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  1. That’s essentially what we did for the exact reasons you listed.   Unity of the den was a big one.  In addition we were able to patch some areas where our Boy dens didn’t have great den leaders with parents of girls.   The final issue was that it made the girls look like this odd group we added to the pack.... as each boy den was a single grade (6 dens) plus a collection of multi aged girls.

    All packs in my area who I have talked to and added girls have done the same.  Our council and district are aware as are all of our parents.  No concerns raised.



  2. 2 minutes ago, Jameson76 said:

    Average of 6.55 Scouts per unit.  Trust they get to critical mass quickly.  A Scout troop with less than 10 Scouts is hard to keep the momentum going.

    Depends on how “linked” they are, but I agree.

    From our recent experience there are not many girl Troops in our area and as girls (typically sisters or daughters of scouters) find out they are starting to apply to the few units.   I think “big”numbers are a few years out as it will take cub crossovers to really build numbers.  Will be interesting to see how this goes.

  3. 4 hours ago, RememberSchiff said:

    Agree. Please elaborate your thoughts on teaching citizenship and civil (scoutlike) protest to scouts.

    Can a scout write a letter to the editor about this issue and sign it. T. Jones, First Class Scout?

    Doing your duty to country can certainly include protest.  I’m not a fan of the kneeling and I see no real proposals out there in terms of the end game.  What does this kid want the city council to do?  

    That said, I could imagine that there are cases where a Scout uniform could be worn while protesting.  Perhaps a city who attempts to take over a BSA camp ground through eminent domain.  I would have no problem seeing scouts show up to the city council in uniform to protest.

     There could be a few others, but in general I would think you should not be in uniform unless BSA is part of the issue you are protesting....

  4. https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2017/01/17/scouts-and-presidential-inaugurations-have-a-long-interesting-past/

    Perhaps the uniform police can go after all of these Boy Scouts who wore their uniforms at Presidental inaugurations..... (actually, an interesting history, but I would say a good parallel to attending a SOTU).

    Note I do agree with you about the button & patch.... so perhaps the rest is an agreed to disagree.

    @RememberSchiff makes a good point.  She is a 17 year old kid who is bound to make some mistakes.  

    BSA seems to be holding strong to no exceptions outside the extension process released... I hope and expect they will not make further changes.

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  5. SOTU is the President fulfilling his or her duty to Article 2 Section 3 of the US Constitution.  It would be like attending a session of Congress or other governmental event.  My Cub Scouts were invited by our Mayor to attend the next Village meeting. I believe they can wear their uniforms there (and should be encouraged) even though they were invited by a politician.


  6. 16 minutes ago, walk in the woods said:

    Is the State of the Union a political event?  I would think this is the same as wearing it to a townhall meeting and different from a rally.  Is there a picture of her wearing it to a political rally?


  7. 53 minutes ago, scoutldr said:

    Can someone explain the recent photo of Sydney sporting a Life Scout badge being used as a photo op by Pelosi?  

    She has unofficially been part of a Troop in Manhattan for several years.  The leaders have signed off on her MB and leadership positions in the Troop.  If she was an official member she would be at Life Rank and she wears the patch.

    I agree she should not be given the Eagle Scout (she needs to start over and the BSA response is spot on) but I would support the BSA in awarding her the Silver Buffalo award.  She was a strong and vocal advocate for adding girls to the program and while I think others reasons caused BSA to change their policy, she was the most visible reason behind it.  Therefore, given in part to her work, tens of thousands of girls have this new opportunity.

    “The Silver Buffalo Award is the national-leveldistinguished service award of the Boy Scouts of America. It is presented for noteworthy and extraordinary service to youth on a national basis, either as part of, or independent of the Scouting program. The award is made by the National Court of Honor and the recipient need not be a registered member of the BSA.”


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    A spokesperson for the BSA responded: "Given her unique circumstances and experiences, we have communicated directly with Sydney and her family about her specific path to Eagle, recognizing her accomplishments to date. For more than 100 years, the pinnacle of the Scouting experience for some has been achieving the highest rank of Eagle Scout. To honor the rigor of the path and dedication required to become an Eagle Scout, it's imperative that they follow the same steps as Eagle Scouts before them, and future Eagle Scouts who will come after them.

    "Our goal is to create a level playing field and ensure that all youth just joining Scouting will have the opportunity to achieve their dream and earn the rank of Eagle Scout. In keeping with this philosophy, all requirements must be completed while the individual is a registered member of Scouts BSA, or after achieving the first class rank in Scouts BSA," the BSA spokesperson said.

    The BSA gave an analogy: "If you regularly sit in on classes at Columbia University, but aren't matriculated in the school, after auditing a full course load and after the traditional four year college experience, you unfortunately still are not eligible for a Columbia diploma if you were not officially enrolled.

  9. I’m sure these stories will pass soon enough and then future stories will once again focus on lawsuits, bankruptcies with a few positive highlights of Eagle Scout projects and Scouting for Food.

     It is sad that the day to day wins of Troops and Patrols helping to guide scouts down the path of following the Scout Law and Oath while developing leadership skills is rarely if ever shown.  I’ve see countless stories of how Football coaches help teach leadership.  Too many youth and parents are simply unaware of what Scouts truly offers.

  10. On 10/3/2018 at 7:53 PM, scotteg83 said:

    Taken from Facebook. 


    2. Requests for extensions must be received no later than thirty (30) days after turning 18 years of age. Extensions must be in writing by submitting the designated form to the National Service Center and the form must be received no later than January 7, 2020. Only the National Council may grant extensions. The actual extension will be based upon the individual’s registration date and age at the time of the request and will provide not more than twenty-four months from the date of initial registration to complete all requirements.


    A couple of people posted in FB that National’s changed the above policy...

    As you can see in the text, the extension was going to be up to a maximum of 24 months. If you go to the linked file, they changed it to 22 months.    They also changed when to file the extension.  

  11. 2 hours ago, NJCubScouter said:

    It sure seems to me like those councils were violating the GSUSA's trademark

    Those examples looked like unit examples (for the most part) vs council.  My question is what is the impact/damages to GSUSA if 20 packs out of 3000+ who added girls had some Trademark issues on a few flyers.   I’m sure there are some damages, but I can’t imagine it would be much more than the legal fees they are paying for the lawsuit.

    I think the big question is can BSA use the term Scouts BSA (with the BSA qualifier).  I have a hard time believing the BSA cannot use the term “Scouts BSA”... but I’m not a lawyer.

    If this is like any lawsuit I have been close to, I expect it to be resolved some time in 2022.  



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  12. Even shorter....

    Her: “I heard you left the Troop because of me, is that true?”

    You: “Yes”

    The letter was great, but probably better for the SM and CC vs a parent; however, I think I remember you already talked with them and they have responded.

    For her, you can simply say the Troop was not aligned with the primary mission of Boy Scouts, even after attempting to change it, so you sought out a Troop that was.  I am concerned that there are many others like her (both men and women) joining scouting....

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  13. Looks like in addition to new fit... covered buttons, smaller front pockets and BSA vs Boy Scouts of America.  Any other changes?   Glad they didn’t go with some of the more drastic changes, but this is definitely more than just size.

  14. On 1/17/2019 at 9:21 AM, Eagle1993 said:

    Covered in other threads, but based upon some input I have heard, the difference include images of girls, pronoun updates, some minor requirement changes (family life.. you probably ask a girl about being a mother) and hygiene.  Rumors only as I haven’t seen the inside of the book yet.

    I’m sure they could have created one, but given how they are rolling this out it makes sense to release separate books.

    Some people have received the book a and the only changes are pictures and perhaps a few pronouns.   There is a section that some said would be updated to include tampons/etc. info but that was not updated.  Also, family life MB requirements have not changed for girls.

  15. Wow, I’m sorry to hear this news.  I don’t pray often but I did for you.  I’m glad to hear you are on the path of recovery and hope and pray it is as quick and full as possible.

    Your examples and stories on how you run your den put the bar extremely high.  I certainly hope the new leader is thankful for the information, organization and leadership you display.  

    I can’t think of much more you can do, other than letting the leader know you are there to answer any questions or provide recommendations as needed.  

    Again, wishing you see a full recovery soon!

  16. 1 minute ago, desertrat77 said:

    Maybe I'm missing the boat myself, but these minor differences between the two books seem like trifles.

    For most humans, life is coed. 

    Why would the BSA put uniquely female discussions about motherhood in a handbook?  I don't recall such discussions from the male perspective in past handbooks. 

    The more I read, the more I think the BSA put itself through a number of unnecessary organizational twists to launch this whole thing.

    Family Life Merit Badge has a requirement about talking what makes an effective father and why.

    I think the separate gender Troops won’t be followed fully and is doomed to fail, but that was BSA’s decision so separate books   align with that bad call.  They are being consistent..

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  17. 47 minutes ago, T2Eagle said:

    Not bad.  Every female leader I ever knew to comment on it, universally decried the cut and shape of female leader uniforms.  I hope these are better designed in that aspect.

    100% agree.  Though one of my female leaders joked that female Boy Scout leader uniforms are the only “small” size clothing she can fit into.... so that was a positive.

  18. 24 minutes ago, desertrat77 said:

    True.  But two handbooks?  Aside from images, are the handbooks that different?  Seems like a lot of heavy lifting on National's part to field two handbooks when one would suffice.

    Covered in other threads, but based upon some input I have heard, the difference include images of girls, pronoun updates, some minor requirement changes (family life.. you probably ask a girl about being a mother) and hygiene.  Rumors only as I haven’t seen the inside of the book yet.

    I’m sure they could have created one, but given how they are rolling this out it makes sense to release separate books.

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