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    Selection of Adult candidates

    I was a bit confused I must admit. I have seen lodges count attending summer camp in any capacity over two days as having gone to a long term camp. I agree it is not considered a long-term camp per BSA's own glossary, that's why I suggested to eliminate any doubt and ask the Lodge. This assumes all nights camped were under the stars or tent and not lock-ins, cabin camping or sleeping in the car. I have seen a few of those recently.
  2. Col. Flagg

    Selection of Adult candidates

    It is a rolling two years. So for example, if your unit election is in February 20, 2017 the two year cycle is from Feb 20, 2015 to Feb 20, 2017. They must have the required camping within that time frame. I think you should ask your OA Lodge your question. In my Lodge that would not count. You get to pick which long term camp applies; Summer Camp 1 or Summer Camp 2. They won't allow you to combine long term camps to make one whole one. The requirement is 5 consecutive nights for the long-term requirement to be met. If they don't meet that, they don't qualify...even if they have 30 nights for the year. "The 15 nights must include one, but no more than one, long-term camp consisting of at least five consecutive nights of overnight camping, approved and under the auspices and standards of the Boy Scouts of America. Only five nights of the long-term camp may be credited toward the 15-night camping requirement."
  3. Col. Flagg

    Push for Coed Scouting

    Read what Venturing Crew can do that Boy Scout units can't. Snowmobiles, pistols, and a few other things that Boy Scouts are not allowed to do. So yes, coed units can do more than boys in Boy Scout units. Here's the list in case it was not known to you.
  4. Col. Flagg

    Push for Coed Scouting

    My bad, I always get Exploring and Varsity mixed up. I meant the former. Forgot, you can add Sea Scouts to the coed list too.
  5. Col. Flagg

    Push for Coed Scouting

    I could care less about OA. If they went coed it might actually make the local Lodge here work again. You still miss the point: Girls have plenty of avenues open to them -- some which exclude boys -- that are just as good or better than Boy Scouts in what they are allowed to do. So I will ask again, what is the POINT of opening Boy Scouts to girls? What does it get them they are being denied elsewhere or through Venturing?
  6. Col. Flagg

    Push for Coed Scouting

    We have this already. It's called Venturing.
  7. Col. Flagg

    Does your Council/Camp rent out gear to units?

    Canoes, associated gear and trailers. Archery and climbing gear but used on prem. Meeting facilities, ranges, pools, COPE and boats.
  8. Col. Flagg

    Push for Coed Scouting

    Please, let's not be so obtuse as to equate Boy Scouts with a men's club or some Islamic country that forbids women driving or some other backwards idea. As you so keenly point out, back then attitudes were different and the opportunities for women were not there. The DIFFERENCE now is there are plenty of opportunities for women; some of which are female-only. I think that's great!!!! We want more opportunities for women and girls, and if they are female-only, so be it. BSA also has opportunities for girls. Venturing, Varsity, STEM, etc., are all open to girls, so even BSA is not being exclusive or discriminating...though many would have you think they are. They have one group, Boy Scouts, dedicated to boys. So girls, while being excluded from joining Boy Scouts, still have the SAME opportunity for adventure, outdoor program, STEM and other things as they'd have if Boy Scouts was open to girls. They can do everything Boy Scouts can do. Strike that, the can do MORE than Boy Scouts can do...they just cannot get Eagle. So, again, I ask...is this just about opening Eagle to girls? We've given them MORE than what they'd get in Boy Scouts. So why the push to open Boy Scouts?
  9. Col. Flagg

    Crossing over/Troop choice

    C sounds like many young scouts that crossover. He will grow up. M sounds like a helicopter parent. He may never change so C may stay that way for a long time. It is hard to give advice because there are many options and variables. I will give a few observations I have seen over the years: Boys tend to stay in scouts longer when they are with friends, so there's something to be said for sticking with the den. Boys tend to stay in scouts when they have fun, are active and things are less political. You can always go to Troop 1 and, if they fail, you can move to Troop 2 or Troop 3. I would not do Option 4. It take a LOT of work to start up a troop. You'd be better off going with Troop 1 and trying to keep them afloat...it is essentially the same as Option 4. I know it's not much help but hopefully it will give you some idea of what is ahead. If it were me, I'd go with Troop 1. If your son likes the troop and the boys, that is huge. Who knows, maybe if he goes to Troop 1 the other guys in the den might follow. If M does not like Troop 1, and your son does not like M, it sounds like your son is a good judge of character.
  10. Col. Flagg

    Push for Coed Scouting

    I didn't see that in either of the above books. I saw it say that the PL should be appointed, but it was not clear if he was attributing that act of appointment to the patrol or an adult.
  11. Col. Flagg

    Push for Coed Scouting

    You asked for where the concept of boys having their own place to learn and grow was written. I directed you to the primary source for the program. There are others. You can read papers on the subject all over, so I won't bother to cite them here. While written over a century ago, the need for boys to have their own place to learn and grow is just as important today as it was back then. Boy Scouts is one of the last places for this development to take place. Boys choose to join scouts for this very reason, among others. Boys want to be around other guys to hang out, go on outdoor adventures, etc. From an infrastructure perspective, Scouting is not geared for a wholesale change to its membership. It is hard enough to find female facilities at most council camps. They are not like Philmont where there are sex-based flush toilets and showers. Most camps are trap toilets and cold showers...many still communal showers. Camps would either have to build more facilities OR they'd have to time-slot shower and toilet usage. Good luck. I won't even bring up the issue of transgender men wanting to use the female facilities. I'll bet *that* won't go over well when the shoe is on that foot. If there were no other places for girls to go, one *might* have an argument for opening up Boy Scouts...or at very least starting a similar program. Not only do girls have GSUSA, they have Venturing, Varsity, STEM, etc., not to mention a myriad of other non-scouting programs. In contrast, there are very few boy-only programs left anymore. I would argue that, in this day and age of gender nullification and privilege shaming, boys need a place to get away and just enjoy a non-polarized environment...a place they can just relax without worrying about their (x) privilege infringing on someone. So one has to ask: Why MUST we open Boy Scouts? Is it for Eagle? Is it for something else?
  12. Col. Flagg

    "Boy Scouts thrive after lifting of gay ban."

    Sorry, but this bolded area is opinion, right? Is there data to support this assertion? While there are dozens of reasons scouting has been losing membership since the 1980s, the acceleration since 2013 has only a few reasons. For example, all of the COs that dropped units since 2013 in my council cited the membership policy change.
  13. Col. Flagg

    Push for Coed Scouting

    Try Scouting for Boys or Aids to Scoutmastership by Baden-Powell. He talks specifically about boys becoming men through the adventures in scouts. He also points out a few times that girls have their own organization which teach the same principles of scouting, albeit geared toward girls. And he wasn't being sexist or demeaning if you read what he meant about those differences.
  14. THIS a million times repped!! This worksheet mentality is what drives the issues with lack of "engagement" in scouting. There's a reason the wording for each badge -- where they say "show" or "demonstrate" or "do" -- is written so carefully. They want participation, and filling out a worksheet or sitting in what amounts to a MB focus group -- where everyone repeats the same answer without deep thought or conversation -- is meaningless.
  15. Col. Flagg

    Push for Coed Scouting

    Do that and you need to take away other non-needs based programs or scholarships. To be fair, you cannot advocate that salaries or loans or scholarships be based on anything other than merit or needs. So no more only [insert pet cause here] scholarships if it is not open to everyone. If we are going to be truly blind I have no problem opening up Eagle to all. If we are going to continue to cheery pick what we make open or closed, then please leave Eagle as it is.
  16. Col. Flagg

    New "Scouting Service Award?"

    Had to chuckle that this. I can just imagine the conversations if something like that were true.
  17. Col. Flagg

    Push for Coed Scouting

    I agree with the post about the difference between equity and equality. Girls are given a chance to join the Scouting program, it's called Venturing. They can even earn a pretty tough award. Girls are not "injured" by not being able to join Boy Scouts. They are not denied anything because they are not Eagle, except the ability to join NESA. But I cannot join the AMA as a doctor because I'm not one. Maybe I should force them to change. I feel discriminated against. Girls could always claim to be boys and join a unit. Then they can get Eagle. So, there are her options. Pick one and more on.
  18. Col. Flagg

    Eagle Project

    Sounds like the Eagle Advisor and SM did not work with the candidate to discuss the resource requirements and other planning. While not a requirement of the Eagle Project, resource planning (and estimating) is a necessary part of any project. I get that the project is about demonstrating leadership, but since the successful execution of the project requires all sorts of planning and coordination, such "advice" ahead of time would be helpful. For example, at one of the projects in our area (not my unit), an auger and tiller were required. The candidate did not account for who would operate these devices. No one advised him of the tools use guidelines and he did not account for training (or learning how to use one) or having someone experienced with using one attend or be present. Luckily I had experience, was passing by, and could help. I suspect many units don't advise their scouts fully on planning and execution of projects. I'd love to see BSA re-vamp the workbook to really take this in to account...or better train adults so a more consistent, standard message is given to scouts.
  19. Col. Flagg

    Transgender policy change

    The proper title would be, My Lord Flagg. My rank would only be used in military situations...or at District RT when everyone wears their silver beavers.
  20. Col. Flagg

    Transgender policy change

    Who are we to not honor what people want to be called? Wouldn't want to marginalize anyone. BTW, I feel like royalty, so for now on you can address me as, "My Lord". It's how I feel.
  21. Yup...it is what we call Webelos III. We see this a lot in our area. In fact, our RT had this as a topic this year. I was amazed at the number of troops that use this format. Our kids would go insane if the adults were in their camp site at all, let alone LEADING them. We'd lose 90% of our Scouts.
  22. Depends if the Scouts can demonstrated they have completed anything as pre-requisites. How is an MBC to confirm? They don't. They usually take the Scout at his word and sign anyway. Home cooking will take at least this long. Trail cooking longer because, well, you are on the trail. The trail cooking req is best done on a camp out. Patrol cooking is another one done on a camp out. That's why you cover what you can in a class BUT make it interactive, hands-on. For example, while teaching the various cooking techniques, we actually SHOWED THEM each technique and they got a chance to try them. This is a life skill, so we go deeper than we would, say, for Art or Music or another "softer" MB. Our troop class is 4-6 sessions IN ADDITION to the work they do on their own, with their patrols and at home. At the end of the course we do a Top Chef competition. It is optional (can't add requirements) but no one has ever turned us down. We also show them knife skills in addition to other cooking hacks. This is one of those MBs where, if you design a cool course, could really catch fire with the Scouts. But it HAS to be hands on or you will lose them.
  23. Col. Flagg

    Transgender policy change

    Only because we make it confusing. I thought God had taken care of most of the problem by making two sexes. When @@RememberSchiff said "first female Eagle Scout is transgender" I took that to mean a girl, who wants to be known as a boy, makes Eagle.
  24. Col. Flagg

    Updated Guide to Safe Scouting

    [heavysarcasm] ROFL...I thought it was agreed in the many other threads that BSA never pushes the liability and risk to the local level on purpose. [/heavysarcasm]
  25. ROFL...well BSA will have to rethink that position now. With gay and TG folks joining, there's just as much of an issue (if not more) there than with the 17 and 11 year old. Or are we going to discriminate against the 17 year old and assume things we shouldn't BSA?