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    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    I think we have been seeing the changes already. LDS and BSA are tightly tied together. I’m sure LDS notified BSA of their long term plans years ago. I think it is likely BSA made the gay youth, gay leader, transgender youth and girls with knowledge that LDS was eventually leaving anyway.
  2. I wonder how many LDS scouts will remain in BSA after December 2019. Hopefully many will join other Troops, but I’m not sure if the youth would be interested in both scouting and their own youth organization.
  3. Eagle1993

    LDS leaving BSA?

    Interesting article from Think Progress that walks through the history of LGBT admission into scouting. While primarily focused on the actions and events that led to the changes in membership policy it does talk to some who have studied the Morman faith and seems to conclude it is likely that LDS will completely leave the BSA. It also states that the BSA leadership is likely aware and that could be a primary driver in opening up membership to females (to help offset the loss). While the article is written by a former member of Scouts for Equality and I don't agree that our membership loss was due to our admission policy in the 1990s through early 2000 (GSUSA also dropped during that time) I thought the article raised some interesting points and may be another reason BSA is looking to open up membership. https://thinkprogress.org/boy-scouts-lgbtq-lds-policy-changes-3b6f6fcdce4a/
  4. Eagle1993

    LDS leaving BSA?

    Bumping this thread as it appears the Think Progress piece in 2017 linking BSA move to include girls as they knew LDS would be leaving was correct (or at least partially correct).
  5. Eagle1993

    How will you talk about girls troops and packs?

    If they want to avoid seeing girls they will also need to avoid National parks, high adventure areas, public campgrounds and BSA camps. So, for avoiding girls/women it depends on how far they want to take it. Case in point, my Pack was just at our council’s camp while a Boy Scout Troop was there. Yes, those scouts saw the girls in my pack. I don’t believe it should have any impact on them, but if it does, they will have to avoid BSA camps as they can’t guarantee other units won’t be there with girls. I think the only way to really avoid girls is the LDS camps or boys only weeks at summer camp. Otherwise, most camps and locations will have women and girls present.
  6. Eagle1993

    Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    For early adopter Packs the requirement is an adult female over 21 YPT must be present. So as long as one of the female leaders attend you should be ok. Going into next year the female ADL/DL will be required for every girls den. I don’t know if that means every female den leader must attend every overnight or if you can simply ensure some female den leader coverage. I think our pack will ensure we have female ADL or DL for every den and ensure at least 1 of them attends pack overnights to provide the YPT coverage... but I need to obtain my MS in YPT first before I can say conclusively.
  7. Eagle1993

    Webelos to Arrow of Light Ceremony

    We haven’t performed any ceremony for Webelos Scouts other than a short announcement and handing out rank badges. We do perform a simple ceremony for den advancement to next level. We would start with the Tigers placing their Tiger neckerchiefs on the Lions who are now Tiger Scouts. That same action would work its way up until Webelos place new Webelos neckerchiefs on the Bear Den Scouts. Generally we perform both at the same Pack meeting and combined it could be a ceremony.
  8. Eagle1993

    From National: Official Name

    I could see this more of an issue for girls turning 18 in 2020. Outside of those, I agree that there shouldn’t be a rush.
  9. Eagle1993

    Adding Girls to Pack

    Figured I would post an update. All of the girls have now earned their rank and will receive their patches at our next Pack meeting. We just had an overnight as a pack and it went very well. Yes, there were arguments (just like the boys), but overall it was a great experience. At times the girls would hang together, other times some boys would hang with them...They were just additional Cub Scouts. On a personal note, adding my daughter to Cub Scouts has helped us bond over the last 3-4 months. My son and I have already had a lot of shared memories in scouting and I can’t wait to build more with my daughter. I talked with various leaders and there is overwhelming support and/or indifference to the change within our pack of 85. Many people were asking about the name change and wondering why they won’t change the corporate name. Some thought our new name was Scout Me In... working through that confusion. We are planning a big recruiting push this fall to ensure all girls and boys in our school are aware of the opportunity we offer. I’m curious what interest is out there...
  10. Eagle1993

    From National: Official Name

    Here is a link to the pitches that were presented at the Next Connect conference. https://scoutingwire.org/nextconnect/ Some info on digital marketing and some tool changes A bit more details on dates/timelines including a December 2020 date listed for first girl Eagle Scouts. Interesting slide indicating we need to expand our community... (New donors, New Charter partners, etc)
  11. Eagle1993

    Smile, or Don't. Have fun with it.

    I posted a picture of another one of his editorial cartoons that was taken down (which I’m ok with.. I shouldn’t have posted the picture). To me this artist is similar to Kathy Griffin (just on the other political spectrum).
  12. Eagle1993

    How will you talk about girls troops and packs?

    Agreed, and council should back off. I’m fine with DE’s reaching out to COs (Id prefer they also include unit leaders) to discuss the option. I think it’s fine to even explain it further if the CO is debating. Once a CO says not interested council should say thanks for what you do for scouting and back off. If the CO wants to have AHG instead that is fine. I think the BSA has done enough disruption now and should really let COs (and units) decide how they want to proceed.
  13. Eagle1993

    Smile, or Don't. Have fun with it.

    You can leave it down, but this artist has a long history of very right wing questionable cartoons. The fact that his collection of work can’t be shown here (probably valid) would indicate aspects of his character. His take on BSA aligns right with his other art. Given his character I don’t find him amusing.
  14. Eagle1993

    Smile, or Don't. Have fun with it.

    Over the collar neckerchief... nice!
  15. Eagle1993

    From National: Official Name

    Girls in high population areas will probably have options, but they may need to travel a bit. I think rural or lower population areas will definitely be an issue as you probably don’t have 20-30 Troops in a <30 min drive. I think loan scouts may be an option for a few years. I also think any pack adding girls should also be thinking of the Scouts BSA Troop plan. If there are no plans for Troops in the area the pack leaders should be willing to start one or hold off on adding girls.
  16. Good reminder for those of us recruiting girls going forward. This letter was sent out earlier today. CSE Letter on Infringements.pdf
  17. Eagle1993

    From National: Official Name

    Depends on the boy and the girl involved and the situation. My guess is that boys and girls will figure out who they want to hang with at various points in time.
  18. Eagle1993

    From National: Official Name

    First, I’m not trying to convince you. My experience in various forums issues/politics section is that you rarely if every make any progress changing others beliefs. At the end of each day, our moderators judge each thread and determine who wins. I hope today is my lucky day!😀 You stated that boys will “no longer be able to be freely be themselves...”. I believe that the belief that boys are free to be themselves around other boys is delusional. “A delusion is a mistaken belief that is held with strong conviction even when presented with superior evidence to the contrary.” The language was probably a bit harsh so I apologize and given your update I think the subject is more debatable. After a recent all girls den meeting the Webelos scouts showed up (boys). Boys and girls were running around together. Playing tag, screwing around, getting into trouble.... etc. I could see little difference than just a group of boys. During that all boys Webelos meeting a boy hit another boy playing some stupid game (they were doing sit-ups together). That was addressed but the boy who was hit was one of our more sensitive boys who seemed to act more “free” around girls. Both my son and daughter have coed friends. When I was a youth, I had coed friends ... and a girl friend. Yes, there are some jokes I would censor around the girls but some of the best times I had through school was with a coed group of friends with similar interests. So, we will have to agree to disagree. I apologize for coming on a bit strong...need some more sleep. I certainly hope that today the moderators will pick my post as the winner... (currently batting 0-327). 😀
  19. Eagle1993

    From National: Official Name

    Anyone who thinks boy’s act “freely” around other boys is delusional. Other boys influence boys actions. Not all boys are the same. Go Troop by Troop at a Summer Camp. I still remember the dirty Troop (they never showered), the “Ninja” Troop who would cause mischief, the military Troop who’s leaders felt BSA was pre Army... I can go on. Case by case you would see boys act within each of these Troops differently. They are influenced by the other boys and their leaders. I love my Troop and had a great time with fellow scouts. I would never claim my actions were not influenced by my fellow scouts. So sure, girls will also influence scouts as well. I don’t see that as a bad thing as long as they follow the scout oath, law experience leadership and have fun. That can occur in a coed or single gender Troop.
  20. Eagle1993

    How will you talk about girls troops and packs?

    As an early adopter pack I do not see the segregation lasting. I do see it lasting for overnights (YPT aspects) but it will die quickly for regular den meetings. - In our packs experience, there is limited to no support from parents to keep the dens separate. (Our pack families are typically professional upper middle class, moderates politically that have their kids go to a coed public school.) - The added stress of finding that many more volunteers is an issue Given this combination and the fact it will be impossible to police I see it slowly going away. It starts with a few co den meetings with breakout sections then a few dens will merge then the rest of the pack’s dens. Early on compliance may be high, but in 2-3 years it will decline. This is just a guess based on what I’ve seen. If you really want single gender you’ll need completely separate units or a CO/COR that mandates it.
  21. Just as some schools change mascots my guess is that some people will keep with the past name and call themselves Boy Scouts. Girls and the most of the next generation boys “scouts” will probably go with “Scouts”. That is what I have seen after mascot changes at schools that have flaired similar passions (older and current students stay with the previous version but the vast majority of new students move on). I was a Boy Scout and I expect many current and past members will continue to use that name. That said, it doesn’t mean the name can’t change going forward and I tend to agree having one program name for 11-17 YOs makes sense (just like Cub Scouts and Venturing).
  22. New marketing material and info on the Family Scouting site. https://www.scouting.org/familyscouting/
  23. “Surbaugh predicted that both boys and girls in Scouts BSA would refer to themselves simply as scouts, rather than adding “boy” or “girl” as a modifier.” - From USA Today Long term I tend to agree and my guess is that “BSA” was added for Trademark vs GSUSA. If not then I’m not sure why one wouldn’t have simply used Scouts. Scout Me In is fine ... but I’m really curious about the advertising and what they emphasize in the program going forward.
  24. See attached update sent out today by Nationals to SEs. Family_Scouting_Overview_Presentation_3-5-18.pdf
  25. Eagle1993

    Family Scouting Update

    Moderators... there are now three threads that could start this discussion. It deserves its own thread so I’d recommend deleting my comment and moving @qwazse comment to @John-in-KC new thread. Otherwise chaos will consume this forum.... Time for some coffee....