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  1. 2 hours ago, yknot said:

    All these requirements can be met in a properly administered test even in a backyard pool as long as it has the appropriate features.

    Yes, but this has become an issue in my district in central NJ.  Many outdoor community pools didn't open this summer and indoor pools are still closed.  In more dense neighborhoods, a lot of families only have above-ground pools.  So quite a few units in our area have struggled to figure out a viable option for scouts who are hitting this requirement as their only impediment to advancing, which is a surefire way to disenchant them with the program.

    This is especially an issue for new scouts who are 14-15 (as many new girls are) who might not make it to Eagle if they have to delay advancing at all for another 6 months, on top of the last 6.

    And it's important to note, the requirement still exists, it's only being deferred.


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