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  1. https://voiceofscouting.org/national-commissioner-charles-dahlquist-transgender-policy-change https://www.nccs-bsa.org/pdf/letters/2017.1.30FAQ.pdf
  2. I don’t think BSA is doing that as they still allow COs to make the call. You have your freedom to teach you kids your beliefs regarding gay and transgender scouts. And while BSA continues to allow COs to discriminate against transgender and gay scouts, I can continue to teach my own kids that discrimination against LGBTQ is not appropriate. I don’t see BSA taking sides on this one... they are letting COs to determine what is appropriate for their own scouts.
  3. To be clear there will be an issue BSA will have to address. The first “girl” Eagle Scout. There was a FB post where a parent registered his daughter as a boy. It sounds like she doesn’t identify as a boy but the parent selected this to get her into Boy Scouts. Now when girls are allowed it they may change her to a girl (or that is her plan). So now “she” can be well ahead of other girls in scouting. I think BSA should simply come out with a date for first girl Eagles so this behavior/dishonesty is not awarded... but I do see this as an infrequent issue coming.
  4. This assumes gender identity is a choice. While I 100% agree that nothing permanent should be done for children under 18, I don’t agree that gender identity or sexual orientation is a choice. I didn’t choose to be heterosexual or identify as a male. I’ve met transgender teens and I can tell you their life is not easy. If it was a choice I believe they would definitely not choose to be transgender... they simply are. I think our understanding of the brain is in its infancy. Add in epigenetics and impact on fetal development from the chemical environment of the amniotic fluid and we are only at the beginning of understanding human development.
  5. Eagle1993

    Linked troops won't work

    No, because most linked Troops would only need about 10% of the equipment and a Scout is helpful.
  6. No, I wouldn’t help. The Troop I would want my daughter (and son) in would be a linked Troop... so I would help start one of those. At most I would give some guidance to the leaders looking to start the unit.
  7. Eagle1993

    Linked troops won't work

    Cascade Pacific Council has hired a Family Scout Director. They have a plan to create 50 Girl Troops by Feb 1. From what I can tell, the council is really focusing on the strategy and plan to add volunteers and help COs prepare for this change. The councils that really take the lead and help COs navigate these waters will do well. The councils who don’t may have a mess on their hands.
  8. Eagle1993

    New and comprehensive Family scouting FAQs issued:

    I would also say they need to stop wasting energy claiming this is not a coed program. It reminds me of episode where Jerry Seinfeld continuously corrects everyone who called his bag a “purse” and telling them it was a “European Carryall”. Eventually it was stolen and he called a police officer over... after trying to explain the proper name he gave up and yelled it’s a purse! So much time and energy is being wasted by Nationals claiming this isn’t coed. It’s a purse...now let’s see how we can make this work.
  9. Eagle1993

    Breaking Point

    My understanding is that the handbook is correct but the FAQ that went out about Family Scouting was wrong. I’ve seen screen shots of both.
  10. Eagle1993

    New troop, big problems

    I’ve seen and heard of units like this before. I rarely would recommend lone scouting.... but that would be better than this. Document and report this Troop and get out. The lessons he is learning are not good ones. Ideally, find another Troop or even leave scouting completely if needed. “Summer Camp is supposed to be at least a little fun.” Scouting should be a great time and memory for youth. Yes, at times it is tough and during that time you many not think of it as fun, but most of it is and even the tough times end up being great lessons. I see no benefit of your son continuing with this Troop based on what you summarized.
  11. Eagle1993

    Breaking Point

    I don’t agree with them extending G2SS to interactions with scouts outside of scouting unless that is your only relationship with that youth. Even then, I would have to probably used different language. Something like, “G2SS is a great way to ensure youth safety and we recommend following it with scouts outside of scouting events. If you have an activity with scouts that you would like to violate G2SS, don’t be cute and call it non-scouting... as we will find out and hunt you down. If you happen to be family friends with the scout (or have other non scout non weird relationship with them) G2SS is only a recommendation but feel free to have a beer while showing them how to shoot a bottle with a 22 over a lake at dusk.” Ok, I’m not a lawyer but something along those lines....
  12. Eagle1993

    Breaking Point

    I understand what they are getting at. Some pedophile adult leader says the 1 on 1 contact with a scout youth was at a non scouting event so it doesn’t count as a YPT violation. The problem I have is that when they expand G2SS so much and add so many rules it makes it very difficult to run a unit (especially smaller ones). You will have two scenarios. One... leaders start ignoring G2SS completely as it has become the equivalent of the 4 pages of warnings in your lawnmower engine manual. They may refer to a few sections for guidance but don’t take the book to heart. Two...leaders follow it to the letter of the law. Trips and meetings are cancelled due to insufficient leadership. Leaders drop out as they feel their life outside of scouting is now being monitored. Etc. Neither makes scouting safer but it does help give Nationals an out in any possible mishap that could occur.
  13. Eagle1993

    Cost of Being a Scout

    And people wonder how Boy Scout camps could be so expensive to maintain...
  14. Eagle1993

    Why Not Girl Guides?

    That program is “Scouts BSA”. I think there were very clear that the program for girls would be identical to Boys... they said that multiple times. It would just be a parallel program. What they also said (or at least implied) was that the existing program wouldn’t be impacted. By changing the name of the existing Boy Scout program to Scouts , one could argue that is where they went astray.
  15. Eagle1993

    Cost of Being a Scout

    You typically don’t have to buy the uniform and book every year.... so you may want to say 1/3 of that cost for an annual estimate. I’m not sure what you do for fundraisers but many families end up kicking in on those. There is also FOS that many but clearly not all families pay, but you could add in that cost. To put it in perspective, my local YMCA overnight camp (1 week) is $770 ... if you can’t afford the full fee of $875 (my kids don’t go).
  16. Eagle1993

    COs without meeting space

    Our Pack and Troop CO does not have a building. Our Pack stores it’s equipment at various leaders’ homes and we meet at an the elementary school where our scouts are primarily recruited from. We also meet at another public building for den meetings. Unfortunately the costs add up (~$3 k per year just for meeting space). Our Troop stores most of its equipment in a Trailer located at the Quartermasters home. I believe they then meet at the public school as well.
  17. The switch from pins to urns at 100 years of service ... https://www.inthelighturns.com/life-s-trail-boy-scout-light-oak-urn.html
  18. Just sent you private message with my Pack email address. I think our scouts would love to correspond with scouts from the UK.
  19. Eagle1993

    Just curious about background

    ACM is already a DL. I’m CC and am unwilling to add more time as a den leader... I acted as a den leader already for my daughters den this spring and between that and CC it sarted to impact by job. CM barely has enough time to be CM and he won’t have bandwidth.
  20. Eagle1993

    Just curious about background

    It actually goes both ways. In my case I have a small girl Tiger den (they were Lions in spring) with a former ASM, OA, Eagle Scout as the Den Leader. At the same time I have very poor leadership of my boy Tiger den (13 boys). That den is on the verge of collapse as no parent wants to be a leader. My one option to save the boy den is to create common meetings, have the Eagle dad run the show and have two ADLs (one female) help provide YPT coverage and assistance. Other option is let the boy den collapse (parents have told me they simply don’t have the time or desire to be DL and would pull their sons out if required). Adding girls pulled in a great leader that prior to this year we would have seen the den fall apparently under inferior leadership. We haven’t decided to go this direction yet. If we do I expect we would provide a great experience for 13+ boys. If we don’t we will give a mediocre experience to 5 boys. The girls will have a great experience either way.
  21. Eagle1993

    Completing Troop Detailed Assessment

    My thought as well. I believe unit contacts by Commissioners goes into the District JTE.
  22. Eagle1993

    Scout BSA Uniform Survey (Girls)

    Follow up.. https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Parents-Angered-By-Urban-Outfitters-Selling-Boy-Scout-Shirts-483675541.html
  23. Eagle1993

    And yet more changes - even Pedro is not spared

    I may be wrong but I don’t think BSA specifies any specific answer. I think it makes sense for the question to change with the addition of girls, but otherwise no change is need. If I were the MBC I would just look for a thoughtful answer and discussion. If a scout believes a mother should cook, clean and take care of the kids and the father should work outside the home and do home repair.... no problem. If a scout believes both parents should coordinate and decide how to divide activities and the father could be stay at home and mother worn fine. If both work fine. If the focus on the answer/discussion is that the roles are about guiding kids fine. My main thought is that the key is the scout starts reflecting about their own beliefs, understands that you should find a like minded partner (if the plan is to have a partner) and only then start planning on having a family. Many different family structures work, the best are those with parents that plan appropriately (care, financial, beliefs, etc) before jumping in to have kids.
  24. this is the video... Scouting Magazine has several videos posted on its Facebook page. My understanding is the neckerchief was only for this event. Better pic here
  25. @SSF Simple. Why Solo low $....Marvel >> Star Wars. Debate finished. @The Latin Scot Apparently you are a liberal. Welcome to the club. @CalicoPenn will send you your introductory gift basket.