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  1. Good Lord, that would be the BEST if BSA did something like this. Get all adult members in BSA to vote on the board and major decisions? Hilarity and chaos would ensue. This could be a huge TV event and multi- episode reality show. Mark Burnett could produce it and with the revenue BSA could erase some of the Summit debt.
  2. 1) People taking Scouting too seriously. It's supposed to be fun, the boys (well until recently only boys) are supposed to enjoy coming to meeting and outings. If it's school in the woods, probably will not be much fun. If you spend 20 minutes going over rules and regulations before heading into a basic situation, probably will not be much fun. Stop quoting chapter and verse of this or that requirement, regulation, or guideline. As leaders you HAVE to be enjoying the game of scouting. That will pervade the unit. Not that one cannot be serious when needed, be urgent when called for, or step in if warranted. But if leaders do not seriously enjoy having conversations with the scouts, enjoy watching them move through the ranks and mature, and never take yourself or the "calling" of being a leader too seriously...then maybe you as a leader need to examine why you are involved. These are 11 - 17 years olds, in their mind South Park has been wronged for never winning an Oscar. Scouts have a choice, more choices than ever. They know, as we did as youth, whether the leaders are there because the want to be or do they feel some vague obligation. If your unit is not growing or at least holding steady with membership and participation, look to the core group of leaders. Do you have fun when passing along information about outings and events, do you have fun interacting with the scouts, do you answer their goofy questions with goofy questions of your own. If you do not see humor in pretty much every meeting, outing, and event, look inside yourself. Go have fun, get a reputation for having an enjoyable and fun program. Then see where that takes you
  3. Lot of opinions on this. IMHO it is a lack of focus on core programs and building on what BSA does well. A successful Scouting program is not a "season" or a "class" that is audited. Hopefully scouts do not merely attend they get involved. Most of the paid scouters are not judged on program or activity by the units, it's all numbers and dollars There is a disconnect between the local successful units and what BSA Council and National perceives as what needs to be done. Too much adjusting of requirements, adding things, deleting things. It's all about the programs. A youth (gotta be inclusive) did not join the scouts to go to a city council meeting, record his situps, or chart his budget for 12 weeks. They joined to go have FUN and do things. BSA needs to stress this - Outdoor Programs. Boy Scouting is designed to take place outdoors. It is in the outdoor setting that Scouts share responsibilities and learn to live with one another. In the outdoors the skills and activities practiced at troop meetings come alive with purpose. Being close to nature helps Boy Scouts gain an appreciation for the beauty of the world around us. The outdoors is the laboratory in which Boy Scouts learn ecology and practice conservation of nature's resources. This is what sets BSA apart from being just another after school thing. Embrace and build on this, it's what we are (or were)
  4. Don't try to understand 'emJust rope, throw an' brand 'emSoon we'll be livin' high an' wide
  5. Well...unless the scouts fell trees and build the cabin, that would count I would assume???
  6. Should be under the CO. If it is in fact registered in her name, then she is on the hook for any damage or liability that arise out of it's use. Presume she is paying the registration each year and (depending on the state) any ad valorem tax, and maintaining insurance on the trailer. For our unit the trailer is registered and tagged by the church. Typically we forget to look at the tag and have in fact been stopped on the way to an outings due to expired tags. Most officers send us on our way (met a really nice Eagle Scout who was with the State Patrol one time) and we get the sticker from the church. Also we got a ticket in the HOV lane one time that came to the church. Good times, we paid the $25
  7. Nothing fictitious about the EM-50. Keep one in the garage, lousy on city mileage though. Picked it up in a surplus deal during one of the drawdowns. Hard part is mixing my own fuel for the flamethrower. Neighbor kids love it, keep getting letters from the HOA however
  8. Yep. All council is not bad, but really different objectives. The challenge is we (volunteers and leaders) are focused on one element (they are called scouts and fun) and the "Council" is focused on other elements (called money and numbers) You hit the nail on the head in that many of use will continue to focus only on our units. As one who is a former professional (lasted a couple of years, way too much Sustaining Membership and numbers while not near enough program), former district volunteer, etc etc now focus is my unit. Sadly I am torn. I know the value that scouting brings, I can see challenges within the district, but do I want to put up with the hassle and group think to try and change it? We have two district scout events, attendance is OK, but they really need to be revamped and brought up to date, be more engaging. We are the largest troop in the district and the Greenbar came to us during planning and asked do we have to go to the winter one? We had stopped attending the Spring camporees a few years ago. Our input was, that is your decision, if you want to do something else, that's fine. This year we are going backpacking and while a couple of weeks out still, we have more Scouts signed up for that than went to the winter event in any of the last 5 years. We are in the southern US so winter event just means it may be below 40 for part of the day. The council runs a great summer camp and we enjoy that. We use the council properties (and adjacent council's) each year. They can bring value and can serve a purpose. Yet when I look at the council staff and see SE, and Asst SE, marketing staff, development staff, safety staff, mystery staff, multiple FD's, etc etc I seriously wonder what these folks do all day. Honestly I see our DE once per year at our troop FOS event. Never seen them or their FD while we were at camp, at any of our meetings or events. True we run a good program, but you would think if numbers are the end all be all, maybe go out and actually see what makes a good unit. If you need me I'll be backpacking with the scouts.
  9. Is it a cool Urban Assault Vehicle ?? That would be really cool
  10. There was a Playboy patrol From articles in May of 1974 ATLANTA (UPI) - The Rabbit Patrol or the Bunny Patrol might have been acceptable. But the Atlanta Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America decided yesterday that a Playboy Patrol was going a little too far. A group of boys in Troop 61 of suburban Smyrna named themselves the Playboy Patrol last week, rejecting traditional patrol names like the Owl Patrol or the Mole Patrol as boring. A presentation of bunny patches and flags was to have been made to the troop tomor­row from a personal emissary from Playboy head Hugh Hefner and four shapely bunnies from the local Playboy Club. But the Atlanta Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America called a halt to the planned activities yesterday, saying the presentation, or any further activities involving the Playboy organization, would not be permitted
  11. Assuming all G2SS guidelines were followed, and not really up to speed on Cub camping, it has been a while. I was under the impression (thought??) that Cub camping and overnighters were all family camping. Should he have been there without parents? Can they have another leader / parent be responsible? Just curious on how that should work.
  12. Thought the same thing, he looked like a very sad prop. "Hey kid...make sure you stand at least 1 step behind your sister"
  13. It did seem a bit like a staged event, complete with happy squealing girls, all in the NEW (available at BSA.com) skirts and uniforms, completed with patches sewn on. Every single one of them. I guess they kept the wardrobe trailer out of sight. Did notice the Male leaders (oh no!!) leading them along the trail with no female leader in plain and conspicuous view, though I am sure she was about someplace so as to be 100% compliant to the Girls Den YPT guidelines.
  14. Was it a Scottish person?? I know I know...not a skirt
  15. From the 2016 Annual Report BSA is now at 2,221,939 Cubs - 1,262,311 Scouts - 822,999 Venture - 136,629 L for L - 372,891 Explorers - 119,268 Your chart shows (estimate) 3,400,000 in 99. That is a 35% decline in 17 years.
  16. Will you poach our crew's women? Do they have ear tags? Have you claimed them? Seems really cavemanny
  17. Somebodies got to do the jokes and heckles from the back of the room, they aren't writing themselves
  18. Saw our CSE, interesting comments from him. Apparently the drop in numbers for BSA is all about the change in families "And you think about how families then, in the '70s, '80s and '90s, started to change," he said. "More pressures on the family. More activities for children. Moms now are in the workforce. But because we didn't adapt our program design, we just had a slow, steady erosion." Partially true, but unless an organization / business / group really, well and truly, understands the issues, they will no doubt repeat them. Basically CSE is blaming the decline on influences outside the organization. A very shallow and simplistic view. Membership declines had nothing to do with the wholesale change in the program in 1974, the continued emphasis on everything BUT outdoor skills and leadership, not fully understanding where your user base is coming from, not the large membership accuracy issues pretty much every decade, not a large professional base more attuned to fund raising than delivery of program, etc etc etc. Scouting is a great program, one that teaches leadership and self reliance. Unfortunately we seem to be moving to just another after school program in may ways. Stick to the strong points if you want to grow.
  19. YPT videos are always entertaining, assume this will cover the updates to the Girls in Cubs requirements. Would be good if they had updates for coed family Girls in Separate Troops option. Most likely there will be a 2019 revision
  20. Was it they just wanted to focus on FOS? (and popcorn and camp cards and golf tournaments and and and)
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