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  1. Let me say that Scouter.com is an awesome resource for information for Scouters.  I read it daily and recommend it to my leadership.

    I have started the Facebook group to reach a different audience that prefers to operate in the social media world.

    Please join me to assist those who don't actively seeking information outside of Facebook.

    SM Danny

  2. Your friends are going rag on you no matter what you do.  But I suspect if you show up in support of veterans and especially Gold Star parents, your friends will be impressed.  Will they still tease you about it.  Yep.  But lets face it, they know it is an honorable thing you are doing.  Just be ready with a response like "I didn't wear the uniform to impress you, I wore it to honor them"  and of course, in extreme circumstances, add something like "and your girlfriend thinks I look good in uniform".


    In all seriousness, it sounds like the underlying issue may be your own pride as a Scout.  While I don't know about your scouting career, I suspect you have done things in scouting that your friends would not have the courage, knowledge, or ability to do.  I suspect that you have learned leadership and life skills that will give you confidence to succeed as a young adult.  You need to take ownership and pride of that.


    Your buddies probably wear a uniform in sports where they maneuver a ball the same way every week.  They get really good at manipulating a ball.  In your uniform, you are learning to manage the natural world, the social world, and the business world.  So tell them to go play with their ball in the corner and leave the uniforms to real men.


    Ok, too much?  Here is some more practical advice.  I assume your friend group includes females.  In front of the group, say to a female "I have worked hard to earn the right to wear this uniform and the badges it contains.  I have been asked to wear it in school to honor mothers that have lost their children in war.  Do you think that is cool or lame?"  Some idiot friend of yours will say "Lame", and then face the wrath of the females.


    I am writing this as an adult who was not a Scout as a youth.  I ragged on every scout friend I had.  I teased the hell out of them about their uniforms.  At the same time, I was jealous that they were getting to do all kinds of cool stuff.

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  3. I struggled with this exact scenario when I was a Den Leader.  It frustrated me for years.  I feel your pain.


    That being said, do what you want.  Let him do what he wants.  There is plenty of work to go around.  Just try to frame it in your mind that he is "being helpful".  In reality, at some point one or both of you will get less enthusiastic and appreciate the other one taking the load.


    It does get worse.  Wait till you send out detailed instructions and he sends out conflicting instructions.  Then the parents get mad at both of you.


    With 19 Tigers, you may want to consider not "jointly" running the Dens.  You both should have plenty of adults to do your own thing successfully.

  4. First, this becomes an issue with many older youth as well as adults.  Young scouts are often bouncing off the walls and don't focus to get the work done.  I would suggest you guide him to be patient with the younger scouts and not punish him or the group for faults of those in his Patrol.  But this also means that the adults learn to be patient as well, a trait that took many of us a while to acquire.


    If he is old enough, I would also suggest that you get him involved in activities where he can spend time with older Scouts, like Venturing and OA.  Being around mature youth may give him a perspective when dealing with the younger, hyper youth.


  5. As most of you know, I am trying to create a series of 5-minute "Scoutmaster Danny" videos for youth and adult scout leaders.  Several of you on this forum have provided feedback on my completed videos, which I have used in improving new videos.  


    You have come up with great ideas.  Unfortunately, I can't modify existing videos using the feedback.  So for my next video, I thought I would ask for input before I write the script.  My ultimate goal is to create videos on topics that Scout leaders around the world will find interesting, useful and accurate.  I would like to ask the scouter.com community to assist me on this adventure.


    My next video topic is:

    Tent buying tips for Scout parents and adult leaders


    What do you think I should include?

  6. Each year, our Boy Scout Troop volunteers at 3 Webelos events.  We have created "station kits", which we reuse.  Typically, groups of 12 Webelos will work with 2 Boy Scouts at each station for 18 minutes.  Our Troop has garnered a grand reputation for these stations as they are typically very interactive and very fun.  Station examples: Compass Challenge Course, Giant Jenga Battle, Nerf Shooting Gallery, Ham Radio, Human Solar System Model, and Mentos/Diet Soda.


    Here is where I need some assistance.  One of our stations uses the LED Snap Circuit Kits to make series and parallel circuits.  We currently have 7 complete kits (the eighth one bit the dust).  We are about to buy another 10 kits.  But they are expensive ($17 each) and I think the Webelos look at them as being a toy.  Also, let's face it, LED circuits are a bit boring.  I don't feel this station is as memorable as our others.


    So I was hoping to hear from the Scouter.com collective wisdom on ways to improve the station.  The idea is to improve fun, learning, and/or accomplishment.  Please think way outside of the box.  We are happy to invest funds on reusable items.


    If you had $200 to invest, 12 Webelos, 2 scouts, 18 minutes (usually repeating 8 times per day), how would you do an interactive series and parallel circuit demonstration?


    Scoutmaster Danny

  7. My favorite is the J. C. Higgins stove my dad in law gave me.  Bought a propane conversion kit at  Dick's for $15. and voila !  Fires up, cooks, boils,

    I figure that steel cased suitcase must have left the factory in , oh, maybe 1950..... 

    It has two moving parts:  A lever to shift the gas from the first burner to the second, and (on the propane converter) a turn valve. 


    No use for the liquid gasoline tank, the leather gaskets dried out a long time ago.  Hurricane insurance....


    Thats awesome!  It probably outperforms the modern stoves.

  8. The Camp Chef Rainer is nice as well.  I have owned one in the past.  At 10K BTU, It is good if you are not trying to boil large pots of water or trying to cook on low temps.  It is about $100.


    But I will say the Jetboil is only $170.  I assure you, it is worth every penny of the extra $70.  The benefit isn't in the speed of boiling, it is the ability to simmer and cook at low temperatures with extreme control.


    For the youth, it allows them to cook eggs, pancakes, and similar items without burning them.  I personally cook for the adults at our campouts 10+ times a year.  I use whatever grill or stove is around.  Therefore, I have used a wide variety of stoves.  They are all very similar at higher temperatures.  It is that simmer control that really sets them apart from each other.


    That being said, I still carry the Jetboil Genesis and the Camp Chef Everest to every campout.  The Everest is used when I am boiling large pots of water or soup.  The youth patrol chuck boxes now just have the Genesis in them.  We just recently removed the Colemans featured in the video.



  9. I haven't tried the lotion.  But I am learning they are much more effective for skin application.  The spray is your only option for on-site clothing application.  For summer camp, I am going to try Sawyer's Ultra 30 lotion with permethrin coated clothing.  I am going to take some Picaridin too.


    As an update, 3M did write me back and ask me for application details, timeframes, location, and UPC/Lot numbers.  I was surprised to even hear from them at all.



  10. So, here is an update.  3M's Ultrathon spray failed miserably at Janes Island State Park in Maryland, USA this weekend.  I was a mosquito buffet.  At the suggestion above, I have also been researching Picaridin, which would have heavily helped with black flies this weekend.  I'll try some new products and make an updated video in the Fall.  If you have ideas for that video, please let me now.

  11. Sorry I took so long to respond, I was camping/canoeing/fishing with the Troop this weekend.  I know the Jetboil is relatively expensive ($180 for the stove) compared to the Everest ($99), but it is so much better in so many ways that the extra cost is well worth it. 


    I agree that I typically don't like special pots.  You can just buy the stove and use regular pots.  But I like the kit because it all packs together and takes up a third of the room in the chuck box.


    I should have included the price in the video.  I actually edited it out at the last second, because the price of the Genesis dropped about $40 over the past six months.  So I was concerned that fluctuations would cause misunderstandings.


    I really do appreciate the feedback.  I have been heavily incorporating the feedback as I create new videos.



  12. As part of my "Scoutmaster Danny" videos, I reviewed three modern 2-burner base camp stoves that we purchased for our Troop.  While all of them have 2 burners and run on propane, there are significant differences in design and performance.


    Stoves Reviewed:

    Jet Boil Genesis - by far our favorite

    Coleman Gladiator

    Camp Chef Everest


    Video Review is at:


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    If you enjoy this type of video, Follow my Scoutmaster Danny Facebook page at:



    Or on Twitter at:




  13. An often overlooked resource for Webelos and Troops is the EAA's Young Eagle project.  At local airports around the United States, youth 8-17 years old can get a free 20 minute airplane tour.  They are used to working with Scout Troops, so they can assist you with paperwork.  There are no strings attached.


    As part of a Woodbadge ticket, I produced a short "Scout Danny" video on the subject, which you can watch here:






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