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  1. I don't think council only would be to blame in a situation like that. It is up to our individual districts to promote Day Camp here. We have flyers ready a couple of months before camp and pass them out at every district organized event. We also have the flyers available and on display at council office. I visit all the packs I can and pass out flyers there as well. We also have a pdf form available on our district web site. The dates are posted in every district and council calander and I email pack and district leaders a couple of times per month up until the last month before camp, then I email once a week as a reminder.

    Even after all of that I still have walk ups.


  2. How about giving the "teams" the same items (building materials, rope, wheels, and such) and the first team to assemble a "wagon" and use it to pull x number of scouts to the finish line wins. Each wagon would be different due to the differences of boys and could be assembled in different ways. Maybe have a couple of guidelins such as number of wheels, no dragging just a flat piece of wood (you know someone would ;-) ). Give them different ways to assemble it (rope, nails,) and just see what happens.


  3. We have had the same problems in the past. This year we only had 10 walk ups. This was my first year as camp director so here is what I did differently. I did not have a "late fee" on the registration forms. People are used to late fees and just don't care anymore. This year I offered an incentive to sign up early in the form of an "Early Bird " discount. I know it is the same thing but worded different and it worked. Also information was "leaked" that we may be running short on T-shirts and patches. I think next year our flyer will specifically state that we will only guarantee shirts and patches for boys that are pre- registered and walk ups will receive them as first come first served while supplies last. In previous years we have run short on shirts and patches and parents have complained. Now is there is a shortage and a parent complains I will honestly be able to tell them it is not my fault. I won't turn any boy away but I will make it more appealing to register early.


  4. Well, it is official. I will be getting my beads on August 31st at the Leadership Bash. It will be held at Ripley's Aquarium (http://www.ripleysaquariumofthesmokies.com/home.htm)


    The course director will not be there but the course scribe will be presenting my beads (hopefully with my TG). The scribe is BT (names with held to protect the innocent). He is the person I have learned the most from in my scouting experience and is really the reason I attended WB so I am happy with that change. I have let all my patrol members know the when and where.

    NOW I am excited again. Back to Gilwell Happy Land!



    I used to be an Eagle


  5. I think I have found the perfect time/place for my beading. I am so excited. I am trying to get the CD and my TG to confirm. How does this sound (from the email ) . . .


    "I am excited to announce we are having our First Leader's Bash at Ripley's Aquarium on the 31st of August. This is a meeting for all Leaders to attend for gathering information about the Council and District. I hope you will talk it up with your leaders. The program will be provided by Ripley's Aquarium and they will be available to answer questions about programs they offer for Scouts. They also are interested in working with anyone who might want to customize a program around there troop.


    You may arrive at 6:00 and the program will start around 6:45. The Aquarium has also offered to provide some finger foods and snacks for the event, therefore I need you RSVP to this email to let me know how many leaders from your respective troops will be joining us.


    As always thanks for all you do for Scouting."



    I have already spoken with those in charge of the "Bash" and they think it is a great idea.


    I used to be an Eagle


  6. Well, as most of you know, I have finished my ticket. Unfortunatly in the process I lost my pack. :-( I am joining a new pack this fall so I will probably do my beading at roundtable. I have an email in to find out the schedule for the next couple of months and will pick a date from them. Either that or maybe I could go back to the next course and get beaded then (long time off though, next spring).

    I was going to get my beads at daycamp (I am director) but it was not an easy thing to schedule so wish me luck with a roundtable date.


    I used to be an Eagle


  7. (The Eagles are coming)

    I used to be a Eagle and a Good 'ol Eagle too...

    And now I'm finished Eagleing... I don't I don't know what to do...

    I'm growing old and feeble and I can Eagle no more...

    So I am going to work my ticket if I can...


    Back to Gilwell.. Happy Land.. I'm going to work my ticket if I can...


    Waiting for my beads




  8. I can't see just one boy not meeting the age / time requirement (6 mos after 10 birthday) I think everyone is for it and shortchanging this requirement. This boys grandfather seems to know better and is not letting it slide for him. The other parents "voted" to do the arrow of light and cross over together at the same time in August which will in effect leave this boy behind unless he crosses over with out the AOL which would make him unable to earn it.


  9. A friend of mine from day camp has a question. It seems that his grandson's pack wants to cross over the Webelos 2 in August becasue the den leader is moving out of state. His grandson still needs until October to meet the "time/age" part of the Arrow of Light and wouldn't be allowed to work on it after cross over. Also, isn't Webelos an 18 month program? Isn't this too early to send boys to Boy Scouts? School starts here in a couple of weeks for these boys to be in 5th grade and they want to cross over at the first pack meeting for the school year. Sounds wrong to me but I don't have any specifics to help him out with. What say ye of the forum?


  10. Ok, it's not an Acronym and it's not a "Memnoch the devil" or what ever that other word was. ;-) It is a song and a darn cute one too:


    Trustworthy Tommy was a Scout,

    Loyal to his Mother,

    Helpful to the folks about and

    Friendly to his brothers.

    Courteous to a girl he knew,

    Kind unto his rabbits

    Obedient to his father, too and

    Cheerful in his habit.

    Thrifty saving for a need

    Brave and not a faker

    Clean in word and thought and deed and

    Reverent to his Maker




  11. You always hear about the secrecy of Wood Badge Tickets. I say that is not true. If you post here about tickets you get many many responses. Now if you ask about patrol yells you only hear from 4 others. I think the true secrecy in WoodBAdge is in the patrol yells. Come on everyone, lets hear it!!


    I used to be an Eagle now I am waiting for my beads.



  12. two parter:

    first part -- patrol or den sings "Dinah Won't you Blow"

    waits one skit or song then does part two

    second part -- patrol or den set up as family called in to be there for the last minutes of "grandpa's" life. (Around bed, dressed in black, crying softly) Grandpa "I have to tell you something."

    family responds things like "Don't waste your strenght", "Just rest" things like that but grandpa is insistent and finally with difficulty "I must . . . tell . . . you that it . . . was me. I . . . I . . . (drag on and over act) I" (family leans in waiting) "I . . .

    I was in the kitchen with Dinah!" and grandpa collapses back on the bed family groans or however you want to end.


  13. Tasteless and tacky now, but way back when I was in High School we took a camp trip to Six Flags. It was common knowledge that handicap people could skip line and ride first so we had a friend pretend she was blind. We walked her around in dark glasses and she asked all the right questions about where we were (even stumbling if we didn't tell her about a step). We got to ride everything. Looking back as an adult, yes it was insensitive but it taught us alot about going through acitvities with limited or no vision. I just had to add that for OJ's Hispanic buddy ;-)


  14. Woodbadge is on my mind alot right now. I have finished my ticket and am awaiting my beads, thinking through where to have the presented.

    My question to you is, Why did you take WoodBadge?

    My answer: I was desperate for all the training I could get as I was new to this game we call Scouting. I read somewhere that WoodBadge was considered the "PHD" of scouting so I signed up. At the time I didn't even know what those funny little beads were that I say on different people at roundtable. When I signed up I thought it was "just another training session" with no little doo-dads associated with it, no outward mark so to speak of having completed it. I just wanted to learn all I could to better deliver the program so that my sons and their friends could have a better scouting experience. No personal glory ie "Hey look at me I have my beads and am better than you". Just to learn to be a better leader and a better follower. I know some who took the course because they wanted the beads or to be part of the "in Crowd". I know of one other who like me signed up for the training with no idea what it was other than training.

    So Why did you take Woodbadge?



  15. Ok, Here it is, my question.

    I finished my ticket and was supposed to be beaded at Day Camp. Well, it didn't happen. Our CD was called in to work and my TG was at Philmont. Now I have no idea where to have my beading. I just changed packs so I don't really know the new pack that well and the CM of the new pack went to the same course and is still working her ticket. Roundtable might be ok or maybe I could be beaded on the first day of the next woodbadge course in front of the participants so they know what they are working to. I don't know, Day camp was my preference but the next one is a year away. I need something that moves me.



    Edited part: My main position now is Day Camp Director, that is why I prefered Day camp. Thought I should add that.(This message has been edited by cajuncody)

  16. How about if we all share our patrol yell/cheer. Just for the fun of it.

    Here is my Eagle Patrol cheer.

    "The Eagles are Coming, The Eagles are Coming . . .AHHHHHHHHHH!"

    The AHHHHH was done while we "tracked" the eagles across the sky with our hands like we were pointing to them. Kinda like from the Lord of the Rings.

    Once we also borrowed an Eagle yell from a patrol totem that was given to us by a fellow Eagle

    "Eagles Aye, Flying High!"

    Lets all share, who is next?


    I used to be an Eagle


  17. No hickory handle, and only a single, really simple yet effective device. It is a small diam. copper tube about 8 inches long with a short length of flexible vinyl tubing slipped over one end. Put the copper end down where your start your flame and blow gently thru the other end to encourage "flaming". So much better than getting down with your head nearly on the groung to blow on the young fire. Plus I always have a smoke shifter should some young scout need one.

    I even presented my father with a pipe strecher once. A coupling and another peice of pipe.


    The Eagles are coming, THe Eagles are Coming


  18. Ask at the local knife shops for some one to do some "whittlin" and you get a crew of totally cool chainsaw carvers who carve 6 wooden statues, The Eagle goes to the Camp director who was supposed to get her beads the next day at camp and is an Eagle (Beading didn't happen, Course Director didn't show), and the others go to staff whose names are drawn from a hat. Plus the Chainsaw guys proved to be "eye candy" for the female staff.

    Happened at my camp!!!


    I used to be an Eagle and I hope to get my beads now that I earned them.

  19. There will only be one boy per time on the entire course. The person in the water will act as a spotter and a helper. I know that 2 feet of water is not much to break a fall but 36" on the high ends with a slope in the middle from their weight shouldn't be too much of a fall either. I just want the boys to be safe and have fun but I also wanted to make sure that 36" was allowed as someone told me that whatever the "climb" it shouldn't be over waist high for the smallest tiger. 36" comes to my tiger's chest.


  20. Council approved the water depth. I even asked if I needed an aquatic's director and/or a lifeguard. They said I didn't. I plan to have an adult at each end of the ladder and one in the pool. In the GTSS it says that monkey bridges "should not be constructed higher than 5 feet above flat surfaced ground nor longer than 40 feet." It goes on to say "never allow unaccompanied children on the bridge." Mine will be 36" high and 8 1/2' long and the children will have a parent there with them. Does this mean that mine is ok? It is a rope ladder bridge though, not a monkey bridge. The ladder also has stabalizers on both ends to keep it from twisting. We are calling the obstacle course "Bug Fear Factor" to go with our Cubs and Bugs theme.

    Feedback is fine with me ;-), that is why I came here. You never know when you might overlook something that someone else will notice.



  21. My first year as camp director of cub day camp is a learning experience. I have a question that I need a quick and correct answer to and I can't find it. We are making an obstacle course for the last day of camp. DH wants to have the cubbies crawl across a rope ladder above a 2' deep pool. I have already cleared the activity with the powers that be but there is the question of how tall to make the rope ladder. It will be horizontal across the pool, not up, not up at an angle. GTSS says horizontal climbing walls are ok for all ages, nothing about rope ladders. Can someone point me in the right direction before Saturday???


    By the way, I am getting my beads on Sunday.

    Back to Gilwell, Happy Land!



    I Used to be an Eagle . . .

  22. Just to clear the air, I didn't quit on a whim. I put some thought (and yes, quite a few tears ) into that decision. I told the principal my decision and his answer was "That is probably best for you".

    I only mentioned my woodbadge training in support of my other training to show my commitment to scouting and to which ever pack I move to and to boost my own self esteem about another pack wanting my sons and I to join. I wasn't meaning to imply that it made me special in anyway other than I can sing "Back to Gilwell" in my sleep and so can my children. It was one of my ticket items to create the committee that laughingly enough was my reason for leaving. I have put many many months and hours (blood sweat and tears too) into trying to rebuild this pack and I don't see my self as a quiter. I did what was best for my job and family first, now I am looking for a new pack, a choice I won't make quickly.


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