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    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    Urban Scouting...the great revamp of the 1970's, Boypower and Manpower and whatnot If you get lost on a hike, ask a cop The wonderful world of Skill Awards, Camping and Cooking MB were not required. You could easily earn Eagle Scout and never camp, never start a fire, never leave your neighborhood. In fact you could not even go outside
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    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    Yep...and some sadness "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana Same - Richard Nixon signed my Eagle certificate 😁
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    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    Changing and shifting requirements can inspire. There were many that hustled up at the end of 1973 to get Eagle before a great new scouting mode was fully rolled out, suspect it will be similar with LDS departure
  4. Well...to be candid the challenge is often how to disprove the negative, how to "un-ring" a bell A person can accuse someone, then the burden of proof is on the accused to prove their innocence. What was outlined in the starting comment, can have the words TEXT changed for CONVERSATION and you would still be in a He Said / She Said. Nothing really new, the ONE on ONE contact issues can be phone, in a tent, in a car, on text, or a conversation in full view of many people. Leaders needs to know their scouts and where the pitfalls may be
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    Tap Out Question

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    From National: Official Name

    Looks like 23 in 1912 For those wondering, the big jump in 1973 (almost 47,000) was the result of the impending changes for the much hyped changes to scouting rolled out in 1971 (sound familiar). Did not attain that number again until 1999 The updates in 70's changed the number of merit badges from 21 - 24, took out camping and cooking, introduced skill awards, and had my personal favorite recommendation within the scout book, that if you are out on a hike and get lost, to find your way you ask a policeman...urban scouting at it's pinnacle More detail https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2017/03/01/number-of-eagle-scouts-per-year/
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    Pride of Craft

    We would put out airbags...oh and ropes, lots of ropes
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    Cub Scout Pack Survey

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    Pride of Craft

    We have to try and challenge / engage the scouts to think and do things, be creative. Recent outing we gave the patrols (there were 3 on this outing) 3 cartons, a roll of duct tape, and some plastic sheeting with the instructions to build a boat for one person to paddle out around a buoy. They had an hour and half. One literally built a kayak like boat that worked well. The others had a boat, but not as successful On another outing the patrols had to build a bridge, that could be moved, and span a space. They built the bridges then they had to move them to the ditch (about 14' across as I recall) and walk the space. Some were sadly not up to the task On another we gave them 50 popsicle sticks, some dental floss, some bandaids, and they had to construct a tower that could support a small cup full of water. One group melted some of the bandaids to make a glue Through some effective programming a unit can incorporate pride of craft into activities with nominal rewards I am still trying to get the troop interested in Roofing Merit badge at my house
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    Opportunities, not road blocks.

    I would agree if this was in fact a sports thing, in that as you correctly noted - If a play does not work in organized sports, do you simply say it is hopeless, or do you find a variant or completely new option? You of course try different options, as the rules and playing field are not changing as you are playing. Yes there are always slight updates and technology changes, but I played golf with my dad, and I play with my son. Rules are basically the same, goals are the same. Looking at the Boy Scouts, the aims and mission (though to be clear the "mission" statement is not original canon) appear to be the same, and we hope the methods will stay the same. But the rules to get there seem to be fluid, and honestly not 100% sure about the aims and methods, there is the National meeting coming up. I can only speak for myself, but I wonder, what is next? At the unit level we will continue as we have, but forces beyond our control may enact change upon us. The adding girls is a study of fluidity in an of itself. First is was girl packs / boy packs / single gender dens in the same pack - and for the Boy Scouts a separate or complimentary program with Girl and Boy only units. Then they quietly slipped in "Linked" troops. Then many of the early adopter packs could not get the needed numbers, but who cares, sign em up. Then the convoluted name change announcement, and clarifying announcement, and clarifying statements about the announcement. Also 20% of the BSA is taking their ball and heading home in the next 18 months. Locally the Greenbar team just wrapped up the planning through July 2019. Looks like good stuff, lots of fun and adventures. We have over 50 Star and Life Scouts, many discussing the path to Eagle. We have several EBOR's next couple of weeks, high adventure trips, summer camps etc. We are continuing to move forward and deliver fun program. That being said, there are storm clouds out there, hopefully we will be above the flash flood marks, one can never tell.
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    Unit number change and embracing the new

    We Boy Scout 12-7-365 (just stirring the pot)
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    Unit number change and embracing the new

    It's all in how you phrase your number There is a Troop 5-0 in Hawaii (book em Danno)
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    Spanish National Jamboree

    If you have seen one shirt that needs ironing...you've seen them all ALSO What is seen, can never be unseen
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    SMM about WHY the Scout Law and Oath?

    So...you are a Vampire??
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    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    Whistling past the graveyard - this affects 425,000 Scouts - roughly 20% of BSA...it will have an impact 1) Membership fees - we can assume these will go up from $33 to close to $40 per member to cover, assuming National does not trim overhead 2) Unit charter fees - Currently (I think) around $40 - that will likely go up to close to $50 to cover 3) Attendance at High Adventure - Specifically the Summit (which is the large cash drain on BSA) and no way they are getting close to their 50K attendees needed annually To assume that potential increase in membership from Girls joining will offset is ludicrous
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    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    Survey...you forgot to mention a survey...there's always a survey
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    Deterring thoughts of discrimination w/girls?

    It is a good question and topic The base of the desire for single gender units is that Boys and Girls learn, mature, and interact socially differently. There is great value to give Boys and Girls an opportunity to work together in single gender groups. At this time there are coed leadership and association opportunities within Schools, churches, summer swim teams, academic teams, community organizations, private camps, etc. The Boy Scouts of America can provide one of the few areas where youth can work in a single gender environment that is not sports focused. Also - the Girls Scouts of America...in their own statement about BSA opening up to girls makes the point themselves: “We believe strongly in the importance of the all-girl, girl-led, and girl-friendly environment that Girl Scouts provides, which creates a free space for girls to learn and thrive.” I can agree on that sentiment and hope that it can be applied to the program for 11 - 17 year old youth, currently known as Boy Scouts
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    Deterring thoughts of discrimination w/girls?

    A secret giant white board and visio flow chart in a small dark office in Irving, TX
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    Deterring thoughts of discrimination w/girls?

    My thought is not so much the discrimination standpoint, as honestly the majority of CO's primary provision of material support is in the way of meeting space, access to the grounds, etc. Not too many of them (though some do) write a check each year. If they do that is easily balanced. Your point on equipment is more easily handled / explained as troops with longer tenure will have more stuff accumulated The point of contention will likely be (as you note) the opportunity available in Old School Boy Scout troop with it's 13 outings per year, 50 Boy Scouts, institutional knowledge, 30+ year traditions, and actual field knowledge VERSUS the newly formed Girls troop with 6 members and trying to figure out how to organize a trip and more importantly.. (wait for it) how to HAVE FUN on a weekend outing. The girls will want to join (be enabled that opportunity) but the Boy Scout troop will be able to indicate, not an option. The girls will then likely file suit against BSA for equal access and National will update and allow a coed option Challenge and real rub will come when National allows the coed option but it is not mandated. Girls want to join Old School troop for all the opportunities they offer, but the troop desires to stay single gender. That will trigger the discrimination claims and then hilarity will ensue and most likely in the not to distant future coed will not be an option but will be part of the program. Units will have to deal with it, also the families that will come with it. Right or wrong, love it or hate it, want it or not...in 3 to 5 years the program of the Boy Scouts of America for 11 -17 year old boys formerly known as the Boy Scouts of America will be greatly altered in appearance and operation. Yes the mission and goals will hopefully remain, but it will have much different vibe. There will be a survey.....
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    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    I think at the unit level you have to provide program that meets the different needs You can all go on the outing, but they each can have the opportunity to participate as they need Older scouts may camp apart a bit Also with HS schedules they may want to crash in the afternoon. We go to the lake and do tubing, older scouts may get a rougher ride We go backpacking and look for loop options Younger less experience do a 4 mile while older guys do a 9 mile . Also do high adventure every summer in addition to camps to keep older scouts engaged Last point is understand you may not see them for a season. That is what it is, welcome them when they are there Engaging older scouts in solely on the local units
  21. Jameson76

    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    They are really committed to this effort, I see that an WHOLE Hour and 15 minutes is allotted, and yes there will be time for questions so you know this will be an in depth disussion
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    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    In talking with the Boy Scouts in our troop, they are meh about girls joining BSA.....hey separate troops, we don't typically camp with other units, do council events, and are not really camporee people...so except for summer camp, minimal impact. They did / have asked what's the deal with Family Scouting / Camping? Does this mean Mom and Dad will come on outings? Isn't one the fun parts of scouting NOT having the parents and siblings along? As leaders our input is we do not plan any changes and will continue to execute a fun and challenging program. The Family Scouting is the sort of the unknown lurking in the shadows. I would tend to agree, little Johnny signs up and EVERYBODY signs up
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    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    So...BSA will need 10,000 NEW Scouts per state to break even from the LDS departure. With 272 councils each one will need to add 1,838 new BS4G participants. Also there will be a need for some yet undetermined number to backfill those that age out, normal attrition, and then to replace those who vote with their feet. Assume there will be an overhead staffing reduction plan at BSA National / Regional to maintain the corporate cost ratios
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    Neckerchief history and size change

    I remember seeing that in an old book. So the scenario is two scouts are on a hike, it is a warm day, they come upon a cooling stream/pond/lake. As they are (of course) in full class A for their hike Scout 1 goes swimming using the two neckerchiefs (picture sort of a speedoesque attire) while Scout 2 is the lifeguard. Then they reverse roles (and one would assume the swimwear). Dry off and continue the hike