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  1. Pack YP equal or double standard

    Today, there is no requirement for male YPT adults to be present at Cub Scout outings. You can simply have two female den leaders and your fine. When adding girls, I believe BSA worked with both legal and other authorities and realized that having two males leading would be an issue, so they added in the YPT female requirement. The question is why they didn’t go back and put in a new requirement for all Boy dens. My guess is that he BSA didn’t want to negatively impact existing Packs and Dens for something that is not needed for safety or legal reasons. That said, I do think they should have consistent policies with othe coed groups within the BSA. Perhaps providing existing Packs transition timing to allow them to find additional male YPT adults may help.
  2. Dividing a Pack

    That is interesting, as in our case the council is the one initiating the idea of splitting the Pack up... no one inside our Pack has even thought of this. I’ll focus on adding adult leaders in various roles to improve our program instead of breaking the pack up. Thanks for the insights.
  3. Dividing a Pack

    @Pselb We would have 1 Pack for K5-3rd grade and the other Pack for 4th & 5th graders. I don’t see splitting friends as much of a risk. Most of the scouts in our Pack hang out with their own grade level. We do have other Packs in town but all are heavily segregated by school... there are no scouts in any of the Packs from other schools. When we lose scouts, we lose them to sports not other youth organizations. Even with all of that, I am definitely leaning to keeping 1 Pack and look for other solutions for our primary issue (Webelos and AOL linkage to Troops) and secondary issue (entire Pack outings/meetings/event) exceeding capacity.
  4. Dividing a Pack

    My primary issue that I have is the lack of involvement with Troops for Webelos and AOL. The AOL does the Klondike with one Troop but I would like to see more activities with multiple Troops. That would allow the scouts to get a feel of the various Troop options in our area. As the CC (same with the CM), it is difficult to have the time to help make that happen when supporting a Pack that is this large and ranges from K5-5th grade (and now girls). I may just lean on my den leaders and give them contacts. Another option is den chiefs... perhaps I can reach out and see if any Troops would be interested in that role as well. Otherwise I agree that splitting the pack could just result in two weak packs. I’ll see if there are other ways to skin this cat.
  5. Pack YP equal or double standard

    Agreed. To me this should be the policy going forward for Cub Scouts. I understand there may Be impacts to some dens, but we should encourage dads to volunteer. I honestly have no problem with requiring an adult female present with girls... but the requirement of having an adult male present with boys should also apply.
  6. Adding Girls to Pack

    We are the only Pack in our district running the early adopter program. There are others in the council, not sure how many.
  7. Adding Girls to Pack

    I’ll ask my DE tomorrow. I think the number is pretty low.
  8. Buzzfeed - CSE Surbaugh - Girls - Scouter.com

    We already have a thread debating this (I agree with you and at the same time do admire her work). The question was if she understands that her ranks are not official. It appears she understands that. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned the podcast as it took this thread sideways. We should probably just start a thread titled Gary Ireland’s Twitter feed...
  9. Buzzfeed - CSE Surbaugh - Girls - Scouter.com

    I think she consistently states that her ranks are unofficial. However, she is looking for official recognition.
  10. Pack YP equal or double standard

    What is the Venturing YPT rules for Boy, coed and Girl only units? I would think the den leader rules should be consistent with those.
  11. Adding Girls to Pack

    Found this video... Webelos uniforms are changing. New patches. More info on girls. https://vimeo.com/249824630 F@mily4UnitLeaders
  12. Buzzfeed - CSE Surbaugh - Girls - Scouter.com

    True... but I’m thinking more about the widespread rollout from Packs. There will definitely be some need late this year.
  13. Buzzfeed - CSE Surbaugh - Girls - Scouter.com

    Correct, I didn’t mean to put this on Ireland or start another Ireland debate. It was a lead in prior to even talking with Ireland.
  14. Adding Girls to Pack

    Let me know what you hear.
  15. Buzzfeed - CSE Surbaugh - Girls - Scouter.com

    Just listened to the “pantsuit nation” podcast with Sydney Ireland as the guest. The striking inconsistency of the argument presented that BSA must tear down this patriarchal program while maintaining Girl Scout are great for girls is blatant. I warn you not to go searching for the podcast.... That said, it is the reality for COs and Packs that choose to include girls. After starting the process of adding girls I believe it is clear the BSA MUST release and start the pilot program of the girl Boy Scout program this summer. The startup issues of just adding dens and girls to the Pack have been tough enough. Adding a new girls program will be massive and they will need some groups to work out the bugs to be ready for 2019 Feb/March crossover. Given the what is in this article I think they realize this and may be feeling the pressure of simply adding girl Patrols to Troops. Whatever solution, they need to have a kickoff in the spring for training and begin pilot Troops or patrols this summer/fall. Waiting until next year will be a disaster.
  16. Text Format

    Plain bold italic underline entered on iPhone. What iOS version are you using? I’m on 11.2.1 with a 7.
  17. Adding Girls to Pack

    We will see. All of our professionals have been in meetings all week and my COR is also my DE. He has emailed me updates at 12:30 am so I know they are busy at work. Hopefully when they are out of their planning meeting the council will have a bit more time to figure it out.
  18. Adding Girls to Pack

    Week 2 Update Pinewood Derby is tomorrow so most of our focus has been on that this week. We have 10 girls that are joining our Pack, 4 Lions, 1 Tiger and 5 Bears. There are a few more that are considering. We also added one boy who was an older brother of one of the girls that joined... the parents thought it would be great to have both involved. IT issues... we have still not been able to accept applications online which is required. While we are officially chartered the online application only allows males to apply. Talking with council we think it is due to a new field in the organization Manager callled Family Scouting (ours indicates we are not participating). Council is working to see how this can be updated. Impact on Boys. I think the separate dens help.. even if in 3-4 years they fade away. At least at first In minimizes the impact on the boys. No one has quit yet but I heard one boy indicate he didn’t want girls... his dad told him to be quiet. My son indicated another boy said it is “Boy Scouts” and therefore only boys should join. My son said “Actually it is Cub Scouts and so only young bears should be able to join and so we should be kicked out.” They both laughed. I asked my son his opinion and he was fine with the change (he said he didn’t know any who are against it). That said he told me... dad, I don’t think we can continue with wenius jokes. So, they may lose out on that... Next up is PWD (1 girl racing). New parent meeting next week and girls den meeting in 1.5 weeks.
  19. African Talking Stick used in Den Meetings now in Congress

    I think we need to be careful of sticks or canes in the senate. There is some nefarious history. http://www.ushistory.org/us/31e.asp
  20. OA and the aboriginal cultures

    Not siding with nationals on this as I’m advocating a case by case decision. Each lodge reviewing their own with local tribes. That said, if the WB group painted their faces black, dressed up like an “African”, danced around, used voices and fake stories reminiscent of 1930’s Hollywood view of African tribes, I believe you might see some protests and changes from national. I haven’t been through WB, but I certainly hope they don’t do the above.
  21. Girls still want to be girl scouts

    I’m not sure I understand why the BSA would want this. To me, many girls may want to do both. How does maintaining their GSUSA membership harm BSA? The girls joining our Pack would drop GSUSA membership if they had to choose, but I would never ask that of them.
  22. Girls still want to be girl scouts

    Hmmm.. what is your source from the BSA that we are supposed to put them down? I have only heard BSA talk up their program and never rip the GSUSA. Even on the local level I have not seen any DE or council employee rip the GSUSA. Yes, individual scouters will explain their experience but I’m wondering where this comment came from? Was this in the same CNN interview where someone said who cares what the boys want?
  23. Girls still want to be girl scouts

    I certainly hope that occurs; however, it will probably have to happen at the local level. The problem I see coordinating with GSUSA is their structure. We have 1 Pack to their 6 Troops at our school. Those Troops rarely coordinate within our school let alone them coordinating with us. In addition, several of the troops have their own internal drama with different factions of girls wanting different things. That said, as a committee we have discussed coordinating more and may attempt this in the future. I do wish the GSUSA attempted to partner with BSA instead of fighting as they have a good program and there are some great Troops and some good summer camps. I think some of their leadership decided to fight to scare parents from considering to switch their girls away. Your point about the articles regarding coed is spot on; however, the general public may not understand anyway and it is easier for newscasters to report coed. We have attempted to emphasize the GSUSA program when talking to parents. My daughter will remain in GSUSA unless she does not enjoy it and I no longer see the value (that hasn’t happened yet). Beyond that, it is up to the parents and girls which program(s) they want to be a part of.
  24. Girls still want to be girl scouts

    Why? I don’t think BSA would have any loyalty test or requirement (you can join both 4H and BSA). For elementary school age girls, I don’t see it as an issue. GSUSA Troops in my area typically meet right after school and our Pack and Dens meet later (so no overlap). I doubt many will maintain both as they go into middle school and high school (too many activities). About half the girls that joined are members of both organizations (or will be once we figure out how to switch on our family Pack setting). All of this is still VERY early. My primary point is that I wish the program and offerings mentioned in the article were more consistent and widely available, it is clear there are gaps by the girls that are joining my Pack.