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    Transgender policy change

    I agree 100%.
  2. krypton_son

    Transgender policy change

    I have to agree. I'm no gynecologist, but I'm pretty sure that every girl (excuse me, I suppose "boy" in this case) gets one every month. And it last for a while. I'd say that that doesn't fall into the rare category.
  3. krypton_son

    Transgender policy change

    Oh, I would say that that's almost a given.
  4. krypton_son

    Transgender policy change

    While I completely agree with you, I have to ask if that matters. Is it worth a law suit to ensure that they're protected as a female if they insist that they aren't? Personally I feel like if they make it such a big issue and want to be "boys" treat them like boys. Let them camp with the real boys, shower with the real boys, etc. It's like women in the military. If they're going to make such a big deal about it, fine, put them in the front lines just like the men. If you start treating them differently, you're open to all kinds of legal issues.
  5. I'll be the first to admit. I think Indian jokes are funny.
  6. Lol, I think that's the attitude of most of us. We're proud of our heritage but at the same time have learned not to take it too seriously. Besides, what a lot of people consider to be racist, a lot of others consider playful. When I look at a pack of Red Man chewing tobacco, I don't see racism, I see a really cool logo that harkens back to my ancestors. It's funny how the voices of the few are heard so loud in this country and the voices of the masses are quieted to the point of muteness.
  7. krypton_son

    Transgender policy change

    Hit the nail on the head.
  8. krypton_son

    Transgender policy change

    Imagine the lawsuits when the parents find out that their kids were having sex at BSA campouts.
  9. I have no idea why you would be offended in any way. I'm Native American (or as I like to call myself, an Indian) and I love that the BSA and Order of the Arrow honor my people in so many ways. I get so sick of people screaming racism and bigotry when there isn't any. I've seen and participated in many Arrow of Light and Order of the Arrow ceremonies where people of all races and backgrounds have dressed up like Indians. They work hard to have authentic (or at least, good looking) regalia and work even harder at memorizing the lines and learning the characters. There is no bigotry to be found in it. Completely the opposite. There is a lot of reverence and respect that these kids put into this. I think it's great. By the way, I'm also a fan of the Washington Redskins and the Atlanta Braves, and I have never met another of my kind that is offended in any way by them. Although I'm sure there are some thin red-skinned among us that are. Next time you see them do a ceremony dressed in amazing regalia, thank them for it and enjoy it.
  10. krypton_son

    Transgender policy change

    I agree 100%. We live in a world with too many lawyers and people ready to sue a the drop of a hat. It's an unfortunate thing that people need to worry more about protecting themselves then the youth, but I'm afraid that it's definitely come to that.
  11. krypton_son

    Transgender policy change

    Wow. Hate me all you want, but I'm not ok with this. If I had to guess the "Scouts" of America will be co-ed by the end of the decade.
  12. krypton_son

    Adult Activities

    So it was suggested by a few of our ASMs that we should have more adult activities. By that, I don't mean "risqué" activities, but more things for the leaders to do; training exercises, helping earn knots, etc. It was suggested that we form our own leader patrol. I can definitely see the fun in this as long as it doesn't take the focus off of the youth. Our troop is very youth oriented and boy-run so I don't think that that should be a problem. It would give the more experienced leaders the ability to help the others learn skills that would help our youth (you would be surprised how many leaders can't tie the basic knots required for youth advancement and merit badges). Do any of you do this in your troops? Any suggestions that might help?
  13. krypton_son

    Pellissippi Lodge 230

    This page seems to be pretty dead. I guess I'll start a thread. Anyone have an Pellissippi Lodge 230 patches they want to sell/trade?
  14. krypton_son

    In my school, I took flack for ...

    I've found that there are always going to be those who want to pick on others. It's funny how in high school you care so much about what others think about you. I'm glad that most of us grow out of that.
  15. krypton_son

    The big question

    I remember when I was a Scout, everyone always told you that you'd be asked at your Eagle board of review whether or not you would wear your Uniform to school. The rumor was that they would base whether or not you got your Eagle Scout based on your answer. Most kids assumed that you should always say yes so that they are impressed by your pride in Scouting. Sure enough when I got to my Eagle boar of review they asked me the big question. I was honest with them and told them no. I said that I am very proud of Scouting, but unfortunately with the ridicule that you would get from classmates, I would probably not wear it. Surprisingly they all accepted my answer and said that they were proud of my honesty. I hadn't heard this in a long time, but recently a boy from my troop brought it up and asked if it were true. Is this a thing everywhere? Has anyone else heard fearful rumors about the big question from their boys?
  16. krypton_son

    The big question

    My thoughts exactly.
  17. krypton_son

    Mama Bear has good news!

    Congratulations, that's one of the best things he will do.
  18. krypton_son

    Adult Activities

    Now that's the kind of old crow that I can get behind.
  19. krypton_son

    Memories... Just for the old?

    You just described me to a tee. I have an old basket that was my Grandmother's. It sat on her coffee table for as long as I can remember. I used to love to play with it when I was a kid. It's now sitting on my dresser in my bedroom. I come from a long line of Scouts. I have my Grandfathers merit badge sash from when he was in Scouts in the 20's, etc. I have a lot of family heirlooms and I treasure each one of them.
  20. Lol, I've always thought the same thing. The pocket was always more for decoration than anything. Once you sowed a patch onto it, it's worthless as a pocket.
  21. krypton_son

    The big question

    I don't think they used it as a pass or fail question. More just to make the scout think. Or to judge his response. If he said yes, it showed that he was proud of being a Scout and was not afraid to show it. If he said no, he showed that he was honest and would admit that he wouldn't do it.
  22. krypton_son

    tiny lapel pin / tie tack question

    Hey, it's still a pretty cool item.
  23. krypton_son

    Chosen to be the Scoutmaster of a new troop

    Congrats, that's quite an honor. You'll do great.
  24. I'd love to hear some of those sayings.
  25. krypton_son

    Adult Activities

    I'd love to get my hands on one of those.