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  1. Why would you advise him to fill out the form and send it in if it is not needed? The beneficiary is doing the fundraising.
  2. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    Agree... I think some are seeing "Family Scouting" and interpreting as "Family Camping"... Which I hope it does not turn into! The way I see it is that "Family Scouting" is about branding. Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts have been male only, but we are now allowing girls to join so we need to change the brand and perception from male only to all inclusive. The infographic is interesting that it shows the coed Pack as the "Family" choice, because both male and female siblings can join the same pack.. thus "Family Scouting". At the time, the pitch was separate but equal at the troop level, but I expect this will change and soon we will see the age 11-17 line mirror the 6-10 line, for the many reasons we have discussed here.
  3. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    So, in that chart, where it says 6-10 yrs old, and it says Boys Cub Scouts... Is family not allowed there? Think about for a second. If your interpretation is that this is about "family camping", what would be new there? Family camping has always been part of Cub Scouting. There is a difference between "family camping" and "family scouting". The new part is including girls... giving families more options under the BSA umbrella.
  4. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    Dude... Go look at the Family Scouting page https://www.scouting.org/familyscouting/ Family Scouting is basically the catch all phrase that BSA has put on their programs that are open to all members of the family now. Even in the document that you are pointing to, it says "Family Cub Scouts Boy Dens & Girl Dens". Now look to the left of that box and the says "Boys Cub Scouts", and to the right of the Family Box there is a box that says "Girls Cub Scouts". These are the Packs that will not be coed... Do you think these packs will not include families? Are only coed units "Family Scouting"? The Family Scouting is all about inclusion. Look at the infographic. What does it say? Look at the executive message.. it says "Our recent historic decision to serve families by inviting girls to Cub Scouts and delivering a program that will enable them to earn the rank of Eagle Scout..."
  5. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    "Anecdotally mentioned"? It is the very first question and answer in the FAQ of "Family Scouting". BSA has made the push to add girls to the program under the umbrella of "Family Scouting"... It doesn't mean that the family will necessarily tag along on campouts, but that there is now a program open to everyone in the family within BSA.
  6. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    I don't think the impact will be quite the same at the Cub Scout level. I am referring to the change at the Troop level, as I believe most others are as well. Cub Scouts is very different from Boy Scouts.
  7. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    Why would it be addressed in the "Family Scouting FAQ" if it is not part of the "Family Scouting" idea?
  8. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    If the boys who are current members do not support that change but it is pushed upon them anyway, yes, it does equal telling them to get lost. Have you spoken with any boys on this matter? Every boy I have spoken to has asked "Why don't they just fix Girl Scouts?". The boys I have spoken with do not support this change at all.
  9. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    First question and answer on the "Family Scouting FAQ"... https://www.scoutingnewsroom.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Family-Scouting-FAQ.pdf Family Scouting FAQ Q: What decision did the BSA make regarding girls’ involvement in the organization? Starting in 2018, families can choose Cub Scouts for their sons and daughters, enabling them to take advantage of the life-changing experiences provided through Scouting. A program for older girls will be announced in 2018 with projected implementation in 2019 to deliver the Boy Scout program to girls, allowing for participating girls to earn the highest rank of Eagle.
  10. Who are the "people" who have handed you money? And how much? If it was your parents, relatives, or members of your unit then you wouldn't need the application. But if it is friends from school, that may muddy the waters a little bit... get with your coach, see if your council has a limit that must be exceeded before the fundraising application is required.
  11. Agree... as long as the beneficiary set up the website and the funds are going to an account handled by the beneficiary. If this is how it is being handled, the Scout is not actually doing any fundraising (even though they may be promoting the website). It appears as if the beneficiary is providing all materials required, and the Scout is providing the leadership and labor for the project.
  12. I'm New Here

  13. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    What are you calling "Family Scouting"? because the push to bring girls into the BSA is what BSA is calling "Family Scouting", and it is most certainly being applied at the troop level.
  14. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    What about troops who want to remain all male, even if girls are interested? From what has been stated officially, girls and boys programs will be separate. If that changes to where troops can be coed, should councils support troops who want to remain male only? I ask because of the culture of my son's troop. SM and ASMs were all male. No females allowed on camping trips. And while some say this is sexist, we (my son, my wife, and I) found it to work best. In his previous troop where females could be leaders and attend outings, we had the issue of helicopter parents and no patrol method. When moms want to make sure that deodorant has been applied, underwear has been changed, and everyone had plenty to eat, it is a totally different environment. I feel that if troops end up coed, it will kill the patrol method. Once you have both boys and girls in a unit, the kids and the adults can no longer camp separately... our troop kept at least 100 yards between the boys and adults when feasible. Someone will have to stay up for tent watch. Many folks will point to Venturing and how they operate as coed, but Venturing does not use the patrol method.
  15. Adult Adventure Weekend at the Summit

    It's not for me, but I could see some aged out Scouts registering as adults to go play for the weekend!
  16. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    Teenage boys act very different when they are around an all male group and a coed group. The social interactions of the group are different. I've witnessed this with activities between Scouts and JROTC with my son. Zip lining with an all male troop is different than zip lining with JROTC. While the activity is the same, the behavior and mannerisms of the boys are very different.
  17. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    I'll take a shot at this one... Do I support females in Scouting? Yes, I do... in a separate organization and a different program from the boys. Do I support female Scout leaders? Again, yes I do... in a separate organization from the boys. You state that the youth members may have their own viewpoints that differ... Well, did anyone ask them? Did national send out a poll to all registered Boy Scouts and allow them to have a say? I know what my own son and his patrol think about the idea. They don't like it. They enjoyed those campouts with just the guys... even though he has aged out, he still enjoys camping and hanging out with his old patrol mates. There is a special bond between those boys that does not exist between my son and his other friends from his coed activities.
  18. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    I don't think the boys in your troop are strange. In this area, I would not be surprised to see boys opt out of the program when the girls are added. Boy Scouts isn't exactly seen as the "cool" thing to do by today's youth. Adding females to the program does not help combat the image that Boy Scouts has in this area of being made up of "weak" and "nerdy" kids. My son earned Eagle and has aged out of the program, but he is not happy with where it is going. I doubt his troop will become co-ed... females were allowed to serve committee positions only, and were not allowed on camp outs. He moved from a troop that allowed females to be Scout leaders and he preferred the all male leadership.
  19. Remind - A Messaging App

    That's the thing with discussion forums... not everyone will share your opinion. I have seen the app work as well. My son and I have both used it with success, but others have had different experiences with it. You shared your experience, others are sharing theirs.
  20. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    No, the request for your involvement does not diminish in Webelos, or when he transfers to Boy Scouts. Even with being boy led, adults are still needed with Boy Scouts. You need a Scout Master, Assistant Scout Master, Merit Badge Counselors, Committee Chair, Treasurer, Committee members, additional drivers to get boys to camp... lots of adult roles, many more than in Cub Scouts. Helicopter parenting and volunteering are two different things. A volunteer fills his role as described. He lets the boys plan, lead, and even fail. For example, for a Cub Scout campout, it is perfectly acceptable and expected that a parent would do the meal planning. The cub may help, but the parent has the final say and ensures that there is enough food for everyone. In Boy Scouts, the patrol plans the meal and has one boy, the grubmaster, responsible for getting the food. If the patrol plans hamburgers for dinner, and the grubmaster buys 1/2 pound of meat for 8 boys, well those boys may be hungry. As a parent, I may see this... a helicopter parent would correct it, a Scouter will let it go and let the boys learn from it.
  21. Remind - A Messaging App

    True... more for top down type communications, such as meeting reminders...
  22. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    True, but it also says "The pack helps the Cub Scout grow"... and that pack is a lot more than just the kids. The point is, unlike Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts is not boy led and is not intended to be. It shouldn't be his son's program, or some one else's program...
  23. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    They did away with the Pack Law and now use the Scout Oath and Law... I liked it better the old way!
  24. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    @Pselb You keep referring to Cub Scouts as "someone else's program". Your son is in it, so it is his program, and since he is under 10, by default, it is your program too. Like others have said, maybe you don't need to be the den leader, but you definitely have something to add to the program. By the way, my wife is also a teacher. Although she wasn't the den leader, she saw the chaos of our first couple of meetings and helped me with planning the meetings to keep the kids engaged and under control... She was my coach behind the scenes. She was not a registered volunteer, but she added greatly to "my" program and it benefited all the boys, not just my own. She also has to run her own copies for her tests... no magically appearing in her box in this district. Maybe your son's den leader has the meetings well under control and doesn't need your help there, but could use help with planning an activity... not asking you to create the activity, but you might suggest "Hey, the state park has this great program and it would be a great activity for the outdoor requirement. I can email you the info on it." Just sharing your experience or knowledge with the den leader may help as he is trying to find activities and things for the boys to do.
  25. Remind - A Messaging App

    Yes, Remind 101 is a great app. My son's JROTC unit used it. Great for sending info to a large group.