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  1. I have a few items to trade out for a punch of old Royal Ranger patches


    BSA belt, and a blue belt with slide on metal merit badges, 1913 "Through the BIG TIMBER", by Herbert Carter, "Boy Scouts as Forest Fire Fighters" book 1915 by Robert Shaler, Boys Scout Hnadbook 1931, maybe a dozen patches, old first aid Scout BANDAID metal can. some of this stuff I got to dig up in my storage building, next to my house, 84 Cub Scout handbook,


    I want Royal Rangers Pow Wow patches only and looking for older ones, RR's started in 1962, so they will not be real old. BSA book are only fair to good shape, BUT ALL THERE and very readable

  2. DeanRx I agree with you, read the awesome book, "LAST CHILD IN THE WOODS" it talks about those that are afraid to even go into the woods. They want to look at it afar off like a museum display. The woods are there to experence,(not exploit) but experence. Kids today need to get out of the house not stay in it with the new teckno junk. They get that stuff everyday, why reenforce something that makes them set on their rears all day. put OUTING back into SCOUTING.

  3. Shortridge

    Its those changing times again, and you got somebody on the upper staff not really putting his mind, heart, and soul into scouting and they let little things slip by like this (A SCOUT SALUTE). When you let the little things slip by than just wait because big things will start to fall too. Someone needs to keep a close lookout on tradition and tradition concepts of BSA. It "IS" our heritage and our foundation of what made us strong. Not pipe dreams of the future, because the future is not promised to us. Lets work on what works and made us strong.

  4. Packsaddle,

    Yep I agree with you, Nobody is going to toot you own horn except us. We are pulling away from being seen by the public. Because of this self centered feel good servant leaders they are pushing instead of Adventure and outdoorsman ship. Scouts is not seen as a good deed by many. Instead we have become rebals and don't want the homos in our troops, (Thank God!!)

    Parades, flag raisings at memorial services, football local game flag raisings. in Texas the have clean the (help clean the Trash Off hwys) They will put your troop # and BoyScouts in big letters from 2 miles both ways for you joining there program for a year, This is free advertizement of major roads in Texas, You do it 4 times a year and they supply the bags and even vest if you want them, for 2 miles. plus we need to get back to being seen by the public and helpers, such as green work, food drives, service projects, and when we do this get it into your local paper, they will print it free. Repeat no one is gonna toot our horns for us, we need to do it ourselves.

    As to this so called MARKET SCOUTS we are trying to become for the local IPOD generation, I think we are really going to loose our idenity if we continue to follow this path of self helps, success book reading and this so called leadership skills thrown at us. Isn't outdoorsman ship leadership on a grand scale? because we are learning to get along with those within our troop. It use to be called the PATROL METHOD. Playing a game on a ipod doesn't work on social skills, time work, training or leadership. It causes self centerness, alone syndrone, non working with leadership, and attitude problems. No adventure there just a bunch of feel good policy we have been sold a bag of goods that stinks from high heaven. Scouts was born in the woods and outdoors and now we are putting it into leadership class room training. This doeant win boys to the program, thats adult stuff, boys want excitemnt, adventure, dangerous fun, and you can't get it setting in front of a teckno game or some dark room looking at a computer

  5. I want to add to this subject, being a Royal Ranger leaders, we are also seeing "CHANGING TIMES". Our new National Staff has made it clear that camping is only a option and not a main focus or method we use to reach boys. They are calling us the IPOD Generation and say that boys don't want to camp anymore and camping has gone out of style.

    The old dogs like in Scouts are seeing this and know this is the wrong way to go. Becoming (market scouts) to suit the fancy of that neighborhood, is not the way to go. This is what they are wanting us to do with Rangers and start sports troops, teckno troops, or whatever works to keep boys within the program. This is not only wrong but dangerous to the overall foundational values of what we came from and need to stay in. Scout was born in the outdoors/woods and Rangers was too. Isn't is interesting that the most visited and popular stores are camping/outdoor stores:: Cabela's, Academy, and Bass Pro Shops.

    If they create a "new" scouting program so that they can win more boys within the program. Than it will not be scouting anymore.

    The Ranger program is changing leader title names, uniforms, our main purpose leaders oath. and many other areas. Change for change sake is wrong and trying to do this to think that is will help will really hurt

  6. I was a Scout in my young age and made it to 1st class before I started noticing girls. 52 now, and a District staff member of Royal Rangers, (a Boys Christian Camping Program,) been with them 25 years. I just wanted to look around, ask questions, and enjoy good information I am recieving from these forums. Part of the FCF (Frontier Camping Fellowship) a branch of Royal Rangers. This is a reinactor/pioneer program and ministry of the pre 1840's and we camp within the Boys as a village. Plus apart of a Colonial cannon brigade too. I'm a minister and goat rancher and my favorite hobby is finding arrowheads

  7. Well that's true we are all the keepers of the earth as God set it up. Many don't do a good job.

    I guess I found some of the best answers of what camping is to Scouts was from the Harris Foundation Survey. It is a detailed survey of 1000's of scouts and others on the reason, "WHY WE CAMP" and do Outdoor activites. Thanks <



    I would suggest that all read (CLICK on WEBSITE) this survey taken with over 10 thousand scouts to see if camping is important to the overall BSA program

    This is a MUST READ!!!


  8. I was looking up another thread on "LAST CHILD IN THE WOODS" and saw the phrase (our traditional outdoor values).

    I would really would like to know what these are. Because this is dear to my heart when it comes to outdoor activities. i feel with the new teckno Ipod age we are losing it.

    Anyone have an answer would be welcomed.

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