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    North Face to develop GS outdoor adventure program

    My intended poke at the current expectations may have been missed, yes there will be impact. I hope it will it not end up a repeat of ISP in the 70's. Listening to the CSE and Reading the FAQ this is the blanket statement - Q: Will girls have to meet the same requirement to achieve Eagle Scout? Yes. Young women will have the opportunity to earn the Eagle Scout rank by meeting the same criteria and achievements as young men. To your point and to many who have made the point, I think this is a simplistic view to assume that things will not change. Who can predict what the final "product" will look like. If, for example, summer camps are not game planning 2019 and beyond they are behind the curve. Will the merit badges that fill up now be the same as what the revised population of the Boy Scouts...sorry Scouts USA wants/seeks? There will likely be some push back and adjustment on some requirements. One challenge may be some related to outdoor and camping. Will new girl troops be able to offer enough outings and secure enough female adults to have these? Our unit goes on 13 outdoor events in a year, will a new troop be able to quickly offer that depth? Not saying they will not, but that could be an issue. Even with seasoned troops that is a challenge sometimes, though more for attendance than cancelled outings. If the hope (plan??) is for these multitude of new units that could tax resources.
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    North Face to develop GS outdoor adventure program

    You need to get on-board with the expected offerings, the BSA program will not be "specifically for girls"...the BSA program will be the same for Boys and Girls and there will be NO CHANGES to the current program with the addition of girls to the program The FAQ (15+ pages I might add) on Family Scouting states that and if it says it is so...it is so
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    potentially the stupidest GTSS rule?

    Oh where to begin: Two registered adult leaders 21 years of age or over are required at all Scouting activities, including meetings. There must be a registered female adult leader over 21 in every unit serving females. A registered female adult leader over 21 must be present for any activity involving female youth. Notwithstanding the minimum leader requirements, age- and program-appropriate supervision must always be provided.
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  5. We provide for the patrols cooking gear, water bladder, stove, lanterns, tarps, table, fire bag. Scouts provide everything else In the trailer we carry consumables; propane, mantles, trash bags, whatnot. Also we have dutch ovens as needed
  6. This has been discussed within our troop. Our go forward is to be a single gender, no linked option. Only council / inter troop items we have is summer camp. Already no district or council camporees. We will take summer camps (we do 2 camps) 1 year at a time. If significant program changes occur, then we will explore other options for summer.
  7. The surprise was not so much the scouts I was referring to. You may be assuming a 100% enlightened and welcoming group of parents, not saying they may not be, but there could be some pushback in the tenting case. While we work to provide program to youth, those youth are part of a family, that does have to be considered. There are a myriad of potential items to consider so there are in fact no surprises. This is the real world, and not a sociology class.
  8. An intriguing question. If they identify as a male, you would treat as a male, but with tenting if not all are looped in could be a surprise. Luckily there are hammocks
  9. Jameson76

    Tent Numbering - Help

    Definitely a teachable moment. Good effort and initiative, not so good a result. I would suggest a redo. Light overspray of the current number. then begin again As you work with them on correcting maybe some opportunity for them to develop a brief How To on tent numbering
  10. Jameson76

    What do you want the District to do for you?

    Agree with the need to GO and see what they need, not wait at some roundtable or meeting to tell them what they need. Most leaders could care less about a listening meeting or an input meeting or a conversation and input meeting. If truly interested plan to spend some time on the road and go see the units and talk with the leaders at their meetings. Just listen. Hear what their successes are and hear what they may be struggling with. You note you are concentrating with training, advancement, camping promotions, and civic service functions. That is a target rich environment. Also go more than once. While roundtables can play a role, scouting happens at the unit where it is meeting or going camping. That is where the answers lie. Not at an adult meeting.
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    All Scouting is Local

    Agree that it is local and at more importantly at the unit level. All else is window dressing. The divide (rift??) between National/Region/Council/District and the local units seems to be a might wider at times. There is a lot of top down directives, etc. Is the Council there to support the units or does the Council seem to think they are where it's at. With our unit we seem to be fine with little interaction from the council. Close to 100 Scouts, High adventure every year, 13 outings per year, 10+ Eagles achieved each year. Our discussion has been how can we support Scouting locally outside the unit without the morass of the district and the council. We have not been able to solve the conundrum. As a note our unit does not attend the district camporees or council encampments. Past years we did, but those were the least attended events. The Scouts asked do we have to attend these? The choice was theirs and we have moved on. The Council Commissioner spoke with me on this, they asked why we did not attend such events. I explained that the program offered at these was not engaging to our troop. They wanted to know if we had tried to get involved and get it changed. We had but the folks that ran the district ones were less than eager to look at changes. So we went backpacking. Agree that the first question that should/needs to be asked at a BOR is are you having fun. The rest is bonus material
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    What's your best Scouting memory?

    Most are good Will go with the most recent. We were at summer camp last week, had 40+ scouts attending. Thursday night after the afternoon offsite activities we cooked cobbler and the Boy Scouts organized up a cornhole tournament. The leaders provided the stuff, Boy Scouts mixed, and cooked. It was getting dusk, the cobbler was getting close to complete. I did a head count as the leaders stood off to one side. All the scouts were there, no phones, just a group of Boy Scouts, in the woods, week coming to a close, enjoying the evening.
  13. Jameson76

    New and comprehensive Family scouting FAQs issued:

    This has been BSA's stock answer - The research found that parents not involved with Scouting showed high interest in getting their daughters signed up for programs like Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, with 90 percent expressing interest in a program like Cub Scouts and 87 percent expressing interest in a program like Boy Scouts. Now, note the subtle wording of the results "LIKE". They did not say they would join BSA, just a program LIKE the BSA. Also as we have not seen the actual questions, it is very easy to put in questions that will generate the needed results SIDENOTE - Was at our Council Camp last week, troop had a great week. Anyway, we have a leaders dinner on Thursday, literally 200 Scout leaders that are actually involved in Scouting at an actual camp event with actual Scouts. The Scout Executive...sorry CEO of the Council was there, the Council President was there, a litany of the paid executive staff was there, some key volunteers, the CEO and Prez spoke, but ZERO mention of the program changes and updates, no mention of how these will impact camp operations next year and no time for questions or input If the changes have this groundswell of support and people clamoring to join, why not own it, let us know what plans and support are in place. You had an engaged group, but they are scared to death to mention it to actual Scouters. The divide between National, Regional, council based paid staff, key volunteers AND those of us who are merely (in their view) working with units (the great unwashed) grows each day
  14. It's amazing isn't it that someone (gotta be gender neutral here) under 18: Cannot enter into a contract, buy a drink, own a gun, rent a car, rent a hotel room, serve in the military, vote under 16: Cannot drive a car, fly unaccompanied, must attend school, be out after certain hours alone, get married (depends on state) All of this is because we as a society have concluded that at these young ages, they may not have the needed maturity and life experience to be fully responsible for these decisions...YET when it comes to gender identity, let it roll, they can decide away. If one questions this, you are are discriminatory
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    Our group is still leaving and returning the same flights, but now they are going to do various 2 and 3 day hikes in Colorado. Drummed up some contacts, friends, etc but they have salvaged a trip.
  16. Jameson76

    Arrow of Light Scouts Crossing Over

    But but...it's dark and scary out there, and little Timmy has a lot to do, and the cell phone reception is weak, and toilets are scarce, and there was soccer.....
  17. Jameson76

    Gold Award standards frustration

    It's the arms race amongst Scout groups...in this corner the not broadly understood GSUSA "Gold Award"...and in this corner the gold standard of youth awards the BSA "Eagle Scout". Which will be deemed Best In Class, which will corner the market, and more importantly, which will generate more revenue for their organization??
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    It can be a conundrum and if you start going down YPT and G2SS rabbit holes, second guessing yourself, and subscribing to the "McCarthyesque" YPT feeling that everyone is a predator, you may likely never leave the house and attend a scout meeting or event. The buddy thing is great and useful, but often different Scouts have different interests and class schedules at summer camp. The intent is for the boys to have a buddy, yet as many things that happen in the real world, out in the mud and the weeds, that may not be the case 100% of the time We (our unit) definitely works under the guise of doing the best we can, abiding as closely as possible to rules and regs, and working to have a fun program and develop the leadership and citizenship skills for the young men. Just last night I had a scout who wanted to review his Eagle project and also look over some merit badges. We set it up via e-mail with mom and SM in copy. He drove to the house, (wife was home at the time) we met in the driveway in clear view of by the garage (nice and shady), and completed the work. You do what is needed in the spirit and intent of the YPT and G2SS to deliver the program. Also I do have an umbrella policy. (and some nice umbrellas on the deck)
  19. Jameson76

    2018 Philmont Wildfires

    I would assume that with the wide swath of burn across the ranch, the sadly the remaining backcountry treks for 2018 (those not already cancelled) will at best be problematic
  20. Jameson76

    BSA Museum at Philmont Scout Ranch

    Official line is that it was the amount of visitors. As was discussed I guess it depends on the why of the museum. If to promote BSA and be visible to everyone, Dallas is good. If just another box to check from National...yeah I guess we gotta have a museum, then why not Philmont Candidly I do not think they promoted it or made it a "Destination". I did visit the Dallas one a few years back. Good mementos and items. Animatronic Baden Powell was might creepy
  21. Jameson76

    BSA Executive Salaries

    That DE would not be welcome any longer at any or our functions, we would be Scoutlike (as much as possible) in that communication. Sounds like you are doing fine without his help.
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    Airline (Delta) has been responsive, they will have a credit for a year from purchase. Not sure on PSR fees (assume they will be refunded or credited), calls out to the ground transportation. Everything was fine until last Thursday....