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    Who is "Unit Leadership"?

    I don't quite understand, if everyone on there unit leadership?? Basically, I am trying to figure out if the COR can also be a Assistant DL, Assistant CM, and a Committee Member at the same time. The definition says he cannot be unit leadership or assistant unit leadership. Trying to figure out what that is.
  2. Been doing the Den leader things since October. The Wolf den leader and at the time pack secretary was pretty unpleasant since the beginning, trying to cut us out of stuff, not including us on emails, not putting our stuff in the newsletter, and generally trying to make sure we are clueless. But we got our den on track despite starting late and an absentee cubmaster. Weblos II now leaving and opens up CC and outdoor chair. Now, this group has been doing things in an unusual manner, mostly due to absentee cubmaster--planning pack meetings by committee, den leaders attend and vote on pack business, etc. Anyway, wolf den leader gets herself appointed CC and another wolf parent outdoor chair. The wolf den now holds 5 of 6 positions on the committee, and 3 of those are the same family (CC got 2 of her adult daughters put on committee last year, including 1 as treasurer). We were concerned by this, but having den leaders "on" the committee helps balance it out. Now absentee cubmaster is leaving due to a job move, and CC up and decides (is claiming that council is forcing it, though) that we are going to follow a more traditional model where nobody but the committee members get a say. The committee (or should I say, the wolf den) elects a new cubmaster without even telling the other den leaders this is happening, and at the meeting the new CC supposedly tells everyone a version of that she is the boss and everyone is going to do what she says. We had an assistant cubmaster that was not a wolf and was elected cubmaster, probably b/c CC thought he was going to roll over and take it like the previous cubmaster (a wolf parent was put in as the new assistant cubmaster). Thankfully, it looks like he is not going to do that and is going to fight her. Wants to expand the committee so every den has a represenative. CC of course says new members are not necessary, despite the fact that literally her family has 50% of every committee vote right now. I am almost 100% sure it is aimed at keeping us from joining the committee since we have demonstrated we will question her tactics. As an Eagle Scout, an (inactive) arrowman, and having somewhat of a leadership position in the community, the CC has been hesitant to openly oppose our involvement. Her modus operandi is instead to just keep us out from the beginning. No idea where COR is in all this, have never even been able to get a name of who it is. Anyway, have no idea how this is going to shake out. Would be lying if I said bolting had not crossed our mind. But our den is AWESOME. They are a great bunch of boys, the parents have been involved and supportive, and we have fun when the pack does not get in the way. But we are worried if CC does get control. An ineffective pack is different than one driven by pettiness and selfishness. Add to that we are the only pack in town, and would have to travel to the next town over to find a new one. Plus we hate the thought of abandoning the boys that couldn't move packs. The Bear den lost its leader early in the year, did not get the support it needed, and went from 15 to 5 scouts. Would hate for that to happen to the boys in our den. Any advice on this would be appreciated.
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    Anybody had an attempted coup of the pack committee?

    Thanks for the advice. Just for some clarification, the committee has been voting in all the positions in the pack. The committee voted in the new CC & secretary, the COR was not there. From what we hear, the committee is also the one who voted in the new Cubmaster, though we did not witness this personally. This is also the first year that we have been with this chartering organization, no idea why the change from the previous one. Generally we would have no problem just letting the committee do its thing, but it is starting to affect the den. And if the new CC does get all the power she wants, we are worried about retaliation against both us and our den. We are very hopeful that the new Cubmaster will turn things around. But also want to know if their is anyway to protect both our boys and ourselves (other than just leaving) if this goes south.
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    Unit Scouter Reserve

    Background: I am an assistant den leader. Also have a disability related to a medical issue. We are looking toward resident camp this summer for our boys. However, after reading the resident camp leader guide, I am worried they are not going to allow me to attend due to the medical issue and the accommodation it would require. Still need to talk with the camp director to work out specifics, however, if I can't go or if they determine with my limitations I could not effectively be a leader, we will not be able to achieve the 1 to 5 leader to scout ratio for our den. As such, we are looking at possibly seeing if a couple parents in our den might consider stepping up to help, possibly as a unit scouter reserve. Has anybody used this position before? As best I can tell there is no one in our pack that uses this designation. But it seems like this might be a good way to have registered, youth protection trained parents that could fill in when I might get medically DQ'd but would not have to take on the full responsibility of leadership. Any guidance or experience with this would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hi, new to scouting and assisting with a Tiger Den. We have a situation in another den where one of the boys father suffers from mental illness and the mother, who has custody, is worried that if the father should learn where they live and where he son spends his time (like at Cub Scouts) that he might come after them. Supposedly there is a restraining order and local law enforcement have been informed. Does the BSA have any policies or guidelines for situations like these? It was brought up at a planning meeting and nobody else seemed particularly concerned by this situation, but having worked with domestic violence victims before, I have seen how they can escalate. I have considered going over the pack leadership and contacting the council for guidance, but also do not want to ruffle feathers since we just started. Anything in writing anywhere that I can take to the Cubmaster/Committee?? Thanks