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  1. Article was updated a bit today after a press conference this morning.  They have nearly 800 plaintiffs. Many sad stories... I can only think in many cases leaders could simply not believe what some could be capable of.  We are much more aware of this now and our YPT improvements should help reduce the chance of this ever happening again.

    I wonder if the BSA could even handle the legal fees of this one. 

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  2. Some of the best scouts never earn First Class let alone Eagle.  They simply focused on other aspects of scouting.  So before putting too much pressure on yourself, really reflect why you want to advance and if it is a goal you want to work towards.  Outside of a few areas, you can participate in fully in Scouts as any rank.  Scouting should be fun and not School 2.0.  

    The reason I ask is that it sounds like you already have a lot of other areas you also feel like you need to focus in your life. It is important to prioritize and realize it’s ok if advancement in scouting doesn’t make your priority list... as mentioned before, you can still be a great scout without advancement.

    Now, if you do still feel advancement is a priority then you absolutely can make progress.  In addition to seeking out adults, many Troops have Scout Instructors who can help or even mention your goal to your Patrol Leader.  Most scouts I know would gladly help a fellow scout work on advancement when asked.

    I believe the two hardest advancement periods in Scouts BSA is Life to Eagle and Scout to First Class, so don’t get too discouraged from your struggles to achieve First Class.  It sounds like you are a mature young man ready to take this on. 

  3. Our camp had two shower houses.  One had 8 individual stalls and 30 minute wait times.   The other had two separate group shower areas (male youth/male adults).   Those were routinely empty (Only once did I ever hear a shower going on the youth side).   I even suggested to some youth who were waiting in a long line for the individual showers that the other shower house was open... thinking back now, that could have sounded a bit creepy.

    In any case, many youth today seem especially self conscious and have no desire to use the traditional group shower areas.  I agree, I expect every camp will be moving to the individual stalls in the future.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Terasec said:

    No it is not a blanket approval

    approved otc must be listed

    can only administer listed otc meds

    That is not how any Troop or Pack I have been involved with reads that statement.

    @RichardB May have some additional input   

     The statement seems clear:

    YES NO Non-prescription medication administration is authorized with these exceptions:_______________________________________________
    Administration of the above medications is approved for youth by:

    parent’s signature 


    The section above this is to simply list any meds (including OTC) the scout is on.  It is not to limit the OTCs.  Limiting OTCs is done on the exception line.

  5. 40 minutes ago, Terasec said:

    you skipped the line that says

    "Administration of the above medications is approved for youth by: "

    OTC medications youth is taking must be listed

    its not a blanket authorization to administer any OTC meds at will

    Correct.  If the parent signs that line, they are approving blanket OTC except where notes. 100% of the forms that we have received have that signed.   

  6. 3 minutes ago, Terasec said:

    the BSA  medical form I have authorizes camp office to administer the meds its not a blanket authorization for all

    have it in front of me as going to camp on sunday

    this is a BSA local council med form

    " the following medications are available in the camp health office and will be administered at the discretion of the camp medical officer. If approval is ordered by the healthcare provider below"



    The Second page of Part B of the BSA form states

    “Non-prescription medication administration is authorized with these exceptions:_______________________________________________“

    This would apply to the Troop leaders and these forms should be filled out in addition to any local form.




  7. 4 minutes ago, Terasec said:

    check your laws, in most places its against the law to administer such to others, unless its by a parent or certified to do so.

    I only keep such on my personal FAK not in pack accessible FAK,

    Benadryl  does not stop reactions only alleviates symptons and could hinder first responders or other medics diagnosis,


    Health forms should cover this correct?  They state allergies to meds & if you are approved to give over the counter meds.   Most med kits contain Benadryl in wipes or creams.  We have had ER docs in our Troop and we use it all the time if med form doesn’t counterindicate on Benadryl.

    It is correct about use of prescription drugs without a prescription is illegal, Epipens fall into a special category.   As far as Epipens, laws vary by state.  California now allows organizations to get prescriptions for Epipens to use them on people without prescriptions.


    36 states now have laws to allow usage and stocking at entities.



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  8. I will echo @Cburkhardt that our linked Troop of girls had a great experience at camp.  They were the only girl Troop (5 girls total) at a camp with nearly 400 attendees.   My primary concern was how other Troops and scouts would treat them.   Other than 1 minor comment the girls said they were treated well and loved the camp.     The camp didn’t make a big deal of girls attending, other than during a leader meeting.   I’m sure there will be bumps on the road, but it was a great start.

  9. 8 hours ago, Jameson76 said:

    Where did you get those numbers?

    2017 Annual report numbers all youth = 2,659,439

    2018 Annual report numbers all youth = 2,499,349

    That seems to be down about 160,090 youth and a decline of 6%

    There may have been mid year numbers released; however, I expect those are always going to show growth for Scouts BSA.

    1) They show the additional AOL crossovers 

    2) They don’t drop any youth until recharter at the end of the year



  10. Many camps have some sort of First Class or First Year program.  Those focus on exposing the scout to the entire camp while working on Scout through FC requirements.  Outside of that, the most important aspect of a first year scout is for him to have fun and want to return.  MBs are not required for advancement until Star and he will have plenty of time to work on Eagle required MBs by that time.  

    Otherwise I agree completely with @wdfa89


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  11. We just returned from Freeland Leslie, a Patrol cooking camp.  51 scouts, 6 patrols,   23 first time summer campers.  Only 5 adults present all week with 1 - 2 other adults rotating in to provide a bit more coverage.  Adults stayed out of the patrol areas except to eat, check food safety in 1 instance and address a couple of breakdowns that escalated beyond SPLs ability.

    Our PLs, SPL and ASPL were busy all week.  Nearly every PL had at least one moment where they had some sort of breakdown.  One quit for a meal after dealing with patrol members that didn’t pull their wait.  One designated another patrol member that they could PL (that scout was mouthy all week and said PL was an easy job).  One went away for a bit and cried after one particular tough day.

    At the end of the week we met with the PLC.  100% ... no debate, only positive feedback, wanted to return to this camp.  The PLC members had past experience with dining hall and hated it as it led to lack of what they see Boy Scouts is about.

    It was tougher than a dining hall camp, but the experience is invaluable.

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  12. Had the start of a conversation during our annual planning meeting (adults only, but SPL and a few other senior scouts were invited).   Overall it went well, but I can see this could take several years to get a really strong patrol method Troop.  The issues go back years where a previous adult intentionally broke up groups of friends between patrols. 

    This came up when I asked if patrols go on their own outings.  One of the other leaders said his son would hate that as none of his friends are in his patrol.  I asked about camping arrangements and they never tent with Patrol members.  I asked why and once again... the current patrols are not groups of friends.  There was really no reason behind that.... other than a leader from years ago.

    So, one of the first tasks is to relook at how we divide up our scouts into patrols... then build from there.  We talked about other changes and overall received support from the adults to increase usage of the patrol method.

    ... now I need to talk with the SPL to get his thoughts.

  13. The BSA said in their letter this week that they are going to formally announce in the coming days a new youth protection education initiative.

    "Through animated lessons and age-appropriate learning materials developed specifically for younger audiences, the 'Protect Yourself Rules' program will educate children on recognizing inappropriate conduct...," Surbaugh wrote.

    He also described a multi-layer screening process for all applicants 18 years or older, which has recently been enhanced, and said BSA has recently expanded its background check policy.



  14. 17 minutes ago, mds3d said:


    These articles just need to stop until there is actual evidence.   As far as I can tell, there is no evidence that anyone reported for abuse was reinstated as a leader.  People claim there is but never with evidence.   


    The CSE just stated in a letter to Congress that they have discovered instances where the BSA reinstated leaders after creditable claims of sexual abuse allegations.  Now this is decades ago, but if they did I have a hard time defending the BSA in those specific instances.

    Most of this does sound like simply a race to money and they only ones hurt are those who never were involved in the program when the majority of the instances occurred.  

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