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  1. 16 hours ago, yknot said:

    All our CO does is provide us with space and benign support. It's a church with an aging and declining congregation. All they know is that we meet in the basement. We avoid bothering them for anything. If we asked them to get involved in anything like this they would be incredulous lol.


    That is a though spot. But at least you know were you are and can deal with it.

  2. 17 hours ago, TAHAWK said:

    Politely, give the Chartering organization a reasonable time under the circumstances to  cause the SM to follow the rules.  If that fails, find another troop that follows the rules if one exists. 

    Neither BSA nor the council is at all likely to do anything, regardless of the Scout Law.  See Eric Hoffer - the three stages of a great cause.

    Unfortunately, you sir are right. There was no help from no one at unit, council or  district level and the scout was to suffer the consequences of a delayed Eagle Scout rank. I just wanted things to be done "by the book" . Now the scout will not be able to include his Eagle Scout rank for his university applications.

  3. On 8/31/2020 at 8:55 AM, SSScout said:

    ""If possible"" . . . Keep good notes. Document episodes.   Have you spoken with other Scout parents/Scouts?   Have others seen/heard/experienced similar events?   

    My suggestions for order to pursue:::

    1)  Troop Key Three ( COR,  Committee Chair,   Scoutmaster) and Committee.    Polite conversation, show them the BSA Advancement Guide, G2SS,  Brian on Scouting, this website.... whatever is germane.     Involve the IH  lastly ....    Smile and wave...

    2)  Assigned Unit Commissioner.   Conversation, do you HAVE one....   Perhaps your interpretation is incorrect?   Make sure....Discuss general Troop/Scout culture.  Is the particular situation indicative of other problems?  Personal personnel issues?  Egoes involved?  

    3)  District Advancement Chair....   Has this happened before locally?   Ramifications for the Scout's (Scouts' ) future?  Record keeping? 

    4)  Council  Advancement chair?  Council's attitude will be that this is a "local" issue.  IH and COR have jurisdiction unless there are serious YP issues.   Keep things on a  polite, factual  level. 

    Good Scouting to you.   If enough parents/Scouts see the same problems,  and several  express reason to  "jump ship" to another unit,  the message might get thru......





    Thanks for your advice. Unfortunately, the facts of the Advancement Guide had been presented to all levels including to council but they have decided not to intervene. It involves the six-months active requirement were the Advancement Guide establishes that it does not requires to be continuous but the SM requires it to be so. On top of that, the scout has been requesting a SM conference for 2.5 months, the SM ignoring the requests and finally the SM gave a date for a month later while performing SM conferences to other scouts that requested the conference within weeks. The council said that it was OK since the SM has "not refused" the SM conference. So, if a SM decides to perform a SM conference 6 or 12 months after being requested, he is not refusing? I am really disappointed with the whole Scouting staff after 7 years of active involvement.

  4. On 8/29/2020 at 6:43 AM, qwazse said:

    Your district and/or council advancement chairperson would be the next person to talk to.

    If this involves applying for Eagle there are formal procedures if the troop is denying the scout a board of review. The other issues will involve polite conversations with your troop’s key 3.

    The troop ignored the request for a SM conference for 2.5 months. Then the SM required a continuous six months active period contrary to what the Advancement Guide states that it does not has to be and the scout can "patch up" the six months active period. After the SM setting a date 3.5 months after being requested, the council  said that it was OK since the SM was not refusing the SM conference. The council did not even recognized that the SM was wrong by requiring the continuous six-months requirement.

  5. On 8/28/2020 at 10:29 PM, CynicalScouter said:

    What specifically are they violating? Adding? Subtracting? Etc.

    Since you indicate that the Key-3 are "OK with that", then depending on the advancement rule the answer is going to either by the district executive or council advancement (or both).

    The SM, and all the unit leaders support this, requires that for the Eagle Scout Rank the scout must be actives the last 6 months. The Advancement Guide specifically states that the six months active requirement does not have to be continuous. District and council have not wanted to take action on this matter after being asked for help.   

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