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    Linked Troops - What are these?

    But the girls flag has to have glitter......
  2. Isn't that sort of what we do in the BSA? Let youth make decisions and bear the consequences of those decisions?
  3. Jameson76

    Linked Troops - What are these?

    Interesting The advancement challenges and some troops stumbling over themselves to have the first Girl Eagle will be an interesting situation The scrutiny by girls is an interesting topic, specifically what happens when there is no local BSA4G troop linked or otherwise for them to move into. Especially if there is a robust Boys troop at the CO..those outside of BSA will ask "heck can't they just join that current troop??" Seriously....shared Troop numbers? That will end well The depth portion may be a challenge (needing a female), especially to have meetings and do activities and as some units move to coed sorry Linked troops, that may present an obstacle
  4. Maybe she is a Disney / Stephen King fan
  5. Jameson76

    Philmont Announcement - March 27

    But this is new in that it goes into the backcountry, no doubt crossing with "core" program treks As examples: ROCK CLIMBING This is a day-long session beginning with a mild hike from Cimarroncito Turnaround to Cimarroncito Backcountry Staff Camp. Once there, you will receive a safety briefing and climbing demonstration followed by a chance to climb several different routes on natural rock. Inspiration Point Hike Guided by a Program Counselor team from the Philmont Training Center, you will have the opportunity to hike as a family to a spectacular view on the side of Urraca Mesa. A trail lunch will be provided in lieu of lunch at the dining hall.
  6. Jameson76

    Philmont Announcement - March 27

    In case you missed it...Scouting is ALL about FAMILIES!!
  7. Jameson76

    Philmont Announcement - March 27

    GREAT - It's FAMILY EXPERIENCE in the BACK COUNTRY Philmont has jumped the shark Philmont Family Adventure
  8. Jameson76

    Philmont Announcement - March 27

    You can look on their site and there are many many slots throughout 2018, waaaay more than I have seen in years past Many literally any day this summer
  9. Jameson76

    Philmont Announcement - March 27

    Saw this and wondered what could be the big announcement Hopefully they are not watering down treks or adding family back country camping foolishness to the ranches offering. That would be really disappointing.
  10. Jameson76


    Correct and good point. For the Webelos visitation we have had Dads, Moms, Granddads, older brothers, aunts, etc and what we have termed Adult partners. The expectation is they are there for that one Webelos (on in case of a Cub campout) that one Cub. They are not leaders, they are not planning or directing. Now if the the conviction / probation may preclude being around youth, if the Unit leaders are made aware of that they would be within bounds to have them leave or not attend
  11. Jameson76

    Outdoor Code for Non-Americans

  12. Jameson76

    Family Scouting Update

    You need to have 5 youth and I think 5 adults, though if they are in multiple units not 100% sure how the money works. There is an $40 insurance unit fee and maybe a $6 council insurance unit fee If you have insomnia below is the link to the 33 page Recharter handbook http://www.ncacbsa.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/2017-2018-Charter-Renewal-Handbook-170908v9.pdf
  13. Jameson76

    Parents as MBCs

    On MBC as parents, we tend to have Scouts go to other MBC for singular type MB's. If we have a troop class for a MB (Cit in the Community, Personal MGT) then if the parent is the counselor, that is fine. Though if there is a discussion part another leader will take that portion. Not that we do not trust the parent as an MBC, just better for the scout to interact with other adults
  14. Jameson76

    Longest Family Line of Eagle Scouts

    Also interesting would be to see how many generations in the same unit. My dad is an Eagle in one troop, I am an Eagle in another troop, my son is an Eagle in another unit. Some of these 50 + year old units could have that depending on the town and demographics
  15. Jameson76

    Family Scouting Update

    Lots of THEY and THEM no doubt. Assuming pics and drawing are androgynous individuals. Happy gender neutral cubbies in skorts out enjoying the program
  16. The planning for meetings and what they do at the meeting should be driven by the Scouts. Typically a Greenbar meeting, plan the next month of meetings For outings and events same drill but longer window of planning. They determine what to do, what activities. Obviously there are parameters such as cost, distance, special training. Then you set the calendar and go. Also be flexible and be ready to update and change things as the year progresses
  17. Jameson76

    Awarding Eagle Scout to returning veterans

    In 1952, age limits were set so that adults over 18 years of age could no longer earn Eagle Scout
  18. Jameson76

    Cyber Chip questions

    The intent is good but (shockingly) the execution or desired execution is lacking. As with many initiatives the ones that design the program have not really been to an actual meeting with actual scouts (not a handpicked group) We use the group method as you indicate and interpret the "present" portion as answering questions and participating
  19. Jameson76

    Outdoor Code for Non-Americans

  20. Jameson76

    What Do You Look For In A Summer Camp?

    Most camps now have a New Scout program that is specifically designed to work on TF / 2nd / 1st requirements and maybe a couple of merit badges. Also need to be sure downtime and open time is included for random fun
  21. Jameson76

    Combining Venturing Crews

    We had a Venture crew at the CO. They did not really engage with the troop. Then they got low on numbers so they came to talk to the troop. Challenge was our guys asked "what are the activities you have planned?"...the answer was "What would you like to do..." They did not have a critical mass to sustain. The only selling point was "we may have girls". Venturing is way more relationship driven. Tough to add to the established group.
  22. Jameson76

    Private Council Security Guard

    They are there to assist with the crowds of girls that will be flocking to join the BSA
  23. Jameson76

    Outdoor Code for Non-Americans

    As an Huperson, I will do my best (as defined within the local area and in no way to be interpreted as implying other cultures may not strive to do their best) toBe clean (as defined within the local area and in no way to be interpreted as implying other cultures may not be clean) in my outdoor mannersBe careful (as defined within the local area and in no way to be interpreted as implying other cultures may not be careful) with fireBe considerate (as defined within the local area and in no way to be interpreted as implying other cultures may not be considerate) in the outdoorsBe conservation-minded (as defined within the local area and in no way to be interpreted as implying other cultures may not be conservation minded)
  24. Jameson76

    Is BSA Sustainable?

    Bingo And we as leaders need to ensure the correct modeling is going on. Scouts gives the older youth an opportunity to lead and be in charge. They do not get that normally. If we peel them off then they lose that learning experience and younger scouts are not able to see older scouts in action.
  25. Well...there's always the old school way to keep up with things signed off Or even older school way Or oldest school way