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  1. New Scouts BSA uniforms out for feedback at a Scout Shop..... https://m.facebook.com/NorWestSS/
  2. Eagle1993

    10,000 Girl Cub Scouts

    That is true, but the vast number of packs that I am aware of do major recruiting drives in Aug - Oct. In addition, very few Packs were early adopters and that group ended with ~7k girls. At my District Meeting, most of the Packs decided to include girls. My pack was the only early adopter in the District. I would expect the 10k to increase substantially by October. As far as Troops, I do expect that DEs will be expected to ensure all girls have Scout units to transition to. They will have to act fast given the age of the girls. One interesting note from District Meeting was that some of the very anti girl SMs have decided to create linked units. I talked with one who is a very active scouter and wants to make sure it is done right. I agree the true early impact won’t be fully know until recharter. The 2018 annual report should tell us more.
  3. Eagle1993

    NATIONAL POLICY: AOL and Crossover Ceremonies

    I don’t doubt there were complaints complaints (just go to powwows.com forums and search on Boy Scouts or Order of Arrow). Instead of outright banning the ceremony I wish they setup some rules or guidelines along the lines of working with a tribe. There is very little taught about NA culture in our school systems. OA and aspects of Boy Scouts should be used to teach accurate aspects of their culture (both past and current). If a OA chapter doesn’t want to be part of this... no problem. But if an OA chapter and tribe work together, it would be a powerful experience. My limited OA experience along with several experiences in BSA exposed me to NA culture much more than any other aspect in my life. I’m not an expert and there were probably some errors but it did make me more of a knowledgeable advocate of Indian Affairs. My college had an Indian Mascot. I was told by friends and college officials that the dance and “costume” were authentic. Upon first glance of the “dance” I could see it was pure Hollywood and the costume was nothing I saw at local powwows... it was Sioux. I marched in protest of that mascot as my BSA and OA background helped teach me respect for NA. OA and BSA may not be perfect... but I do see the NA representation as a benefit to both youth and NAs if done correctly. I wish and hope they find a balanced approach going forward
  4. Eagle1993

    Can you not give it 100%?

    It varies a lot. We have 5 family trips planned this year plus a council run day camp. Some are camping, others are overnights. In previous years we had 2 but have slowly built up to 5. In my area you’ll see anywhere from 1 to 6 based on discussions with other Packs. Den meeting frequency varies as well ... from weekly to 1 per month.
  5. Eagle1993

    Only six months till girls in Scouts BSA.

    Packs are being told that boy and girl dens can meet at the same time and place. Many in both the volunteer and professional ranks know the current idea of having 10-12 new leaders to cover all grade levels won’t happen at most of any Pack. In addition, having 5th grade girls have co den meetings with Lions or Tigers is a farce. We tried it this Spring and while functional... it didn’t feel like true Den meetings. In my Pack, we left it up to den leaders and families of those dens if they want girl and boy dens to meet together or separate. 100% of our 12 den leaders voted to have boy and girl dens meet together. We sent this out to the Pack and asked for comments... no one objected and we only received positive feedback. (I know... I sound like National now). So, our boy and girl dens will meet together.... so it will look very much like coed dens. My unit commissioner is 100% supportive and my DE only asked to make sure there is some separation during the meeting (have the girls and boys in different groups)... which seems to happen naturally anyway. While we are meeting the rules of BSA we won’t look that much different than @oldbuzzard ‘s Pack. Perhaps oldbuzzard is being more Trustworthy than BSA’s current policy (which is claiming separate boy/girl dens that can meeting together and to an outside observer look and function like coed dens).
  6. Eagle1993

    Only six months till girls in Scouts BSA.

    Is everyone checking with their feeder packs on their plans & if they have 5th grade girls? My one concern is that Packs add 5th grade girls but don’t have a feeder Troop ready by crossover. That would be a tough situation. My Troop seems to be prepping to add girls and has talked about a recruiting campaign at the Middle School. We will see how many are interested.
  7. Eagle1993

    Tigers Can No Longer Shoot BB Guns.

    Is this really a problem that must be solved? Has there been Tigers shooting themselves or others? Now our local Cub Scout camps don’t allow Lions or Tigers (too young) so it won’t impact us much if any directly, but my biggest concern is this is now another new rule that someone will have to track and enforce. If this wasn’t causing a problem then why add the rule. I have faith the range masters were able to make the call if a particular Tiger was too young or immature.
  8. Eagle1993

    Amtrak ending Southwest Chief through service?

    Looks like the train will continue. https://www.railpassengers.org/happening-now/news/blog/a-win-for-the-national-network-and-the-southwest-chief/
  9. One hard part about parenting that I never thought of was having kids who don’t enjoy the same activities you did as a kid. I always thought I knew how I would raise my son... I had the formula down (sports, music, Scouts, class). When I was watching him meander out on the field I realized that his formula will be different than what I was raised on. I still challenge him but it won’t be the same. Too many parents stick with their initial formula and push it to the extreme. I’ve seen kids at little league that should never be on the field. Not that due to talent but enjoyment. Since so many parents are pushing the select sports early, options for parents who do not want to go down that path are limited. My son, after 2 years out of soccer wanted to try it again. At 10 years old we found no rec leagues left... he would have to make a select team. Not a big deal as his interest was fickle, but it showed the lack of options kids have as they grow. In my area, rec everything (hockey, speed skating, soccer, swimming, tennis...) goes away at 10. Most groups have tryouts at that age. Not all, but far too many. Scouts can be that one organization where youth should be able to join at anytime. It should remain fun and led by solid volunteers. That is the case in many but not all Troops and Packs.
  10. Talking with parents, concussions are definitely hurting football enrollment but not soccer. Football in our area is having trouble fielding full teams.... Sports specialization is starting incredibly young. When I was a kid you played rec sports until Junior High when travel would start. Even then, you could be a multi sport athlete rather easily. As a parent I have seen the changes. Travel soccer starts at 6. With my son I resisted the change (and he wasn’t that into soccer). By 8 all of the talented players (and coaches) were in select and we were left with parents yelling at kids whose only focus is keeping score and they provided no instruction on how the game should be played (in part because soccer is not that popular as a professional sport). He hated it and we dropped out. The rec league pretty much ends at 10 anyway... since everyone drops by then. We just signed our daughter up to a full year soccer select club ... at 6. She likes soccer and the instructors are great. Itis expensive and we are concerned with burnout; however, we know that keeping her in rec leads to no skill progress and dropout anyway. While this is an issue the other issue is there is no way we can also sign her up for another sport as select soccer is all year. In addition it competes with time for scouts, music and just open play. Scouts has some tough competition for kids’ time, but their program is unique. They should focus on their volunteers and make sure they understand what they need to succeed.
  11. Eagle1993

    Adding Girls to Pack

    Cub Scout camps... several of our scouts have started attending various council camps over the last several weeks. None of the camps have all girl dens. If girls are present they are simply integrated into the Boy dens. This is probably due to the limited number of girls (1-2 per Den) and lack of volunteers. I would have made the same call, but it does put the whole notion that this will not be coed into question as Packs will see similar numbers for the first year or two. It will be interesting to see how they run them next year when more girls are present.
  12. Eagle1993

    BSA National and Change Management

    If you think of the politicians as the “corporation” and new laws as the “change” I do believe change management applies. If politicians do not utilize change management principals they will run into major issues after passing laws. (Note that I would never equate lasers with politicians.) 😀 CAP (change acceleration process) has some decent techniques. I think the lack of trust (probably most earned) with Nationals is causing much of the problem. In addition, I don’t see National’s recognizing the lack of quality volunteers as a major issue and designing this change with that in mind.
  13. Eagle1993

    Lefeber Northwoods (Wi) Camps (Baird And Neidhoefer) Closing

    The BP Northwoods experience for Camp Lefeber ended after the summer of 2016... so it lasted 1 summer after the council shutdown the camp. I am curious what happened... was there not enough campers due to lack of affiliation with BSA? In any case, given the drop in BSA numbers I’m not surprised to see camps close. However, I’m not a fan of selling the land... you will never get it back. If needed, close it and lease it to generate income (private/BSA combined camping, selective logging, farming, etc). Selling it gets you a 1 time large payment but you lose control of the land forever. In the case just sited... the developer doesn’t know what he paid or what he will do with the land??? Wow.
  14. Eagle1993

    Tent Numbering - Help

    One could debate the sloppiness but the tent number is not clear so the job isn’t done. I’d recommend you work with them on fixing the issue with the scouts and let them know they should feel empowered to ask questions if something doesn’t look quite right. Overall a good life lesson is awaiting them!
  15. I think setting the date for the first female Eagle BOR would make sense. Then Nationals should approve the first group of female Eagle Scouts on the same date. I have no idea how they would handle someone who selected “boy” and is a current star scout and then selects “girl” on an application change Feb 1, 2019. That will probably happen. I would think Nationals should investigate those cases and take appropriate action if they lied on their original application. As I mentioned, someone admitted to this in a FB comment that this was their plan. After being called out on this by some fairly senior volunteers the person stopped commenting. I don’t think this will end well for those gaming the system.
  16. Correct. The 4th and 13th questions in the FAQ also cover it.
  17. https://voiceofscouting.org/national-commissioner-charles-dahlquist-transgender-policy-change https://www.nccs-bsa.org/pdf/letters/2017.1.30FAQ.pdf
  18. I don’t think BSA is doing that as they still allow COs to make the call. You have your freedom to teach you kids your beliefs regarding gay and transgender scouts. And while BSA continues to allow COs to discriminate against transgender and gay scouts, I can continue to teach my own kids that discrimination against LGBTQ is not appropriate. I don’t see BSA taking sides on this one... they are letting COs to determine what is appropriate for their own scouts.
  19. To be clear there will be an issue BSA will have to address. The first “girl” Eagle Scout. There was a FB post where a parent registered his daughter as a boy. It sounds like she doesn’t identify as a boy but the parent selected this to get her into Boy Scouts. Now when girls are allowed it they may change her to a girl (or that is her plan). So now “she” can be well ahead of other girls in scouting. I think BSA should simply come out with a date for first girl Eagles so this behavior/dishonesty is not awarded... but I do see this as an infrequent issue coming.
  20. This assumes gender identity is a choice. While I 100% agree that nothing permanent should be done for children under 18, I don’t agree that gender identity or sexual orientation is a choice. I didn’t choose to be heterosexual or identify as a male. I’ve met transgender teens and I can tell you their life is not easy. If it was a choice I believe they would definitely not choose to be transgender... they simply are. I think our understanding of the brain is in its infancy. Add in epigenetics and impact on fetal development from the chemical environment of the amniotic fluid and we are only at the beginning of understanding human development.
  21. Eagle1993

    Linked troops won't work

    No, because most linked Troops would only need about 10% of the equipment and a Scout is helpful.
  22. No, I wouldn’t help. The Troop I would want my daughter (and son) in would be a linked Troop... so I would help start one of those. At most I would give some guidance to the leaders looking to start the unit.
  23. Eagle1993

    Linked troops won't work

    Cascade Pacific Council has hired a Family Scout Director. They have a plan to create 50 Girl Troops by Feb 1. From what I can tell, the council is really focusing on the strategy and plan to add volunteers and help COs prepare for this change. The councils that really take the lead and help COs navigate these waters will do well. The councils who don’t may have a mess on their hands.
  24. Eagle1993

    New and comprehensive Family scouting FAQs issued:

    I would also say they need to stop wasting energy claiming this is not a coed program. It reminds me of episode where Jerry Seinfeld continuously corrects everyone who called his bag a “purse” and telling them it was a “European Carryall”. Eventually it was stolen and he called a police officer over... after trying to explain the proper name he gave up and yelled it’s a purse! So much time and energy is being wasted by Nationals claiming this isn’t coed. It’s a purse...now let’s see how we can make this work.
  25. Eagle1993

    Breaking Point

    My understanding is that the handbook is correct but the FAQ that went out about Family Scouting was wrong. I’ve seen screen shots of both.