now, its about the UMC and others hesitating on recharter. At my LC they are slowly dropping DEs and other staff. Only about half the districts have a staff person at this point, one camp has no staff, etc. Without recruitment I dunno if the council will survive to the end of bankruptcy.

    If it is that bad, most likely not. I think there will be ALOT of council mergers before this is over. Many were not in good shape before this mess.

  9. I think LC's are starting to realize the vote may not go in their favor. My LC's is doing a second round of staff downsizing. 

    You can hear the desperation in some of their media posts. Like doing everything to recruit and making sure to say "everything is good with scouting to parents."

    I wonder if units are doing this or being honest.

  10. With all the camps being sold during bankruptcy and before, this is a big thank you to all who helped maintain them over the years and donated money for them. 

    The camps would not exist in the first place without donations of money or land by people who believed in scouting. Then often, especially in later  years maintenance was done by a dedicated group of volunteers who cared for the camp. They may have been scouts or parents attending a camp and decided to give back. 

    At least many camps in my area did not have full time rangers after the mid 90's. So the role of volunteers increased greatly. They often donated supplies to repair things or got suppliers to give the camp really good deals in items. 

    I think this is one of the overlooked things in bankruptcy that so many people put their heart and soul into these camps.

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  11. 1 hour ago, InquisitiveScouter said:

    When I think on this, I can honestly say we don't really need our local council.  Everything they provide us could be done (and in most cases, actually already is being provided) through National functions (policy, materials (books and uniforms), standardized training) and local volunteers (local training courses and events).

    Could anyone else here live without their local council?  With the technologies we have now, could they go away without a great deal of impact to Scouting?  I think so....and so, BSA toggle?


    I agree 100% scouting has become like the federal and state governments.  Why do we need both national and local councils? 

    This is like government in that they have federal agencies and states have the exact same agencies.  Ie federal EPA, state EPA. 

    I would say keep LC's but reduce the number to 2-3 per state. Eliminate national and replace it with a board that makes standards. That is all that is really needed is standards. Turn over HAB's to the LC in that area.

    We could save hundreds of millions yearly with this change. People seem to like semi-local control and this would be it.

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  12. 57 minutes ago, vol_scouter said:

    But the LCs cannot either.  

    The LC's have A LOT more they could give up(most,not all). I feel all cash and investments except for 6 months operating capital should go to the fund.  And maybe 50% of current camps too. That will still leave an alive BSA. They will have to work harder in the future to stay afloat.

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  13. 2 hours ago, CubHerder said:

    Hello all. I am a leader of a Cub Scout Pack and I have been following this for the past few months to try to anticipate the impact to our unit. As things stand now, it appears that short-term impact to our unit will be minor aside from increased dues and maybe one less camp in our area. Long term … well the headwinds associated with Cub Scouts certainly haven’t disappeared but that is a different topic from bankruptcy. But nevertheless we have volunteers who are committed locally to Do Their Best for the scouts regardless of what is happening at higher levels of the organization.


    I want to thank everyone on this forum for interpreting the legal proceedings, making it available to the public in a useful way, and providing color commentary from different viewpoints. There is no where else practical to find this information. Obviously BSA has communicated nothing useful on the matter, and our Local Council has been completely silent on the issue. To be fair, at least with the Local Council I suspect it is a conscious decision that since the day-to-day muck of bankruptcy proceedings really has no impact locally it is the better of two evils to just pretend it doesn’t exist and encourage units to carry on. Though I don’t always agree with some of the opinions, I would particularly like to thank CynicalScouter who seems to have found his calling in summarizing and translating legal documents into a form mere Cub Scout leaders can understand.

    You have to keep in mind that in a year or two, there may be no Scouts BSA at all. This could happen.

    At this point there is still alot of things up in the air. This court case in my opinion will not be over for some time.


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  14. What if this was years before the lawsuit and the LC's seeing that many of them have tens of millions in cash, decided to update and repair all scout camps in use?

    How great would that have been? There is no scout camp out there that could not use a few million dollars or more to get the camp in top condition. 

    Then a well maintained camp would draw more use and make it more sustainable. 


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