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    Time to Go.

    Agree that too much focus on NS can be a killer. We run year round (Seabase / Philmont / 2 summer camps summer of 2019) and while we have activities, not formal meetings in the summer, basically June and July. But during those months we have pre-camp meetings and summer camps. Our planning runs August to July. The PLC meets in late April for planning the next 12 months of outings and general calendar. The PLC meets monthly for planning the next 4 weeks. For the new scouts we run a parallel program in the spring. New Scouts with their NS patrols, they do things, and have a specific NS outing. For that outing we have upped to adventure quotient to get older Scouts to come along. We also have a regular troop outing that month. None of our outings are advancement focused, that is a real attendance/interest killer
  2. Jameson76

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    Scouts Unfazed Camping Kayaking Intending To Go Strongly Until Simply Amazed
  3. The hope for the scholarship has never made financial sense Scenario 1 - You pay for kid to be in travel ball for 7 years and pay maybe $60K in fees and expenses (that is low I think) hoping for a scholarship, low chance of success Scenario 2 - You put that same $60k in a qualified 529 plan and for the same period, and when kid graduates may have $70k which can pay for a good chunk of college with the sure thing
  4. Jameson76

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    What if you're XX but identify as XY??
  5. Jameson76

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    Yeah...like we didn't see this coming. And I was hoping all of the Scout organizations would gather at some to be determined site and sing kumbayah while all mocking those who still wear red epaulettes on their uniforms (or sashes??) and making jokes about the various professionals in each organization
  6. Jameson76

    AOL Bridging Up Issues

    The real question is do you feel strongly and are you ready to make the decision that this a beach you want to die on? Seems like the answer is probably a resounding no. This seems solid advice. Be ready to just do the proverbial "whatever" to the lawnmower mom, wish them well, and send them on their way
  7. Jameson76

    Is BSA adult leader training necessary?

    Wait...you sullied the sacred grounds of a Woodbadge course with actual youth? They will possibly gain the secrets of WB; critters, coffee making, silly songs, woggles, handshakes, holy ticket items, tartan plaid, kilts, and other secret whatnot!! (actually a great idea, some Woodbadgers I have met seem to begin to feel Scouting would be great if not for all the kids hanging around all the time)
  8. What!!! Numbers fudging in the BSA??? Sort of like this.....
  9. Jameson76

    Firelands Scout Res. (Wakeman,OH), Aqua Joe, failed YP

    Question would obviously be: What did the council do with and/or about the complaint. Was it investigated and could not be substantiated? Was it properly handled? That is (I hope) being worked on and investigated now. There should be no "happened again" in these cases, most need to be treated as one strike and you're out or in jail (after due process)
  10. Jameson76

    What would you do?

    That is so true. A troop is not all things to all people. Do what you can but also recognize the limitations of what you can assist with and where you can provide support for within the troop.
  11. Jameson76

    What would you do?

    Yep...you got played We had that happen a few months ago, called parents, no answer, no parents at the pickup, etc. One of the leaders took the Scout home and left message for parents where they were. Leader had a productive conversation on Sunday outing returns with the parent that afternoon. Challenge is how does one manage the parents while offering the program to the Scout. And that is a tough road to travel down. For our unit the majority live under 5 miles from the church. Some live walking distance and after the trailer is unloaded quite literally strap on the pack and walk home. We are very very clear on rally time to start an outing and when we will return from an outing. The clear expectation is that you as a parent OR your designated person will be there to collect them at the appointed time. When we depart for the church from an outing there is an e-mail sent to the troop reminding them we expect to be there by X:XX o'clock and also Scouts call on the way. This needs to be a frank conversation with the parent, yourself, the CC, and maybe another leader to make sure they are understanding of the expectations
  12. Jameson76

    New Scouts BSA marketing video

    When Worf in Next Generation Star Trek started wearing the sash I always thought it looked like he had joined the Girl Scouts...(Today is a good day to sell cookies) On Scout Sunday we have Cubs, Boy Scouts, and the Girl Scouts at the church. The Girl Scouts always look a little random, vest, sashes, not sure.. The uniform is part of the identity of the Boy Scouts. Wearing the uniform is an outward and visible sign of the membership in the organization
  13. Seems appropriate for this discussion https://www.nuvo.net/voices/guest_voices/your-kid-and-my-kid-are-not-playing-in-the/article_768c0500-0f5b-5b63-961d-b2be73b3d7f3.html
  14. Absolutely agree. We actually schedule some of our fall campouts (if possible) to depart early on Saturday mornings. This enables some of the HS Scouts to do the football Friday night, march, whatever and still do the outing. This small change has increased the participation. Scouts should be well rounded and do many different things. Some of ours play football and we do not see them in the fall. Our current SPL plays baseball and he took the fall SPL slot to accommodate Spring ball. His Eagle project is focused on some aspect of the HS Baseball stadium. Some swim, soccer, marching band, water polo, lacrosse, advanced math stuff, church commitments, rugby (yeah we had one of them play that), tennis, golf, AP classes, etc etc. We welcome them when they can be there and figure some participation is better than none. Attendance / participation is not about percentages and checkmarks. Our unit is large, the only written policy we have is about cell phones (single page). Other than that, it is all situational and we follow the Guide to Advancement as best possible. Full disclosure we sort of skim the Guide to Safe Scouting and try our best with that one (is it all applicable??)
  15. Jameson76

    Webelos to Scouts Transition

    The scene where the Scouts go camping by themselves and they rescue themselves is very timely for your discussion. Also when they take on the army to get their SM out of the stockade during war games shows a good level of personal initiative
  16. Jameson76

    Webelos to Scouts Transition

    For clarity from the start we are very clear that the troop is youth led and that either the SM or the Outdoor chair is the leader in charge at outings. Adult leaders are welcome, not so much if you want to come as a parent. We clearly camp away from the Scouts, cook and eat together. As we have explained, our main task as leaders is logistics, safety, and sort of overall timekeepers. For ANY parent attending an outing we require them to take YPT and have that certificate, that diffuses some that may feel the need to come and "assist". We also have a firm transit plan and will only take the needed cars. Scouts meet at the church and we return to the church, end of story. We did have one parent who was sort of oblivious to our efforts, he was an Eagle Scout, but had a different drummer he marched to. He and the younger son have decided to move on to another unit and we feel that is a super decision.
  17. Jameson76

    Time to Go.

    Yes it is. We have a new scout program, ASM for that has not been involved in Cubs for many years. Our goal is to get the new Scouts to the NS campout, then the May event, then summer camp. After that we feel that gives them a good view of the troop, how it may be different from Cubs, etc. After the summer we roll them into existing patrols and off they go with the patrol ASM's working with them within the patrol framework.
  18. Jameson76

    New Troop!

    FUN is the main thing, actually the only thing. We as leaders need to do what we can to make the GAME of Scouting easier. They lead it and we need to enable and be flexible in our part of it. Scouts competes with many things for attention in the youth's lives. Just this week we had a Scout, went to summer camp, but plays football in the fall, he was back at meetings this week. Let them be part of the Scouts as much as they can Great results and hope it continues to be positive.
  19. Jameson76

    Who Works on an Eagle Service Project in Your Troop?

    The Eagle candidate determines the manpower needed. I have seen many project where too many came to help and the Scout spent way too much time trying to find stuff for them to do. When I work with the Scout our conversation is how many do you need and for what timeframe. The better learning experience is for them to plan and manage the labor needed.
  20. Jameson76

    Eagle Project question... help

    That could be an interesting project. Many of the challenges I see with Eagle project plans are not the concept, but it's the write up and assumptions. Key for the coordinator is to find what is on point and guide the Scout to ensuring they meet the requirements. You are correct that there is no "build" requirement for an Eagle project. The basic requirements are: While a Life Scout, plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to any religious institution, any school, or your community. (The project must benefit an organization other than Boy Scouting.) A project proposal must be approved by the organization benefiting from the effort, your unit leader and unit committee, and the council or district before you start. You must use the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, BSA publication No. 512-927, in meeting this requirement. (To learn more about the Eagle Scout service project, see the Guide to Advancement, topics through
  21. Jameson76

    DE interference - not helping

    Remember what the DE mantra is... More applications equals more green.....
  22. There are other troops out there, seek one that meets YOUR Scouts needs. Troops are like musical groups, while the vast majority seem to have 2 guitars, a bass, and a drummer, they can be vastly different and can appeal to a variety of specific tastes
  23. Jameson76

    Time to Go.

    To coin a phrase...and try to refrain from saying this to everyone (though you want to) Boy Scouts (11-17 year olds) was NEVER intended in any way shape or form to be a family event or group. If parents feel the need to interpret it that way, they are missing the point. The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. The aims are character development, leadership development, citizenship training, and personal fitness. The methods are Ideals; Patrols – The patrol method gives Scouts an experience in group living and participating citizenship. It places responsibility on young shoulders and teaches Scouts how to accept it. The patrol method allows Scouts to interact in small groups where they can easily relate to each other. These small groups determine troop activities through their elected representatives; Outdoor Programs; Advancement; Association with Adults – Scouts learn a great deal by watching how adults conduct themselves. Scout leaders can be positive role models for the members of their troops. In many cases a Scoutmaster who is willing to listen to the Scouts, encourage them, and take a sincere interest in them can make a profound difference in their lives; and Personal Growth While the family is a critical part of the youth and his identity, the goal of scouting at this age is to have them learn and grow on their own. They lead, they make their own decisions, they become a better person. They work with their peers (and that is good and bad) to do things. Also they are part of the troop and EVERYONE needs to follow the goals and traditions of the troop. If not then YOU have two choices; stay and endure or move on. Based on your input and earlier posts, you are a more patient person that I am. Good luck as you move on, there are many great Scouting experiences out there.
  24. Jameson76

    WFA: Required or not?

    I would not think you would need WFA at Summit as you ride the trams between the attractions...though I may be confusing Summit (sorry THE Summit) with the Goofy place in Florida
  25. Jameson76

    Summer Camp Tier pricing

    Good Lord...is there a secret decoder ring that comes with this matrix??