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  1. 5 hours ago, Terasec said:

    most public schools have similar policy, whether its promoting scouts or any other similar after school activity

    its not just your school, 

    also such policy is generally set by the district not the school,


    They allow promoting video games.   

  2. I think a lot a new cross overs are concerned about going to a week long summer camp.  My son goes to therapy for anxiety as well and will be going to summer camp.  I would first recommend talking with his counselor.  Any advice coming from us is not with the full background of knowledge of your son’s situation.  The counselor should be able to help.  

    1) My son will be going on a new scout camp out before summer camp.  Just 2 nights away then home.

    2) I’m working with my son prepping him for the swim test.  He’s close but not quite there.  If he doesn’t pass or doesn’t feel comfortable I told him sticking with beginner is fine.  

    3) I’ve let the leaders know he is anxious about the trip.  He isn’t medicated at all, but I thought they should know.

    4) I may go later in the week.  I really want him to build resilience.

    Each kid is different so it’s difficult to know what he can take.  My father was a scoutmaster for many years and he found that  most parents underestimate what their sons can handle.... but I know it’s a tough call. Again, I would highly recommend talking with his counselor to get their input.

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  3. Our district has 0 Venturing crews left.  I talked with the last leader of a crew and he said that they formed when a group of older boys and girls wanted to do more high adventure trips.   When they started to age out there was no natural progression from Troops to feed their numbers.  I brought up a discussion of ramping up a Venturing crew or two and there is some interest, but we don’t have enough volunteers for our current Troops or District already ... and that is a higher priority.

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  4. It would be great to see the regional breakdown.   Did councils who promoted girls and pushed hard on recruiting see growth or did they see backlash and net loss of members.  Did the councils who ignored girls or didn’t have a good roll out plan see limited losses?  No clue, but I know the girl numbers are not spread even across the country and council efforts varied.

  5. 30 minutes ago, malraux said:

    I think the counter point is that everything has been pushed younger, so if you wait, then sports or academic team or drama will have grabbed all the kids before then.

    Grade school activities have changed dramatically over the last 15-20 years.  In my Tiger den, half the youth are signed up for weekly ski lessons (in Wisconsin); most have at least 1 organized travel sport... some have two.  Add in a martial art and a musical instrument for a few.  Parents are already starting to cut activities by 2nd and 3rd grade.... they are not looking to add.  It would be interesting if there are successfull packs who only started recruiting in 2nd or 3rd grade.


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  6. The Chartered Organization agrees to:
    • Use Scouting to further the Chartered Organization’s aims and values for youth.
    • Chartered organizations must utilize the Scouting program to accomplish specific objectives related to one or more of the following:
    o Youth character development
    o Career skill development
    o Community service
    o Patriotism and military and veteran recognition

    o Faith-based youth ministry

    • Chartered organizations must not use the Scouting program to pursue any objectives related to political or social advocacy, including partisan politics, support or opposition to government action or controversial legal, political, or social issues or causes.


    The above comes from the annual CO agreement.  I would argue if the BSA wanted to stop church COs from proselytizing it would be documented here.  In fact, the BSA specifically mentions youth ministry as a specific objective.  

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  7. They apparently allowed other outside organizations in previous articles (such as a food bank).   They also allowed PG 13 and violent video games.  I told my son his next article should be an interview with the principal on the who, what, when, why on the ban... 

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  8. Just venting, but I am extremely disappointed in my son’s elementary school.  He is a member of the school newspaper and one of his “beats” is recommendations.   He wrote an article (unprompted by me) recommending Cub Scouts.  I saw the article, it was well written, talks about some of the outings we do.  The school pulled the article.  They told him he can not recommend outside groups.  Video games, fast food, movies... no issues, but they draw the line on Cub Scouts. 

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  9. Council executives (or at least some professionals in councils) have absolutely dismissed unit volunteers for non YPT related issues under the code of conduct. (Wear your uniform in a bar and see what happens.... even if you are not drinking alcohol or with scouts).

    I completely agree that the unit IH/COR/CC is the typical group (and correct group) to determine if any displine of a SM is required.  That said, I don’t buy that the lack of a YPT retaliation policy prevented the DE from acting. 

    There is no need to add additional rules in YPT.  If the DE really felt the volunteer needed to be dismissed, he could absolutely pursue it under the code of conduct harassed clause.   My belief is that he agreed that there was a YPT concern, the leader addressed it and the DE felt that was enough and the unit should handle the rest.  When the parent complained he said nothing I can do and pointed to a lack of policy so he wouldn’t have to defend his decision further.  


    If the DE wanted to dismiss this leader they could have. Retaliation is already not allowed... see file below. 



    He also could be dismissed if the DE felt he violated the code of conduct 


    I don’t see a need for more policies in the BSA.  The DE probably felt what the leader did was not enough to dismiss him and hid behind a lack of policy.  If he felt otherwise, I’m sure the DE could point to some existing policy and work with council to remove him.

  11. 22 minutes ago, fred8033 said:

    Emergency prep over Lifesaving

    • I'm always surprised Lifesaving is not chosen more.


    In my summer camp, Lifesaving was tough.  Recovering the 10 lb weight in water with 6” of visibility was tough.   I was a strong swimmer but took in a fair share of water coming up as our councilor would throw the weight in a different points to make us search (without vision) at the bottom of a muddy lake.   Most of the scouts I was with never succeeded.... on second those scouts probably just did it later in a pool.... Outside of that, it was fairly easy if you are a good swimmer.

  12. 9 hours ago, Cubmaster Pete said:

    community troop, few are members of the CO

    With this info, my answer would be no.  Once a year is enough payback to the CO.  The wooded area cleanup would be fair if they could schedule earlier.   More than this would burn up scout, parent and leader energy on a non core activity. 

  13. We do this for our CO, but it is once per year.  I think asking more, especially of a Cub Scout Pack, seems excessive; however, our relationship with our CO is 100% one sided.  You can probably find other ways to raise $1000 easier than 12 brat sales and if the check is the only true relationship you have (I.e. it’s not a church where most of the scouts are already members) then I would pass on the sales.

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  14. Transparency is key.  They should have smply let their current members unit know their strategy. This unit probably knew they were going to add girls before they took action (or at least were open to the idea), so they should have simply told their current members their strategy.  Polls aren’t required, but rechartering then suddenly announcing that the unit is adding a girls Troop will cause loss of trust.... that is very difficult to regain.

  15. That’s essentially what we did for the exact reasons you listed.   Unity of the den was a big one.  In addition we were able to patch some areas where our Boy dens didn’t have great den leaders with parents of girls.   The final issue was that it made the girls look like this odd group we added to the pack.... as each boy den was a single grade (6 dens) plus a collection of multi aged girls.

    All packs in my area who I have talked to and added girls have done the same.  Our council and district are aware as are all of our parents.  No concerns raised.



  16. 2 minutes ago, Jameson76 said:

    Average of 6.55 Scouts per unit.  Trust they get to critical mass quickly.  A Scout troop with less than 10 Scouts is hard to keep the momentum going.

    Depends on how “linked” they are, but I agree.

    From our recent experience there are not many girl Troops in our area and as girls (typically sisters or daughters of scouters) find out they are starting to apply to the few units.   I think “big”numbers are a few years out as it will take cub crossovers to really build numbers.  Will be interesting to see how this goes.

  17. 4 hours ago, RememberSchiff said:

    Agree. Please elaborate your thoughts on teaching citizenship and civil (scoutlike) protest to scouts.

    Can a scout write a letter to the editor about this issue and sign it. T. Jones, First Class Scout?

    Doing your duty to country can certainly include protest.  I’m not a fan of the kneeling and I see no real proposals out there in terms of the end game.  What does this kid want the city council to do?  

    That said, I could imagine that there are cases where a Scout uniform could be worn while protesting.  Perhaps a city who attempts to take over a BSA camp ground through eminent domain.  I would have no problem seeing scouts show up to the city council in uniform to protest.

     There could be a few others, but in general I would think you should not be in uniform unless BSA is part of the issue you are protesting....

  18. https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2017/01/17/scouts-and-presidential-inaugurations-have-a-long-interesting-past/

    Perhaps the uniform police can go after all of these Boy Scouts who wore their uniforms at Presidental inaugurations..... (actually, an interesting history, but I would say a good parallel to attending a SOTU).

    Note I do agree with you about the button & patch.... so perhaps the rest is an agreed to disagree.

    @RememberSchiff makes a good point.  She is a 17 year old kid who is bound to make some mistakes.  

    BSA seems to be holding strong to no exceptions outside the extension process released... I hope and expect they will not make further changes.

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  19. SOTU is the President fulfilling his or her duty to Article 2 Section 3 of the US Constitution.  It would be like attending a session of Congress or other governmental event.  My Cub Scouts were invited by our Mayor to attend the next Village meeting. I believe they can wear their uniforms there (and should be encouraged) even though they were invited by a politician.


  20. 16 minutes ago, walk in the woods said:

    Is the State of the Union a political event?  I would think this is the same as wearing it to a townhall meeting and different from a rally.  Is there a picture of her wearing it to a political rally?