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  1. We carved out and built a meeting area down behind the CO on their land, backs up to some houses.  Put in a bridge over a gully, assembly area with flagpoles and benches in meeting areas for patrols.  We hang lanterns for lighting.  You come down a hill to get to the area.  If one comes later pretty neat to look down and see the lanterns, Scouts running about.

  2. 18 minutes ago, Eagledad said:

    I believe the overburdened Cub program is the main cause for dropping membership the 30 years. 

    Overburdened?? :eek:   You just have to get on the membership train, more stuff is BETTER

    • Used to be 3 years of Cubs then one got to Scouts (waaay back in the day)
    • Let's make it School year so they all advance at the same pace
    • Let's go camping
    • Let's all go camping as a family
    • Let's add a year of Webelos so we can lower the entrance age
    • Let's add Tigers so we can lower the entrance age again
    • Let's add popcorn sales
    • Let's add camp card sales
    • Let's add Girl Dens / Boy Dens / Coed Packs
    • Let's add kindergartners so we can lower the entrance age again
    • Let's do Cub Scouts for 6 FUN FILLED YEARS!!!
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  3. 20 minutes ago, Col. Flagg said:

    Change will be hard. Even if we take up all the AR-15s and handguns lying around, kids could still make other things to cause harm. When people seek to do harm they will find a way whether it is a box cutter, pipe bomb or AR-15. We can take steps to eliminate some of the weapons but we will never get rid of all of them.

    For me the answer lies with family, faith, friendship and fairness. 

    A good bit of Monday morning Quarterbacking sadly going on.  Yes he was a bit odd, but law enforcement can do little unless actual laws are broken.  There may have been red flags, but not sure if a red flag is against an applicable law.  No real laws against being weird. 

    Good input that someone on certain medications and diagnosis maybe should not have firearms.  Cannot disagree.  But how is that enforced?  Database is trumpeted, but with HIPPA and privacy laws, not sure how that would be done

    Well he was a little crazy, but the efforts to get somebody involuntarily committed are onerous.

  4. 19 minutes ago, Col. Flagg said:

    Exactly! And it automatically updates and events or files that have been updated. All such updates are included in the eBlast announcement that goes out each week. The email lists are priceless too. We can target emails to OA or PLC (or whatever groups you create). It also allows the PLs to communicate with their patrol (and by default, also with parents too).

    I can honestly say that it has saved me tons of time. Couple that with Google Drive and Skype, we can collaborate whenever we need to. In fact, I was on a PLC Skype call last year and it was pretty cool. 10 kids and 4 adults. Got a lot done and the adults could still keep their day jobs. :cool:

    The on-line sign up and generating of attendance rosters from Excel saves tons of time.  Can see which events need more promotion and which are doing fine

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  5. 6 minutes ago, Tampa Turtle said:

    I feel left out only having two boys. I guess you can't be a gay couple either. 


    In looking at the approved and provided photo (graphic??), Family Scouting also does NOT include:

    • Only children families
    • Families with more than three children
    • Children more than 3 years apart unless the youngest is an infant
    • Single parents (male)
    • Single parents (female)
    • Families with children of the same gender
    • Male parents shorter than the female parents
    • Bald parents
    • Frowning 
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  6. 9 minutes ago, Col. Flagg said:

    As Ronald Reagan once said, "There you go again."

    You have this incessant need to be right or close down debate when things don't suit you.

    Let me be clear (again): I am NOT talking about DATA!! That is YOUR argument.

    I am talking about getting ACCESS to and FINDING them!!! 

    I'm done. You may have the last word.

    You just need a super cool cell phone

    Image result for Zack Morris on phone

    Or be on the beach

    Image result for wall street phone on the beach

    Or one in you car

    Related image


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  7. Sad event again.  We will have to observe this at the meeting on Monday night

    I remember in the summer of 2016 there was the Orlando nightclub shooting in June and we did the Half-Staff at summer camp for the week.  Then in July that same summer we were at summer camp 2 and observed Half-Staff for the Police officers killed in Dallas.




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  8. No need to have a long recitations on events at meetings, that should be done in another format.  Our longform COH runs about 1.5 hours, but we have dinner and the FOS presentation is done while everyone is eating.  Keep it brief.  Most run 45 minutes.  The one after summers camp(s) runs long due to handing out 250 + merit badges and many rank advancements, but that is expected.

    For communications much better way than droning on

    • We have the Troop Website, which details events, you can sign up for outings, etc etc
    • The Troop website kicks out an e-mail every week which highlights the events and announcements updates within a week
    • We have a Troop Facebook page where we post photos, updates, TBT photos, some announcements
    • We have a troop instagram where we post photos and some announcements
    34 minutes ago, Back Pack said:

    Oh I forgot that no adults were ever on stage except the sm to give a 5 min update and those accepting awards. The spl or emcee were scouts running the show. 

    Agree.  Scouts do the MC and banquet person works with them on a script.  Leaders give out badges.  We have a reminder on the next outing, typically reminder to sign up for summer camp (literally what was written is that sentence is the length of the announcment) and then SM minute

    Scouts run the program

  9. So now you can be in Cub scouts for 6 years. :blink: We (at the troop) get numerous Webelos II's that are ready to move on, or also we get several scouts joining each year, got weary of the younger kids in the pack and redundancy of the program (fire station again??), so they dropped but now they are back.

    Guess it will work for some, but in a pack or program setting the interest and ability difference between a 5 year old and a 10 year old is pretty extreme

  10. We were scheduled for the OA election a few weeks back.  The rules (guidelines??) seem to state you need to have 50% +1 of the registered Scouts in attendance to have the election.  Now we are a big troop with an active membership, so that night (by our math) we had about 40% - 42% of the scouts (they move around and it is hard to count). 

    OA Guys start quoting paragraphs and rules about how to run an election.  Honestly we were about to tell them, fine, take off.  They wanted to come back another night, we said, hey go for it but it is a moving target.  Our thoughts were, here is an organization within the BSA that, I suppose, wants to expand it's membership, yet has arcane rules and roadblocks to adding to that membership.  We did have the election in the end.

    Why is there a 50% rule, seriously what does it matter?  I was active in the OA back in the day was actually a Lodge advisor one time.  Cannot recall this rule and wonder if it is some local thing to make themselves really "important"


  11. 19 minutes ago, Col. Flagg said:

    I've seen more four leaf clovers in the last 15 years than I have seen UCs.

    For us they are sort of like a rare solar eclipse.  They come by, introduce themselves, then we never see them again.  As far as I can tell they have never directly contacted the SM, CC, or any adults.  They have (and I have seen 2 visits in 10 years) only come by, stayed about 30 minutes, and we never hear from them again.  We presume there is some sort of write up or report that is filed at the district, then filed at the council, then filed at regional, then filed at National.  Sort of a vision of Soviet era paperwork being shuttled along and boxes checked.

    In theory commissioners are good, not sure in practicality if they actually do anything.

  12. 3 minutes ago, Tampa Turtle said:

    Dang if I know. When my Son was SPL he kept asking the adults for some cost numbers on trips (for over a year). So he and the PLC could...you know....actually take ownership and plan trips with a budget (I know what a concept!). He got constantly stonewalled. I brought it up at committee as well. I think a lot of it was transportation costs...that has been a big cost driver, along with expensive 'group' meals (the popular "lets stop at Golden Corral on the drive home") and "we need to put the boys up at a hotel along the way".

    The solution is Patrol campouts. Amazing how cheap those got.

    Good points

    We did not cook on the MLK trip.  Stayed on the Alabama and got meals there.  Then ate on the NAS base in Florida for some meals.  Did the Battleship and camped on the NAS recreational area, all meals, free Naval museum, played on the beach, $50 per person.  Scouts had to pay for their own lunch on the way there and back.  If we had included mileage charges, would have more than doubled the cost

    Gifts in kind are your friend

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  13. On 2/12/2018 at 2:52 PM, Tampa Turtle said:

     We did the Yorktown at Patriots Points and it was $175 a kid. Transportation costs are the killer. 

    How did you spend that much for Patriots Point?  Curious did you charter a bus?

    We do one long trip each January.  Good thing is leaders / parents that drive traditionally absorb the mileage.  We did 900 plus miles with 13 cars on MLK this year., so I personally know the cost.  More mileage to deduct I guess.

  14. 42 minutes ago, Tampa Turtle said:

    (BTW I do not think girls showing up in my Troop is the same DEFCON level as war with Korea)


    To be clear, at this point, Girls cannot join your troop nor in the immediate future would they.  Yes that will no doubt be subject to change, but wanted to level set (and I know you were being dramatic)

    44 minutes ago, Tampa Turtle said:

    I cannot figure if they are being stupid, intellectually lazy, or sneaky. I do not think they have a very workable plan and will make us figure it all out. I am not hearing much organizational wisdom trickling down to the Council and District level...at least around here. I do hear some genuine hurt feelings from long time folks who are not planning to make a fuss.

    Agree 100%.  I am amazed that the National BSA office and board made this momentous decision, and literally had no real workable implementation plan.  Anyone who has spent any actual time at the unit level can come up with multiple scenarios that need to be resolved.  Admittedly they may not have the answers yet, but the shallowness and lack of even acknowledging there may be questions is stunning. 

    48 minutes ago, Tampa Turtle said:

    She expressed her frustration over how the Troop and BSA in general has so enabled scouts to get Eagle so fast (the boy in particular attended two summer camps to load up on Merit Badges) that they are missing the point of developing leadership in scouts by going so fast and what is the point of Eagle if it is just an academic exercise.

    What she is saying is a challenge and concern.  That being said there are in any endeavor minimum requirements.  As long as the Scout meets the minimum, they have in fact met the requirements.  I have conversations with Scouts and parents and try try try to remind some of them that Scouting is a journey and not so much a destination.  Scouts need to enjoy the trip.  Every outing is not about advancement.  Sometimes we go to the lake to get towed behind boats and canoe around because it's fun, sometimes we hike in the rain because it is a personal challenge, sometimes we climb that mountain because (wait for it) it is there. (and we can spit off the ledge)

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