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  1. JohnyWalter

    Fitness Goals for Scouters

    My fitness goal is challenge myself constantly. Never be in the comfort zone. Fail every day at each activity. Punish yourself with push-ups or slaps when your mind says stop what you are doing. I do running, plank, squat, plank plus push up (hard), side plank push-ups, fingers, wrist, arm stretches and finally relax with all types of pranayama. Constantly add new exercises and rise to the next level. I lost 8 kilos in 3 months which motivates me.
  2. JohnyWalter

    Leatherworking Research - Boy Scouts

    The fee is to help cover the cost of the paperwork processing by national BSA. Merit Badge counselors have direct contact with the scouts ages 11-18. BSA performs a background check for all adults who submit an application to become a leader or merit badge counselor. The fee is now $10. Couseling a merit badge is not just teaching a set of skills. The couselor also meets with scouts and confirms they have completed all the requirements drill. The signature of the merit badge counselor signifies the scout has completed all the requirements and can be recognized. Many troops cover the cost of adult leadership registeration for merit badge counselrs. When you complete the paperwork, you can indicate you only want to work with boys from a specific troop or all scouts in the area. It is up to the scout and his scoutmaster if he would prefer to work with someone from his own troop or outside the troop.
  3. JohnyWalter


    I'm sure that many here sympathize with you about the difficulty of running a scout program financially within the given guidelines. But no one here has the ability to pass your note along to anyone in authority. Everyone here are just other clerks and local leaders like yourself.The only mechanism to provide this kind of feedback is through your priesthood line. Your stake president can talk to his area authority who can bring it up with the appropriate general authorities.However, if you want to discuss ways and ideas on how to fund things within the current guidelines there very well may be others on the forums here that can give their own experiences and ideas.
  4. JohnyWalter

    Summer camp hacks/gear suggestions

    OK, I tried to search for boots and shoes and got nothing very useful. I am the former Webelos leader who's son is ate up with the Scouts and going to Camp this summer. As I had a good year last year we plan to allow him to go to two camps this year. One close and one further away. Camp Naish I have been to with him in Webelos but never to Bartle. My quandry is what type of shoes/footwear should he have for camp. I remember having huge blisters when I went back in the 80's so I hope to eliminate this joy for him. Anyone have recommendations? I know I will be buying myself a good pair but my feet are not growing. Thanks in advance.
  5. JohnyWalter

    Winter Gear Up

    Is this your trip to a cold place? If most of your time is spend city than a good pair of shoes made from leather and a good pair of socks (some % of wool) will be good enough. A good example is Timberland boots. You may also look at hiking boots that is well insulated example Columbia omni heat shoes. Both you can wear for long hours outdoor or in city. Another good look is Keen brand shoes with logo stating how cold it can take. I have both the Keen shoes and Timeberland boots, and used them extensively in winter. Even did 4hrs snow hiking in my timberland. As for Columbia i am using their omni heat gloves and its proven
  6. JohnyWalter

    Hello everyone

    Actually, I was in Cub Scouts nearly 40 years ago, but I've forgotten about that. My son is 11 and just joined a local Boy Scout troop. I joined as well as an adult member.
  7. JohnyWalter

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone,i`m totally new guy. Have a nice day everyone! See ya around.