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  1. Girls still want to be girl scouts

    My daughters Troop picked the summer camp “Diamonds and Pearls” where they get to put on a fashion show and pick out clothing for their councilor. Troops in my area have divisions as some girls want the outdoor activities and others prefer more “traditional” girl interests... many trend to the cookies, STEAM and going to the mall as an outing. A few do get outdoors a lot, but it really depends on the Troop leaders and what the majority of the girls want to do in the Troop. There is no camping requirement in GSUSA unlike BSA. In my Pack, we are up to 10 girls with almost no advertising. We have 70+ boys. Many are coming from GSUSA (including one GSUSA Troop leader). While several are maintaining membership in both there is definitely a persevered difference in what we offer.
  2. OA and the aboriginal cultures

    Are movie and TV writers trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind... If we want to tell madeup stories of Scouts I don’t see an issue. If a lodge works with or gets permission from a tribe on their stories, regalia, etc. no issues with me. I think we run into violating the scout law when making up stories involving another culture that then offend the individuals in that culture regardless of our intent. There are plenty of options on how to avoid this situation.
  3. Family Scouting

    I think BSA is simply using the term Family Scouting in place of coed as they are attempting to keep some single gender aspects of the program intact. For example, in my.scouting.org if you go to Organization Manager and are the CC for a Pack, you can click on setting you will see a new section called “Family Scouting”. That appears to be able to be set to is or is not available. I believe they use this term instead of coed. Again, as they want to say the family (both boy and girls) are invited to join. I don’t see this as a strategic change to also include mom and dad earning ranks or going on all activities.
  4. Eagle Scout Application Filing Fee

    You guys are thinking about this all wrong. Finally, a council has found the solution to all of their financial woes. However, they haven’t gone far enough. Each year they should auction off 15 Eagle Scout rank advancements to the highest bidder. I bet some desperate parents would fork over $1k each. Could you imagine what the first female Eagle Scout would go for if Nationals took this idea? I’m thinking six figures. You could sell lower ranks and other advancements as well, MBs, Eagle Projects, etc. $120 for Eagle is a bargain... But seriously... I have a real problem with this. These scouts have put in the work and I’m sure have spent countless time and money on various activities to get that point. The council should find another way to pay for this...
  5. OA and the aboriginal cultures

    Have you reached out to your local tribe(s) to invite NAs to work with the OA? From what I can see, the Seminoles did work with the local OA chapter.... but which others? I wonder how widespread the support is from various tribes and if they truly see this as honoring them. If the support isn’t widespread from NA tribes I wonder if it is worth the effort to fix that or to simply create new traditions as some have suggested. If it is widespread then perhaps it is simply correcting the areas that are not working with NAs.
  6. OA and the aboriginal cultures

    I went over and read a lot of forums on powwows.com. There are several threads about OA and Boy Scouts imitation of Indian culture. There are mixed opinions depending on poster. Some are against any non NA group depicting NA culture. Others defend OA and Boy Scouts who show honest interest in learning about Indian culture and working on accurately working on dance and regalia. One hot button issue appears to be ... pan Indian presentations. There is no single Indian culture... there are tribes. So, if you want to do this correctly you should wear the regalia of the tribe accurately and the dance only those tribe dances. Wearing, drumming and dancing generic Indian representations is akin to painting on blackface and putting on a Minstrel show. Definitely a mix of opinion, but that appears to be a red line.
  7. Naturalist-Environmentalist divide

    Actually there is something called global dimming. It is the impact of aerosols in the air reflecting our the sun’s energy back into space. It actually can help offset global warming impacts but the trend is reversing as countries get more strict about particulate pollution. There is is even some belief that contrails actually help lower earth temp. Some limited studies of this occurred during the days post 911 when commercial aircraft were grounded. I’m not sure if that is what the 70’s scientists were talking about.
  8. Virtual Campfire

    I would add... if possible... to perform this outdoors with a bond fire. You captured the key parts, especially the symbolism of leaving the parents to a patrol.
  9. OA to end AoL ceremonies?

    Correct. German and Irish decendants are part of those parades and support them. I’m of Irish decent and my wife is primarily German. If NAs are part of the ceremony or if the OA works with them on a ceremony then no issue. The issue is when a population that was nearly killed off by another race has their customs taken and performed without their permission and against their will. Just think if Germany scouts danced around dressed like Hasidic Jews. Sure, it has been generations since that genocide and the German scouts could be doing that in honor, but if the Hasidic Jews stated it was disrespectful then there should be no argument. I would also argue that I would never tell the Hasidic Jews that their offense is simply “their choice”. Given that we (non NAs) have taken nearly everything from NAs I do feel they get to own their cultural representations. I’m not sure it would qualify or even be achievable, but I think it could be an awesome Eagle Scout project for a local OA member to work with a local tribe to develop a ceremony accurate to local NA culture that could be passed down for generations.
  10. OA to end AoL ceremonies?

    Over the past 20+ years I’ve come to the belief that NA culturally representation is owned by NAs. If an OA lodge works with a local tribe and comes to some sort of agreement to honor them through ceremony I’m all in favor. If NA tribes in the area are not in favor then it starts to feel like a blackface play... even if well intentioned. I will say my experience in OA and with any NA cultural experience within BSA was done with respect and we discussed NA history in full context. I would certainly hate to lose this as it is a great opportunity to keep NA history, culture and customs alive. At the same time, if NA groups see this as insulting then it cannot continue. Perhaps National OA can discuss this with various tribes with the goal of finding a way to use ceremonies for eduction and honoring NA traditions. I would look at what Florida State did with the Seminoles as a good example.
  11. Buzzfeed - CSE Surbaugh - Girls - Scouter.com

    The same reporter broke the news of the Girl Scout letter back to the BSA. She has a source. What I learned is that BSa leadership are clearly struggling with how to create a Boy Scout level parallel program and read scouter.com. *whistles quietly* *opens profile* *changes location to Alaska*
  12. Adding Girls to Pack

    None at this point, but will watch for this. Our attrition rate has been fairly low so increases should be apparent. That said, no family has complained. I think the separate dens help during the transition plus girls have unofficial been tagging along for years so seeing them around won’t be a big change. Having them attend overnights and participate in meetings will be new and will watch for friction.
  13. Adding Girls to Pack

    Week 1 We are up to 9 girls now, 4 Lions, 1 Tiger and 4 Bears. The Troop has caused some issues with the charter renewal so we haven’t been able to sign up online yet... should be fixed by next week. We expect a few more Tigers to join as well. A couple of the parents are interested in becoming den leaders. One is a current GSUSA leader and the other an Eagle Scout and former scout leader. We have den meetings set up and several of the girls will be part of our upcoming PWD. We haven’t figured out the Be A scout flag and our DE told us not to worry about it. In our case, I definitely see a bit of pull front GSUSA. In particular the 3rd grade girls. There is a split in that Troop where some would like to do outdoor activities and others the fashion and mall stuff. The girls interested in the outdoors are now joining our Pack. I was on he fence of creating Girl dens next year but the interest shown so far makes me think we can create separate dens and have enough volunteers to cover. Several of the parents of the girls are interested in keeping it separate as well. Our current pack of Boys is 71 but is growing to 73 as new boys are coming in as well. With these new girls we will be t 82. We have not advertised at all... this is from parents discussing during drop off and pickup. Rough estimates based o word of mouth is that we could see 25-30 girls join next year. The new parents have been great so far. The fathers for the most part are the ones interested in this opportunity. Several have stated they aren’t interested in causing trouble they just want their daughters to have the same opportunity they had (or their sons had). Next up.. fixing the Troop charter and PWD with some girls.
  14. Adding Girls to Pack

    A new Where’s Waldo game! 10 up arrows to the first post who finds a Girl or Coed Pack!
  15. Adding Girls to Pack

    That is true; however, early adopters should be updating them. We haven’t been able to update ours (my understanding is COR has to setup first). I haven’t found any Packs showing up as anything but boys.
  16. Adding Girls to Pack

    One quick update that I’m not sure if anyone else noticed. The Be A Scout search now shows if packs are Boy only, Girl Only or mixed. I haven’t found any that are listed as anything but Boy Only but something to watch for as this ramps up...
  17. Expand the Morenci mine in Arizona. I also have problems with environmentalists who seem to believe food, products and electricity can just magically appear. There are definitely trade offs that must be made and risk/benefit analysis should be considered. That said, I believe protecting water is especially critical as no mine or drill site can be 100% clean or operate without error. My grandma had an oil well on her land in southern Illinois. There were spills (relatively small). The good news is that it wasn’t near a water way so to clean them up you dig out the containment and haul it to a landfill. My wife has worked for a power company to remediate oil gasification sites. Again, clean up is expensive but simple. Dig, dig, dig up that muck and replace with clean soil. 100% on board with the comment that we have to allow drilling and mining ... but we should also have limits where the risk is simply too great. I have fished multiple waterways (Milwaukee river, Illinois river, etc) that suffered from industrial pollution. It has taken a generation for them to start to recover from one generation’s mistake. I would not want to see that mistake repeated.
  18. I don’t believe the copper market is at a shortage crisis to the point that we should risk the BWCA. Damage to waterways is long lasting and extremely difficult to repair.
  19. Adding Girls to Pack

    Thanks. I figure I would post weekly updates on progress/findings/etc.
  20. Signed. There are some decisions and changes that can have lasting damage and cannot easily been undone. BWCA is one of the few purely wild areas we have left in the Great Lakes.
  21. To Report or Not Report YPT Violation

    I think reporting in this case could be more about protecting the leader vs really a concern that something nefarious occurred. As the leaders of this Troop created separate sleeping areas and s leader left the area to sleep with the youth he did open himself up to possible accusations. What if one of the youth accuses him of crawling in his bunk during that night six months from now? Now you have a situation where an adult has clearly been the only adult sleeping in an area with youth. That would be bit of a mess. Hell, if I did this I would send a report to my COR and DE. I’d explain what and why it happened and ask them to fully investigate. They should follow up with the other leaders and youth, see nothing else occurred, have me retrained in YPT, let the parents know and move on. I’d apologize to the scouts and explain YPT and how it protects both l leaders and youth. If I were a scout and the leader was a good guy, I’d be impressed with his sense of accountability and feel YPT is way overly sensitive. It should not be a black mark against his record (unless he repeatedly violates it) and it should show that he treats protecting youth seriously. All of this assumes nothing else happened. Almost no one on this forum know the guy or if he is a pedophile. Pedophiles exist, they aren’t always apparent and the only way to truly protect youth is to strictly enforce YPT. Yes, YPT can be a burden and our society jumps from accusations to guilt immediately; however, too long has BSA and leaders ignored situations that but youth at risk of perverts. If reporting a borderline YPT violation helps ensure consistent and rigorous enforcement and thus Scouts from being assaulted then I’m all for it and any volunteer of youth should be as well.
  22. Virtual Campfire

    I wasn’t there when it occurred (it was prior to my time there). Pizza guy came... started talking... ended up discussing jet fuel. He volunteered his car (and only source of income) up for the experiment. Needless to say it had a good short run before car death. As was explained to me, he may have been smoking something that is legal in a few states. My short stint at a refinery gave me more stories than nearly twenty years at my current employer.
  23. Virtual Campfire

    I will add that the oil change places that recommend changing oil every 3,000 miles is a scam. Your owners manual is sufficient and even then probably a bit conservative. I worked at a refinery for a short time and with a few engineers who were responsible for blending and delivery of motor oil. They had measured oil out of engines after various mileage’s and indicated there was no noticeable degradation in performance until starting at 10,000 miles. They said one could probably simply top off oil and replace the oil filter until 20,000+ miles. No one had the guts to actually implement that plan. They did fill a pizza delivery guy’s car with jet fuel. It ran a few hundred yards. Best time I had there was when the old timers sat around and discussed worst case scenarios at the refinery, many that would result in large craters and mass carnage.
  24. Virtual Campfire

    @blw2 I’m a member of several Reddit groups and keeping on point is most critical (at least for me) on non political threads. For example, if you start a thread on ideal process to change brake pads on a 1997 Porsche 911 Turbo and someone starts discussing why you can run 13,000 miles between oil changes on a 2015 VW Passat it is not helpful. First, those who are interested in VW Passat’s oil change interval will almost never find that interesting discussion buried in the original topic and second those interested in brake pads on a 911 Turbo now have to read through ramblings on VW. I would agrue the same applies for many threads here. If someone starts a thread for SPL on smaller Troops it would be best to keep it focused for both short term and long term (those that search threads in future). I think our mods do a pretty good job of balancing flow of conversation and keeping on topic