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  1. Our long term Cubmaster is stepping down this April when his son crosses over, so we are working on a send off.  Our Pack financial status is in good shape so our new Cubmaster suggested using some of those funds for a gift card.  I’m pushing back as I don’t think it is appropriate and it feels like it would be against policy.

    First... is there anyone who thinks this would be appropriate?  I think he was just throwing out ideas (he is a good leader), but it didn’t strike me as right.

    Second... any good examples of gifts/sendoffs for Cub Masters?  I definitely want to give him something, but from a dedicated collection from the Pack’s families.

  2. The Germans I worked with were near France/Switzerland.  They told me that after the war, the American and German leaders made peace and that all levels of American soldiers treated the Germans well.  The French and German leaders also made peace but the Germans I talked to said that didn’t trickle down.  Even German kids who had nothing to do with the war were mistreated by the French soldiers.   I didn’t ask for specifics.  To this day, they said that most Germans pick Spanish or Italian as their foreign language vs French.     Many Germans will still not vacation in France either.  I told them that I thought English was their number one foreign language... the guy laughed and said English is not considered a foreign language anymore (it is required for all German school children).  That was about the end of the conversation... I didn’t point out that Germany invaded France twice in 30 years and perhaps that was why they were a little pissed.

  3. I had an engineering team that used to work for me out of Germany.  One of them told me of the time he told his son about WWII.  He got through telling his son the history and his son asked...”dad, we were on the good side, right”.   “Well son, as a matter of fact....”  it was a tough conversation to have.

  4. 56 minutes ago, swilliams said:

    Following.  One of our Troop ASMs told me last night that our "council" is an early adopter.  His use of the word.  As of now, I'm not aware of any girls that have asked to join our Pack. (I have boys who are Webelos and Tenderfoot, and a daughter who will be joining Venturers in the fall.)  As I'm not involved at the council level, I'm not sure what level of interest they've received or what their plans are, but will keep an eye on this should it arise for us.

    One of our biggest Pack issues is in not having an adequate number of adults who want to be leaders.  It was a huge struggle to get a Tiger den leader this year, so they got a very late start, and we only found a replacement for our Bear leader (who quit last year) two months ago.  It will be interesting to see if 1) we get an interest from girls and 2) if so, how many of their parents care enough to pitch in.

    What I am starting to see is several dads who only had daughters volunteer to be leaders. One was a former ASM, Eagle Scout and OA member.  He only had girls so stopped his involvement if BSA and is now interested in volunteering as his girls are getting involved.  We are also seeing other parents volunteer as they are talking of having their daughters join.

    Right now we have the possibility of adding 26 scouts to our pack of 71 over the next 2 weeks. 4 are boys and 22 girls (2 boys joined along with their sisters).  7 of the girls are from a separate school who’s Pack is not adding girls at this time. So far, there are 5 new parents volunteering to be leaders in our Pack along with these 22 potential scouts.

    I don’t expect all to join right now, but it does seem that there are parents out there willing to volunteer along with having their daughters join.

    I will say adding this program midstream has been a lot of work, but I think it is helping us understand how we should add girls to our Pack   Early on I was one concerned that we couldn’t do separate girl only dens due to volunteers.  What I am seeing is that we should be able to maintain separate dens (with the additional volunteers I am seeing) and there are benefits.  So, going into the fall we will be enforcing separate Girl/boy dens. 


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  5. 2 hours ago, EmberMike said:

    The one I know of personally is Pharma, many of my clients are in that industry.

    Certifications and degree acronyms are mostly seen after names in the quality assurance area, regulatory affairs, and some specialty sciences and research areas. 

    I’m in the med device industry and I’ve seen this with PMP (project management professional) and various nursing certifications (CNA, RN, etc.). However, I do agree some can go overboard.  Generally it’s a red flag if the characters in your degree and certification list exceed your name length. 😀

    As far as eagle candidate on your resume I’d keep it to Life Scout for now.  At 15 that is a great accomplishment.  

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  6. Our settings have been updated and we have been able to register our first girl.  I believe we are the only Pack in our council doing this at this time, but there are other early Packs showing some interest.  

    Next up parents meeting and more homework on condensing a program down into 5 months.


  7. 5 hours ago, ParkMan said:

    I tend to take a little more optimistic view of the councils.  I've gotten to know our DE and some of the council staff.  Yes, they have goals for new units started, but they also have goals for membership.  A successful unit like this one is gold to a DE and the council.  It helps make membership numbers, it helps make FOS numbers, etc  My gut tells me that this isn't the "Council" so much as it is the DE & maybe Director of Field Service.  

    I'm thinking they are trying to figure out how to make a successful pack more successful.  They probably fear that the unit is getting too big to be sustainable under the current leadership structure.  Let's face it - many units struggle to get enough volunteers, so taking a big pack and then asking them to add 25% more volunteers to make it work is a big ask.  Easier to just try a split where it's more easily managed by a smaller group.  Also, if all goes well, you get two strong smaller packs which are well poised for future growth.

    Me - I'd sit down with the core leadership team and figure out an organization that's sustainable for 120 cubs.  120 cubs is two boy dens and a girl den at each level.  That's very realistic for a large pack.  Define the jobs you need filled.  Don't worry about who is going to do the jobs you need done them, just start by figuring out what they are.  Once you have those defined, you can go out and recruit for them.  It may take a couple of years to fill them, but at least you've got a goal then.  

    Good recommendation and thanks for the additional DE insight.  Our DE has been very supportive so I’ll lean to the side of him thinking down the road on ensuring a quality program vs padding the numbers.  I definitely appreciate the ideas and will focus our leaders on planning for a large Pack vs breaking it apart.  

  8. On 1/27/2018 at 7:53 PM, Back Pack said:

    It’s ironic because bsa is allegedly making these changes to be equal and yet the pass a policy like this. I am merely pointing it out so the irony is bsa’s not mine. Also I believe in equality. The ability for girls to have their own same sex program just like boys. 

    Today, there is no requirement for male YPT adults to be present at Cub Scout outings.  You can simply have two female den leaders and your fine.  When adding girls, I believe BSA worked with both legal and other authorities and realized that having two males leading would be an issue, so they added in the YPT female requirement.  

    The question is why they didn’t go back and put in a new requirement for all Boy dens. My guess is that he BSA didn’t want to negatively impact existing Packs and Dens for something that is not needed for safety or legal reasons.  

    That said, I do think they should have consistent policies with othe coed groups within the BSA.  Perhaps providing existing Packs transition timing to allow them to find additional male YPT adults may help.  

  9. 1 hour ago, Eagledad said:


     The council supported and even pushed the split because they said it would be better for the boys. But they had a reputation for creating new units even when it wasn’t in the cub family’s best interest. Professionals get bonuses from numbers. 

    That is interesting, as in our case the council is the one initiating the idea of splitting the Pack up... no one inside our Pack has even thought of this.   I’ll focus on adding adult leaders in various roles to improve our program instead of breaking the pack up.  Thanks for the insights.

  10. @Pselb 

    We would have 1 Pack for K5-3rd grade and the other Pack for 4th & 5th graders.  I don’t see splitting friends as much of a risk. Most of the scouts in our Pack hang out with their own grade level.  We do have other Packs in town but all are heavily segregated by school... there are no scouts in any of the Packs from other schools.   When we lose scouts, we lose them to sports not other youth organizations.

    Even with all of that, I am definitely leaning to keeping 1 Pack and look for other solutions for our primary issue (Webelos and AOL linkage to Troops) and secondary issue (entire Pack outings/meetings/event) exceeding capacity.  

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  11. My primary issue that I have is the lack of involvement with Troops for Webelos and AOL.  The AOL does the Klondike with one Troop but I would like to see more activities with multiple Troops.  That would allow the scouts to get a feel of the various Troop options in our area.  As the CC (same with the CM), it is difficult to have the time to help make that happen when supporting a Pack that is this large and ranges from K5-5th grade (and now girls).  I may just lean on my den leaders and give them contacts.  

    Another option is den chiefs... perhaps I can reach out and see if any Troops would be interested in that role as well.  

    Otherwise I agree that splitting the pack could just result in two weak packs.   I’ll see if there are other ways to skin this cat.

  12. My Pack has grown a lot over the last few years. A few summers ago we were down to 26 after a crossing over.  At time of recharter this January we hit 71.  I now have 11 girls joining with 5 additional girls possible pending a parent meeting next week.  At he same time, 5 more boys are joining.  So, if all some thru we will be at 92 Scouts with 16 of them girls.  

    Looking at the trend I think our Pack will settle out at 100 Scouts with 25 girls.   Given those numbers my DE is starting discussions of possible different Pack configurations.  One idea is separate Boy/Girl Packs.  The other, which I find more interesting, is a Webelos/Arrow of light Pack.  So, one pack for K5-3rd and the other as 4th and 5th graders.  

    Other than the additional overhead this sounds like a great idea.  Has anyone setup separate packs like this?  Any thoughts of this subdivision?

    This is very early and I haven’t discussed with anyone in the Pack... just feeling out the idea.

  13. 5 hours ago, Back Pack said:

    Venturing has equal protection. If only guys attend an event either male or female leaders can attend, but there must be at least one male leaders. Same if all girls attend, a minimum or one female leader must attend. If boys and girls attend then one leader of each sex must attend. Boys sleep in their campsite and girls in theirs. Adults sleep in the adult site. So why have a different standard for coed cubs?

    Agreed.  To me this should be the policy going forward for Cub Scouts.  I understand there may Be impacts to some dens, but we should encourage dads to volunteer.  I honestly have no problem with requiring an adult female present with girls... but the requirement of having an adult male present with boys should also apply.

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  14. 1 minute ago, Back Pack said:

    Great. Follow the same rules everyone else has. Join Scouts. Start at Scout and work your way up. Too bad if that means you’ll be 20 when you make Eagle. I have dozens of friends who’d like special treatment too. Life shouldn’t work based on how loud you complain. Certainly an Eagle shouldn’t expect that. 

    We already have a thread debating this (I agree with you and at the same time do admire her work).   The question was if she understands that her ranks are not official.  It appears she understands that.  I probably shouldn’t have mentioned the podcast as it took this thread sideways.  

    We should probably just start a thread titled Gary Ireland’s Twitter feed... 

  15. Just listened to the “pantsuit nation” podcast with Sydney Ireland as the guest.  The striking inconsistency of the argument presented that BSA must tear down this patriarchal program while maintaining Girl Scout are great for girls is blatant.  I warn you not to go searching for the podcast....

    That said, it is the reality for COs and Packs that choose to include girls.  

    After starting the process of adding girls I believe it is clear the BSA MUST release and start the pilot program of the girl Boy Scout program this summer.  The startup issues of just adding dens and girls to the Pack have been tough enough.  Adding a new girls program will be massive and they will need some groups to work out the bugs to be ready for 2019 Feb/March crossover.  Given the what is in this article I think they realize this and may be feeling the pressure of simply adding girl Patrols to Troops.  Whatever solution, they need to  have a kickoff in the spring for training and begin pilot Troops or patrols this summer/fall.  Waiting until next year will be a disaster.

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